Mock Draft Round 1 Version 2.0

This is my final mock before day one of the 2012 NFL Draft kicks off. With that in mind, I have created two mocks for the final entry.

The first will be a mock without trades being in effect to explain part of my logic for the second mock.

The second mock is one that involves trades (I don't normally do this, but I like you guys). Trades are very difficult to predict but I attempted it regardless. The second mock also includes my reasoning and analysis of each pick that is predicted.

Please enjoy the mocks below and make sure to leave comments as you see fit.

Mock 1: No Trades








Andrew Luck





Robert Griffin III





Matt Kalil





Trent Richardson





Morris Claiborne





Justin Blackmon


Oklahoma State



Michael Floyd


Notre Dame



Melvin Ingram


South Carolina



Fletcher Cox


Mississippi State



Ryan Tannehill


Texas A&M



David DeCastro





Courtney Upshaw





Luke Kuechly


Boston College



Janoris Jenkins


North Alabama



Michael Brockers





Riley Reiff





Cordy Glenn





Nick Perry





Whitney Mercilus





Dre Kirkpatrick





Stephon Gilmore


South Carolina



Stephen Hill


Georgia Tech



Jonathan Martin





Dont'a Hightower





Dontari Poe





Kendall Wright





Mark Barron





Chandler Jones





Quinton Coples


North Carolina



Devon Still


Penn State



Jerel Worthy


Michigan State



Mike Adams


Ohio State

* I must note that Tannehill is the key to this draft. Most of you are probably asking why the Bills would take Tannehill if he falls that far. Or you are asking what about Fitzpatrick? Well it is simple, the Bills would try to use Tannehill similarly to what the Eagles did with Kolb and the Packers attempted to do with Flynn. *

Mock 2: With Trades

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB Stanford

I don't really think I have to go over this in depth. It is pretty much locked in.

Alternate Pick: Robert Griffin III (QB Baylor) could make a surprise jump, it has happened before.

2. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

Again, going in to depth on this would be absolutely pointless, RG3 should be taken here after the ‘Skins gave up the farm for this pick.

Alternate Pick: Andrew Luck if the Colts take RG3 instead.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil OT USC

Kalil is easily the best O-lineman in the draft and if not for RGIII he could have been the second player taken off the board.

Alternate Pick: A lot of mocks now are projecting the Vikings will "shock the world" again in this year's draft and if they do I would expect that Justin Blackmon (WR Oklahoma State) or Morris Claiborne (CB LSU) will be selected. The Vikings need serious help at both positions as well.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Morris Claiborne CB LSU

Trade: Browns move down for the 17th pick, a 2nd rounder, and a 2013 1st rounder

Previous Pick: by Browns, Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

Surprisingly the rival Browns make a deal with the Bengals to move down. Because so many people have only identified Stephon Gilmore (CB South Carolina) as a CB target for Cincinnati, this move comes as a complete shocker to the football world. The Bengals select Morris Claiborne from under the Bucc's feet. Claiborne steps in and creates a fearful tandem with Leon Hall for years to come.

Alternate Pick: If a trade doesn't occur, the Browns should take Trent Richardson (RB Alabama) without much hesitation.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Trent Richardson RB Alabama

The Bucc's remain calm after the Bengals jump them because regardless of who they take the Bucc's will still end up with either Claiborne or Richardson. Richardson addresses a need on the offensive front in Tampa. He can contribute on the ground and in the passing game, opening up many options for young signal caller Josh Freeman.

Alternate Pick: Michael Brockers (DT LSU), if the Bucc's pass on Richardson (unlikely) then expect them to continue rebuilding their D-line, Brockers is a beast on the line and would be a great fit next to Gerald McCoy.

6. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

Not only is Claiborne off the board, but so is Richardson. This won't worry St. Louis though because they are also targeting Justin Blackmon. Blackmon provides immediate help at the WR position for the Rams and gives Sam Bradford a serious weapon during every passing situation. Also remember, Blackmon is most of the reason that Brandon Weeden's numbers at Oklahoma State were so good.

