Another Serious(ly accurate) mock

so, some of you didnt like my last mock?

some of you didnt like my grammer?

some of you think you can do better?

well you were wrong on the 3rd, and i dont care about your opinion on the other 2.

their are gonna be more trades in this one.

again based off MY evaluation of a player. NOT yours

based off MY evaluation of your team. NOT yours

and based off MY value on trades. NOT yours

so here we go.

3. Minnesota Vikings. TRADE, KC Chiefs-Ryan Tannenhil

Again, i hate this trade. HATE it, tannenhil isnt even a first rounder on my big board.

This time the Chiefs outbid the dolphins and eagles for the right to throw away the next few years until they trade up for another franchise QB... Chiefs give up their 1, 2, and 2013 1 for the shot at mediocracy...

4. Cleveland Browns- Morris Claiborne

they really consider trent and blackmon here, but ultimatley decide to go with positional value, as they already have a great LT in joe thomas, so the next best in terms of value is claiborne. to give them a really really solid secondary.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Trent Richardson

Kalil is considered. but their oline is good enough. schiano loves the running game to set up the defense, he has enough weapons in the passing game for them to pass on blackmon, richardson will become the full time starter. opening up Blount for either trade or a heavily reducened role.

6. Rams (from Redskins). TRADE Buffalo Bills- Matt Kalil

the rams really consider taking Kalil. they were estatic to see him on the board. but recieved an offer they couldnt refuse.

The Bills had no intention of trading up going into the day. they were content with piling up a quanity of talent. but when the quality fell, they couldnt pass it up. OT is their biggest need, and kalil is a franchise LT, someone who will be theor for 10 years worth of pro-bowls (not that the pro bowl means anything anymore)

Bills give up their 1, 2, 5, and 2013 1st and 3rd for the 6th overall pick in this draft.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars. TRADE New York Jets- Melvin Ingram

The Jags have always wanted to move back, even with blackmon in play they decide aquiring picks is the best route as they arent in condition to contend for a title just yet.

The jets give up their 1, 2, and 2013 2nd and 3rd for the jags 1st, 4th, and 2013 4th and 6th

8. Miami Dolphins- Justin Blackmon

take a page out of the bengals book, and go star WR first

9. Carolina Panthers- Fletcher Cox

Floyd was considered here, so was reiff and decastro. but ultimatley they decide to bolster up their defensive line. they were offered a trade for several teams interested in mark barron. but decide against it and take cox (yes, hahaha they take cock. stop laughing)

10. Rams. TRADE Philly Eagles- Mark Barron

the rams were hoping barron would fall, when he doesnt, they take the best trade out of the 3 offered by the eagles, cowboys, and bears.

The eagles safties suck, their fans will try to convince you nate allen is good, and while he is a solid option for now. he is a nickle Saftey on a lot of teams. their rookie was god awful, and barron is really good. the eagles give up their 1, and both 2nd's for the 10th overall pick

11. Minnesota Vikings- Dre Kirkpatrick

Kuechly is considered here, reiff is considered here. barron was a hope, but they missed him by a pick. decastro was also considered. but CB is a huge need. and dre is very solid. some wonder why they dont take Rieff or decastro, so do i

12. Seattle Seahawks- David DeCastro

BPA. fills a big need. chandler jones and coples are considered. ultimatley they make the smart pick

13. Arizona Cardinals- Riley Rieff

Huge need here, they consider Floyd. they consider Kuechly. they dont pick either. Rieff is very good, his arm length should not be a concern, especially consider the offensive line position your supposed to get you arms in to the defender. i'd be more considerned if his arms were small as a Dlineman

14. Dallas Cowboys- Janoris Jenkins

their werent many options left. no GM really likes dealing with jerry, so their wasnt much on the trade table. half the picks they were hoping for were gone. they really considered brockers. kuechly they didnt think would fit in the 3-4. so they picked jenkins. jenkins is by no means a reach. the cowboys like usual put aside off field concerns, and go for on field talent as jenkins is one of the better players in this draft.

15. Rams- Michael Floyd

Oh boy do they jump with joy when they find floYd still on the boyd (board with am old jewish grandmother accent).

all in all, the rams aquired 3 future 1's, and will have 3 in the first of next years draft, 4 2's this year, a 5 and a future 3. all to trade back and get floyd. Wow do they make out or what?

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Alshon Jeffery

he is well worth the pick, dont let anyone tell you differentley. keuchly is almost picked. but their problem is depth at the LB position, not a starting linebacker. they can adress the depth later.

people around here like to give alshon a 2nd round grade. but i doubt GMs do the same. the elite recievers start to fly off the board, and the jags dont wanna settle for nick toon or tommy streeter. Alshon is a fine football player. this is not a reach

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders)- Stephon Gilmore

Solid pick. Huge need.

18. San Diego Chargers- Cordy Glenn

They go with Glenn over martin almost soley based on the fact that he can play both tackle and gaurd, and bith positions are not. unfortunatley the lord of no rings will soon relize that he can't play both at the same time

19. Chicago Bears- Luke Kuechley

They recieve a ton of trade offers, including the giants. the steelers, the ravens, and several other teams. but ultimatley decide to take the succsessor to urlacher, and insurance just incase he isnt ready to go by seasons start

20. Tennessee Titans- Peter Konz

Huge need. they consider perry here. but ultimatley decide chris johnson's running lanes are more important. considering he can play both center and guard. and both is a hue need. this pick should suprise none.

