A serious Mock

I dont do mocks wit serious in them. but this time i will. maybe i'll explain the picks, or maybe i wont. we'll see. if i do explain it. dont ask the questions that are answered already, that will not reciever a reply. if i dont exlain your question, feel free to ask about the pick. i'll explain it if i feel like it.

im doing this draft based off MY big board.

MY interpretation of a team

and MY value on trades and positions. the trade chart is complete BS, anyone who thinks thats how GMs consider trades is sorely mistaken. if washington wanted to move up for the 2nd. but RG3 wasnt their and they were moving up for say blackmon. it wouldnt have cost that much. these are things the trade chart does not adress. so i will not use it.

i'll do as many rounds as i feel like. that may turn out to be 1. it may be 3. i may even stop in the middle of the 2nd rounds if i somehow get plans to do something tonight.

so here i go.

i will not put a player that doesnt fit with your team if he is higher(unless i dont know ur team well). but if i put one player over another and you dont like it, and your explanation is "Player A is better". i will not respond unless you give me a better explanation.

1. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew luck 2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis Rams)- RG3

3. Minnesota Vikings. Trade with maimi dolphins- Ryan Tannenhil

I HATE this move. I HATE it. dolphins fans hsould hate it. who doesnt hate it? The dolphins give up next years 1, this years 1. this years 2. and this years 3.

Why exactly the vikings want to trade back and give up their shot at Kalil baffles me. but its the draft, crazy shit happens/

4. Cleveland Browns- Trent Rihardson

Trent is the BPA here. tho kalil could make an argument for that. normally id put kalil ahead of richardson in the draft. but the browns have a better LT, so why draft someone at 4 to play RT?

Morris Claiborne is a very good option here aswell. but i was having this argument with someone before. the question is, who would you rather have the next AP or the next corey webster, and while i love Corey, and he is a top CB. im taking AP over him eery day.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne

Kalil is BPA here. But i know schiano, and defense is first in his game. claiborne is very solid. maybe benifited from a great secondary around him. but still, very solid pick.

6.Rams (from Redskins)-Matt Kalil

Oh, whats that? you think they will still pick Blackmon with Kalili here? well 4/20 was yesterday, so no. i doubt the Rams front office is still stoned. they will not make a stupid move. theirs like 7 very good WRs in this draft. and 15 solid ones. no chance they pass on the insurance to bradford... you cant drive the lambo without insurance, in other words you cant have a solid passing attack without protecting your QB

7. Jacksonville Jaguars. Trade with the NY jets

- Melvin Ingram

Oh boy do they need a pass rusher. they need it so much that they give up days 1 and 2 of the draft and a future pick for it. jets give their 1, 2, 3, and 2013 2 to move up 10 spots for a pass rusher. The jags give up the 7th pick and their 3rd... they also send rex ryan 3 boxes of frog feet. this is considered great succsess for ryan. now alls the jets need is 11 offensive players.

8. Minnesota Vikings. trade Dallas Cowboys- Mark Barron

Cowboys fans wont like this, i dont really care, its my mock. the cowboys give up their 1, 2, and 2013 2nd to move up 6 spots and get some serious secondary help. they do however reciever the dolphins 3 in this deal

The cowboys outbid the eagles in an attempt to stop salsa dancing in arlington. some say this is a reach. idk if it is. their are better players on the board, i'll give you that. butbesides kirkpatrick barron is the best DB left. he's been rising up the boards latley. im still wondering why he was ever so low. it may be a tad bit of a reach, but he wasnt going to make it to 14. and jones fell in love with him, not in a weird tony romo kinda love for im. but more of a jason garret kinda love. which brings me to my next point. no emotion if you wanna run a succsesful buisness.

On the vikings side of things, the fans should be estatic. they would consider blackmon here. but decide to aquire a helluva lot of new talent as they now have the dolphins 2012 2 & 2013 1. the cowboys 2nd and 2013 2nd. great succsess in minny as they prepare for a move to LA (had to bring the joy the vikings fans are feeling right now down just a Tad, haha)

9. Carolina Panthers- Justin Blakmon

They wont pass on blackmon. very nice compliment and eventual aire to steve smith.