Alternate Pick: Michael Floyd (WR Notre Dame), apparently the Rams are targeting a WR here regardless of what happens. If that is the case I wouldn't be shocked to see Floyd jump Blackmon at the 6th spot.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

Previous Pick: Quinton Coples DE North Carolina

It appears more and more every day that the Jag's a putting up a series of smoke screens for the draft. If the Jaguars feel that Kampman can stay healthy and they can address defensive line deficiencies later in the draft, then Floyd will fly off the board much higher than people anticipated. The Jag's need a number one receiver for either Gabbert, or Henne, to throw to.

Alternate Pick: Quinton Coples, maybe they aren't smoke screens after all and the Jag's do address need on the D-line.

8. Denver Broncos: Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M

Trade: Dolphins move down for the 25th pick, 2nd rounder, 2013 1st rounder, and 2013 2nd rounder

Previous Pick: by the Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M

Dolphins pass on Tannehill, why? Because he is overrated, and is a project that the Dolphins don't have time to develop. However, the Broncos do have time to develop him with Peyton Manning under center. If the Broncos don't find a nice back-up for Manning or plan for a future without him, the Broncos work this year will be for nothing. The Dolphins manage to squeeze the Broncos of an extra pick in next year's draft for moving down so far in the first round.

Alternate Pick: Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins are known for making bad decisions and passing on players, can they afford the consequences of not drafting a QB?

9. Carolina Panthers: Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State

Cox can stuff the run and be a wrecking ball for Charles Johnson to take full advantage of during pass rush situations. If the Panthers are smart they will take Cox and help build that defense for Newton.

Alternate Pick: Quinton Coples, the Panthers need someone opposite Charles Johnson to get into the backfield more consistently.

10. Buffalo Bills: Riley Reiff OT Iowa

Reiff could help strengthen the Bills OT position, although he probably won't be an immediate starter at LT he will more than likely play RT in the NFL but any help for an offensive line is good help.

Alternate Pick: Jonathan Martin (OT Stanford), is another option for the Bills. Martin is a good prospect and could help any team in need of a tackle.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Michael Brockers DT LSU

Previous Pick: Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

The Broncos will notice that their divisional rivals took another QB for the future. If the Chiefs want to contend for the AFC West they will need to negate the Broncos run game or pass game. Brockers is raw but if developed correctly he could shut down a run game and get in the backfield on passing plays with consistency.

Alternate Pick: Luke Kuechly (ILB Boston College), the Chiefs have been identified with this kid for a while; personally I don't see the ILB position on the Chiefs as a need.

12. Seattle Seahawks: Melvin Ingram OLB/DE South Carolina

Previous Pick: Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

The Seahawks signed Barrett Rudd, former ILB from Tampa Bay, which negates the ‘Hawks immediate need for an ILB. With that being the case the Seahawks will instead bolster their LB core with a pass rusher to replace Leroy Hill. Ingram falls to them here and they can't pass him up. Ingram can rush the passer but he provides something else; a tenacious run defense.

Alternate Pick: David DeCastro (OG Stanford), the ‘Hawks released Robert Gallery leaving them with need at the OG position this year. DeCastro is the best guard in the class and is getting overlooked.

13. Detroit Lions: Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

Trade: Cardinals trade down for the 24th pick and a 2nd rounder

Previous Pick: by the Cardinals, Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

This is another shocking trade (spoiler alert; this happens a lot during the draft). The Cards make this move because they get a 2nd round pick (which they don't have courtesy of Kolb). The Lions move up to secure Kirkpatrick, why? Because their defense needs a starting CB with the division featuring such great passers as Rodgers and Cutler (the latter is debatable). Also, the Lions need to move up ahead of the Titans and make sure that the Steelers can't jump their pick for a CB.

Alternate Pick: Luke Kuechly will be selected by Arizona if a trade doesn't present itself as worthwhile. They need help at the ILB spot opposite Washington.

14. Dallas Cowboys: David DeCastro OG Stanford

The Cowboys haven't really been protecting Tony Romo all that well over the years, they took a great step forward with Tyron Smith. DeCastro came from Stanford and was part of a great run offense and could open up massive holes for a healthy DeMarco Murray as well.