21. Bengals - Lamar Miller

they pass on martin for someone who would make a nice compliment to Benson and the law firm.

22. Browns (from Atlanta Falcons)- Doug Martin

Their are several ways they could go. they could give McCoy a weapon, but they dont care for him. they could add to the defense. but whats the point? their playing for barkley next year, they take the first step in the right direction by getting maybe the 2nd best HB in this draft. that whole thing about running backs not worth firsts anymore is a myth with this new CBA.

23. Detroit Lions- Jonathan Martin

their arent any DBs worth the pick. perry is heavily considered, but they ultimatley decide to protect stafford after seeing what he can do when healthy

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Dontari Poe

man were they tough to draft for. no good olineman worth the pick. the best DT was brockers, but 5-tech is not what they need. Hightower is their, but thats the same old pick. CB is a huge need, but no good ones. hampton is old and expensive, and poe can learn how to actually play football under him. solid pick

25. Denver Broncos- Michael Brockers

they are really suprised to see him here. huge need and very good player

26. Houston Texans- Courtney Upshaw

so happy to see him here. steal. and need

27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans Saints)- Quinton Coples

They bite the bullet and stop the fall. Coples is very overrated. his game tape is not good. it will take him a while to be where he can get

28. Green Bay Packers- Chandler Jones

Pottential to be the best DE in this draft. big need for the pack aswell

29. Baltimore Ravens- Kendall Wright

They have a good deep threat in evans. they have their #1 in boldin. but they need another weapon and wright is very solid. he benifited from RG3. but he is still really good.

30. San Francisco 49ers- Mohamed Sanu

They dont have a sanu. they have a deep threat in mario, so rueban randle isnt needed. Moss i wouldnt expect to do much, and crabtree is solid. but he doesnt have the skills sanu does. they are different recievers, and with vernon davis, this group of recievers is looking pretty solid.

31. Patriots. TRADE! Miami Dolphins- Brandon Weedon

The Pats wanna trade, the dolphins answer the call. they got their franchize WR. and they pair him with his old QB. The dolphins give up their 2nd this year and their 2nd in 2013 for the 28 year old QB.

32. New York Giants-Nick Perry

Steal is all needed to be said here. steal and BPA


1(33) Rams- Devon Still

DT is a need with fred robbins gone

2(34) Colts- Whitney Mercilus

freeney is on the block. and this is BPA

3(35) Vikings- Kevin Zeitler

they go need over BPA

4(36) Buccaneers- Donta Hightower

Huge steal here, should have been drafted in the first

5(37) Browns- Coby Fleener

Atleast they can say they got McCoy a weapon.

6(38) Jaguars- Stephen Hill

Does this even make sense after getting alshon in the first? yes, it does. they now have a very good deep threat, and a go to guy in alshon. with MJD and their TE lewis, this passing attack is very formidable. now if gabbert can get his shit together, this team may be in good position in an almost wide open division. and a very wide open wild card race.

7(39) Rams (Redskins)- Mike Adams

some protection for bradford, as their is none their

8(40) Panthers- Rueben Randle

Succsesor to steve smith

9(41) Rams- Harrison Smith

BPA, and a need

10(42). Patriots- Andre Branch

solid, no?

11(43) Seahawks- Jerel Worthy

12(44) Vikings- Brandon Thompson

putting youth in the dline

13(45) Cowboys- Kelechi Osemele

need in all kinds of ways

14(46) Rams- Zach Brown

in a lot of need of LBz

15(47) Jaguars- Vinny Curry

need. and a verry solid DE.

16(48) Patriots (from Oakland Raiders)- Alfonzo Dennard

besides McCourity who is their in their defensive backfield? it was between dennard and minnifield

17(49) Chargers- Chase Minnifield

a need

18(50) Bears- David Wilson

oh boy is forte gonna be pissed.

little chance he was gonna be signed long term after all that stuff anyway

19(51) Rams- Lavonte David

their defense has gotten amazingly better 3 out of the last 4 picks

20(52) Titans- Brandon Boykin

Maybe a reach, deffinitley a need

21(53) Bengals- Jared Crick

22(54) Lions- Trumaine Johnson

Need. Its really their choice of CBs at this point, so many of em. johnson was the choice

23(55) Falcons- Bobby Massie

after watching the playoff game. their was no other option

24(56) Steelers- Amini Silatolu


25(57) Broncos- Brian Quick

some may think of it as a reach. but he will develop greatly under peyton.

26(58) Texans- Kendall Reyes

DT is somehwat of a need. this is a pretty nice pickup

27 Saints (forfeited)

28(59) Packers- Shea McClellin.

What a steal. this would have barely been a reach with their first rounder

29(60) Ravens - Zebrie Sanders

This is pretty good for the ravens. after grabbing a WR in the first, they are gonna protect the future of flacco in the 2nd. Mckinnie is old. sanders is young. anything else?

30(61) 49ers- Markelle Martin

no right guards worth having, so after solidifying their WR corps in the first. they give their secondary some needed help

31(62) Patriots- Alameda Ta'amu

as you can see defense is the focuss for the worst defensive team in the league

32(63) Giants-Dwayne Allen

Another steal. Best fit for the giants. and best Pure TE in this class

very nice draft, High Five!!!

Great succsess, no?

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