10. Buffalo Bills- Riley Reiff

The bills have a great interior oline. they however lack in the OT department. if they truely plan on having fitzpatrick as their franchise, they need to keep him alive. they've had the benifit of playing in the AFC east, but now the pass rushers in the division are starting to come. so the tackles will soon follow (foreshadowing.. somthing my English teacher always wants me to use).

11.Kansas City Chiefs- David DeCastro

Dont know much on the cheifs. do know they have a very poor Oline. atleast in the guard department. if any chiefs fan would like to tell me otherwise, their is a comment section. stop talking to yourself

12. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Floyd

Flynn gets a toy. he screams in joy. then relizes he is a boy. and shuts his mouth. Flynn is much better than a guy like kolb. but now flynn has no excuse for next year. he has a #1, a very good WR, one of my favorite players in the draft, the seahawaks have a great D, but one of the worst passing games in the NFL (history) it should change

13. Arizona Cardinals- Luke Kuechley

Why not? BPA. and really, since the dolphins snagged their best LB a few years ago, they didnt really recover. Kuechly is better

14. Minnesota Vikings. Trade.. Just kidding- Dre Kirkpatrick

I Remember the last time the giants played the vikings. i remember the last time i watched the vikings play. i also remember the names of their DBs, as i saw the back of their jersies on every deep throw. winfield is old. kirkpatirck is young. BPA pick

15. Philadelphia Eagles- Alshon Jeffrey

I hate giving the eagles this player. he is very good. very very good. he gives the eagles a red zone target, and a nice #2 to maclin.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Fletcher Cox

Steal. that is all

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders)- Courtney Upshaw

dunlap is solid. no other pass rushers besides that. mauluga (or however you spell it) is solid aswell. no other real good LBs besides that... cincy fans dont really like the same gilmore barron combo. so ur not getting it.

18. San Diego Chargers- Michael Brockers

The lord of no rings has no idea what to do. he has no shot at the division this year with peyton. he has so many wholes. he just looks at the big board and goes BPA. he then goes into a brief deep depression. and trys to fill wholes as the rest of his team leaves next offseason, is it possible to only play with phillip rivers? because at this rate, tahts all SD will have left.

19. Chicago Bears-Quinton Coples

he will learn from peppers, and maybe not become the bust he's destined to be. should be a solid combo with julius for a few years tho

20. Tennessee Titans- Janoris Jenkins

21. Bengals- Kendall Wright

should be an interesting combo with dalton and green

22. Browns (from Atlanta Falcons)- Coby Fleener

He's a reach imo. the browns dont do that a lot. he's also not the best TE in this draft, but as far as recieving TE's go, he is a beast. now he had luck. but McCoy should put him to use, until the next 3rd round QB the browns draft comes in. then he will have 3 years to fail.

23. Detroit Lions-Dontari Poe

Yes, they do.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jonathan Martin

BPA, and a need

25. Denver Broncos-Cordy Glenn

BPA. protect peyton is ultimate goal. keep him standing up, he'll do the rest, and you win a trip to New Orleans.

26. Houston Texans- Nick Perry

27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans Saints)- Whitney Mercilus

Need. really big need.

28. Green Bay Packers- Devon Still

i dont see why they wouldnt

29. Baltimore Ravens- Donta Hightower

30. San Francisco 49ers- Peter Konz

replacing Baas. i dont think you guys have a good Center. if you do, let me know.

31. Patriots- Mohamed Sanu

could turn out to be the best reciever in this draft... their is sucha connection here. the pats love RU guys. they need a #1. and lloyd deffinitley isnt it. him and welker, with gronk and hernandez is crazy.

32. New York Giants-Stephon Gilmore

Dreadlocks make you a better football player, FACT!

Maybe i'll do more rounds. maybe i wont. we'll see the response this gets... now hopefully i find something to do at 10:30 on a saturday night. tho i have a feeling everyone has got plans...

did you like it at all????

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