Alternate Pick: Janoris Jenkins (CB North Alabama) is the type of player Jerry Jones loves; talented, cocky and comes with a side of legal baggage. But seriously Jenkins could leapfrog both Gilmore and Kirkpatrick if Jones gives the go ahead.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

Previous Pick: Dontari Poe DT Memphis

The Eagles need a body on the front seven that can handle the run. A linebacker isn't normal taken by Andy Reid because he doesn't draft LB's in the first round, however the Eagles need somebody opposite Demeco Ryans (recently traded from Houston) to run the Wide Nine appropriately. Kuechly honestly feels like to me that he is a 10 year All-Pro for any team he lands on.

Alternate Pick: Devon Still (DT Penn State) is the best DT in the draft more than likely, he even has the most immediate NFL readiness of any DT in this draft.

16. New York Jets: Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE Alabama

Previous Pick: Melvin Ingram OLB/DE South Carolina

The Jets lose Ingram early in the draft but Courtney Upshaw falls to them at the 16th selection. Upshaw can help replace and replenish an aging OLB group. Upshaw is a gritty and feisty OLB that can fit really well in the Jets defensive mantra. Ryan will love this guy and so will Jets' fans soon.

Alternate Pick: Mark Barron (SS Alabama), could upgrade the Jets secondary, it is a likely choice for the 2012 draft. I am sure Fireman Fred would agree.

17. Cleveland Browns: Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

Trade: Bengals trade up for the 4th pick

Previous Pick: by Bengals, Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

The Browns moved down to the 17th spot when they traded with the Bengals. The Browns need to make sure that whoever is slinging the football for them is amply protected off the edge. Joe Thomas is a fantastic LT but the Browns don't have a quality starting RT, Martin could fill that void and help create one of the best O-lines featuring Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, and Jonathan Martin.

Alternate Pick: Cordy Glenn (OT Georgia) should be the selection if the Bengals don't trade up because Stephon Gilmore or Dre Kirkpatrick could still be available at the 21st pick.

18. San Diego Chargers: Nick Perry OLB/DE USC

Previous Pick: Mark Barron SS Alabama

There have been some serious reports that the Chargers are going to pass on Barron because they are falling for Harrison Smith (SS Notre Dame). If that is the case then the Chargers are probably steering towards to Nick Perry an undersized OLB/DE that has a real knack for getting in the backfield and wrecking-havoc on unsuspecting QB's. The Chargers need an upgrade in the pass rush and luckily there is one right in their backyard.

Alternate Pick: Mark Barron is still very much a possibility for the Chargers this year, and most fans won't be upset either way.

19. Chicago Bears: Cordy Glenn OT Georgia

Previous Pick: Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

The Bears need a lot of help on the interior, and exterior for that matter, of their offensive line. Glenn is not only a good OT, he is also a good OG and can step in and help give Jay Cutler enough time to let loose some deep bombs to Brandon Marshall, Johnny Knox, and Devin Hester. And don't forget that Glenn is a product of the SEC, he will be used to facing strong and fast D-linemen that are in the NFC North.

Alternate Pick: Dont'a Hightower is still a major possibility here. The Bears need to address the ILB position before Brian Urlacher retires.

20. Tennessee Titans: Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

Previous Pick: Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois

I have had Mercilus mocked here for a long time but I don't believe that Tennessee can pass up on Gilmore if he falls here. I also believe that Dre Kirkpatrick (CB Alabama) is the better CB prospect left on the board but I see Gilmore going higher off of one of the Draft's notorious "what are you doing" moments. Gilmore is still a good prospect though, he is more of a zone coverage CB and will need to work on his man coverage to be guarding opposing number one receivers.

Alternate Pick: Whitney Mercilus is still a possibility for the Titans with Babin in Philadelphia and Jason Jones in Seattle, meanwhile Derrick Morgan hasn't really panned out.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Kendall Wright WR Baylor

Previous Pick: Cordy Glenn OT Georgia

Cordy Glenn was taken by the Bears which ends up seriously hindering the Bengals plans for the 2012 draft. However, the Bengals still have players on the board that could help address some holes. Wide receiver is one of those holes, especially with Jerome Simpson in legal trouble and Andre Caldwell heading to Denver. Kendall Wright can add a nice slot receiver next to rookie phoneme A.J. Green and hopefully give opposing CB's fits on the field.

(Red flag: has put on weight since the end of the season and could easily drop to the 2nd round)

Alternate Pick: Whitney Mercilus has another likely landing spot in Cincinnati, their D-line play last year was poor in the pass rush and needs some new life. Mercilus might just add that.

22. Cleveland Browns: Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech

Previous Pick: Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE Alabama

The Browns passed up on taking Trent Richardson for a stock pile of draft picks, but with their first choice in the first round they didn't take a playmaker. In order to counteract that, the Browns will take a chance on Stephen Hill. The Browns already have a slot receiver in Joshua Cribbs and a possession receiver in Mohammed Massaquoi (I would give him one more year to produce). Hill could end up being the deep-every-down-threat that they have been missing since Braylon Edwards left.

Alternate Pick: Whitney Mercilus has yet another suitor in the later picks of round one. Drafting the sack machine won't win hearts in Cleveland but the Browns need a pass rusher opposite Jabaal Sheard, besides the D-line would be stacked with the addition of Mercilus.

23. Arizona Cardinals: Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

Trade: Lions trade up for the 13th pick

Previous Pick: by Lions, Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

The Cards moved all the way down to the 23rd spot in order to get a 2nd round pick and add some depth to their draft. One of the Cards biggest needs is the LT or RT positions, however, there aren't really any 1st round OT's left in the draft at this point. Because of this the Cards will take Hightower, a physical run stopping ILB that has shown some serious potential to get into the backfield. He would pair nicely with the athletic Washington in the middle of the Cards' 3-4 defense.

Alternate Pick: Dre Kirkpatrick is the pick here if the Lions don't end up moving up in this year's draft. Janoris Jenkins is a better fit but the Lions might avoid him because of the baggage that he might bring with him.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Devon Still DT Penn State

Previous Pick: Mike Adams OT Ohio State

Casey Hampton is getting up there in age, and the Steelers defense can't afford to have the interior of their D-line become ineffective. Devon Still is the best DT in the draft and it feels like he could come in and give Hampton some much needed rest. If Still and Hampton are splitting time, the Steelers might get some extra rest out of him.

Alternate Pick: Janoris Jenkins could be taken to help the Steelers replace William Gay but for some reason I don't think this will happen. The Steelers are known for having a feisty all-around defense but Jenkins' off-the-field issues might even scare off the Steelers.

25. Miami Dolphins: Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois

Trade: Broncos trade up for the 8th pick

Previous Pick: by Broncos, Michael Brockers DT LSU

The Dolphins can't pass up on a trade with the Broncos for Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins are probably banking on taking a QB in next year's draft class or hoping that Matt Moore can duplicate his winning ways of last season. Mercilus, the NCAA 2011 leading sack getter, is still on the board somehow at the 25th selection. Mercilus might be able to line up at DE in the NFL but in the Dolphins defensive scheme he would be a better fit playing the OLB position opposite Cameron Wake.

Alternate Pick: Dontari Poe could very well end up in the Mile High city if the Broncos don't end up trading up to land Tannehill.

26. St. Louis Rams: Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina

Trade: Texans trade down for a 2nd and 3rd rounder

Previous Pick: by Texans, Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech

The Texans are forced to trade down because both of their top WR targets are taking well before the 26th pick. The Rams move up because they have a 2nd rounder to give (they have two this year, both in the early 2nd round) and they still need another playmaking WR to pair with Blackmon. Jeffery can very well land in 5 of the last 6 picks of the first round which forces the Rams to trade up. A motivated Jeffery can be a lethal target when combined with Blackmon.

Alternate Pick: Janoris Jenkins feels like to me that he could end up in Houston, the pick doesn't make a whole lot of sense but he is the BPA at this point in the draft. And adding a CB to help counter the incoming Andrew Luck wouldn't hurt.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: Quinton Coples DE North Carolina

Trade: Patriots move down for a 4th rounder and 2013 1st rounder

Previous Pick: by Patriots, Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

Kirkpatrick is off the board and the Patriots are notorious for trading down in the draft and stockpiling for the future. The Jaguars want to move up to snag a pass rusher to help strengthen their defense, luckily a player that they have heavily scouted falls this far, they pull the trigger. Coples has been a player that the Jag's have been associated with for several months now, the fact that they could still land him this late in the draft is crazy. His fall is reminiscent of last year and Da'quan Bowers.

Alternate Pick: Mark Barron is the likely pick if the Pats don't trade down (unlikely). Their pass defense suffered last year and they have serious need at the safety position.

28. Green Bay Packers: Mark Barron SS Alabama

Previous Pick: Nick Perry OLB/DE USC

The Packers need to address their safety situation for the ensuing season. Atari Bigby left last season and Nick Collins may never return to the game of football (hopefully that's not a true statement). If Mark Barron falls this far, no matter who else is on the board, the Packers should take Barron without any hesitation. A pass rusher opposite Matthews should also be considered but the safety position in Green Bay needs to be resolved now.

Alternate Pick: Chandler Jones (OLB/DE Syracuse) could be selected here but the Packers can't afford to pass up on the top safety in the draft.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

Trade: Ravens move down for 2nd rounder and a 2013 4th rounder

Previous Pick: by Ravens, Peter Konz C Wisconsin

The Ravens don't have anybody left on their board when their pick roles around late in the 1st round. The Bucc's on the other hand should be eyeing a CB since Morris Claiborne was drafted by the Bengals and they have need at that position. With Jenkins falling this far it becomes more and more difficult to wait him out. The Patriots might end up taking him before the Bucc's can secure him in the 2nd round which is why they trade up.

Alternate Pick: Peter Konz (C Wisconsin) wouldn't help fill an immediate need for the Ravens if they don't trade down, but he could eventually replace Matt Birk when he retires in a few seasons.

30. San Francisco 49ers: Peter Konz C Wisconsin

Previous Pick: Kendall Wright WR Baylor

The 49ers have need at the interior of their offensive line with Adam Snyder off to block for the rival Cardinals. Konz may not be an OG but there have been whispers and rumors that if drafted by the 49ers he might end up playing OG. Regardless of the rumors, Konz is the best interior O-line prospect left on the board, passing up on him would be a very difficult decision.

Alternate Pick: Dontari Poe is a possibility in San Fran as well. That front seven is already really scary for opposing teams but it wouldn't hurt to add to that line with an athletic freak like Poe.

31. New England Patriots: Dontari Poe DT Memphis

Previous Pick: Devon Still DT Penn State

With the Pats trading their first selection in the 1st round, I see them holding on to the 31st pick. With Poe still left on the board this late it will be too enticing for the Patriots to pass up on. The Pats have a knack for taking developmental players that other teams would mostly pass on, Poe is a physical specimen and the Pats could use him for his full potential.

Alternate Pick: Lamar Miller (RB Miami), or David Wilson (RB Virginia Tech), could end up being 1st rounders. The Pats need a new RB with Benjarvis Green-Ellis now wearing the Bengal orange, Danny Woodhead is more than likely not a starting RB.

32. New York Giants: Mike Adams OT Ohio State

Previous Pick: Coby Fleener TE Stanford

I know a lot of Giants fans are more than likely going to be upset with this prediction. However, I don't think the Giants fans can argue that their team is in a position to take a BPA or at least go BPA in regards to positions they need. Adams has had problems in college but his inconsistencies might be reduced when placed with stiffer competition (or vice versa he crumbles). Regardless, the Giants have some need at the OT position and the WR class is deep enough for them to find Manningham's replacement later down the line.

Alternate Pick: Rueben Randle (WR LSU) or Mohamed Sanu (WR Rutgers) could end up being called on the last day of the draft. The G-men do need to replace Manningham and both of these guys have the makings of being superb number 2 receivers.

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