I Lied. My FINAL Final Mock.

Just a few changes here and there that throw everything off. The same feedback request is present at the end(62nd overall).

#1: QB Andrew Luck, Stanford, to the Colts.

Horseshoes are for good luck.

#2 : QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor, to the Redskins.

His arm looks better than Luck's.

#3: LT Matt Kalil, USC, to the Vikings.

No team offers up the first born of all their players and coaches, so the Vikings pull the trigger.

#4: RB Trent Richardson, Alabama, to the Browns.

A blue-chip running back. How do you pass up on this?

#5: CB Morris Claiborne, LSU, to the Bucs.

They made some bold moves in free-agency but need to bolster their secondary. The situation is dire.

#6: WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma, to the Rams.

Alex Smith aside, you don't draft a QB 1st-overall to be a game-manager. They pull the trigger and give Bradford a real weapon.

#7: WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, to the Jaguars.
Does the 'Stache pass on a chance for the next Julius Peppers? Yes, because Coples has question marks and the Jags need a game-changing WR. Floyd would give Blaine Gabbert a chance to get the passing-game off the ground.

#8: DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, to the Dolphins.

Why reach for a QB with little tape? The Phins should not make the mistake the Jets made with Sanchez, and instead add some pass-rush to give Wake some help from the opposite DE/OLB position. Edge pressure is far and away more effective when it's coming from both sides. Their main divisional rivals this season are likely Brady and Fitzpatrick working out of pass-heavy offenses. Ingram also excels against the run which will be perfect for when Sanchez and Tebow are scrambling in the battle for the AFC East. They pass on Coples because it sure looked like he tried his best to play without getting injured for a whole year.

#9: DT/DE Fletcher Cox, Mississsippi, to the Panthers.

They've taken a look at him already. They need to upgrade their defensive line and generate some pressure on opposing QBs in a division which includes Matt Ryan and Drew Brees .

#10: T Riley Reiff, Iowa, to the Bills.

They have a glaring hole at Tackle this off-season. He may be a little bit of a reach but he is a solid player who fills their biggest need at the best value. Remember, Michael Floyd isn't available and they more than fixed their pass-rush problem.

#11: RG David DeCastro, Stanford, to the Chiefs.

It's a post-Shields/Waters world in Kansas City. Add in that big FA-upgrade to Right Tackle in the form of Mr. Winston and the Chiefs offensive line will be ready to give chase to Peyton Manning's line in Denver.

#12: DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina, to the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have kept their best beefy-guys on the interior D-Line, and added another big one in Jason Jones. Now they bring in some edge pressure in the form of a DE/OLB.

#13: ILB Luke Kuechly, Boston College, to the Cardinals.

Riley Reiff is available, but Kuechly is going to one day be the leader of that angry-bird defensive front-7 sporting the all-important green dot on his helmet.

#14: SS Mark Barron, Alabama, to the Cowboys.

Brandon Carr's new best friend.

#15: DT/NT Dontari Poe, Memphis, to the Eagles.

The Eagles need to think about the future at DT, and they need to think about a run-stuffing DT Here you go.

#16: DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama, to the Jets.

Ingram, Flotd, Reiff, and Richardson are gone. The good news is Rex has a shot at an enigmatic prospect with a heart-warming story and the motor of a Jet.

#17: CB Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina, to the Bengals.

They have needs in the CB-corps and Gilmore will be ready to play come Cincy's 2012 season opener. If a Cincy fan questions his ability, just watch his college tape against A.J. Green.

#18: T Jonathan Martin, Stanford, to the Chargers.

The ofensive line was once a strength, but suddenly needs attention.

#19: T/G Cordy Glenn, Georgia, to the Bears.

He looks like a good fit for the system. They really don't have much of a choice.

#20: DE/OLB Chandler Jones, Syracuse, to the Titans.

The Titans Titans need OLine and DLine help, but also some edge-help. They gamble on finding a OG and a DT in the later rounds and go for the hot commodity.

#21: QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, to the Dolphins.

The Bengals looked over at the other team from Ohio and saw how happy they were that Tannehill was falling to them. Then Cincinnati smited Cleveland, and traded down with the Dolphins for their early-2nd and early-3rd picks along with a 2013 3rd rounder. The Dolphins make the bold moves to excite their depressed fanbase, Cincinnati gets itself well-positioned for day 2 of the draft, and Cincinnati insults Cleveland- both sides are thrilled.

#22: DT/DE Michael Brockers, LSU, to the Patriots.

The Browns get screwed and then the phone rings. The Browns want to move down and the Pats want to jump ahead of the Broncos to grab someone they've taken a close look at. Someone who reminds them of Richard Seymour. The Pats find the right price for the moveup and they go for it for a change. Maybe not right away, but Brockers could become one of the most feared warriors to ever fight in the trenches of the AFC-East.

#23: DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus, Illinois,, to the Lions.

The Lions D really needs to do two things; put Suh and Fairley out there together side by side at the DT positions and get some talent in their secondary. But first they get a pass-rusher to come off the edge while their tanks make a mess of he middle. His potential upside pushes him ahead of Perry.

#24: ILB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama, to the Steelers.

The future at ILB next to Lawrence Timmons. He's the best player available and fulfills a need. Vastly underrated and very versatile. A great pick.

#25: DT/DE Devon Still, Penn State, to the Broncos

Bunkley's replacement, and a solid pick. He was the heart of the Penn State defense through some very trying times.

#26: WR Stephen Hill, Georgia, to the Texans.

I hate this pick. Stephen Hill has great measureables but like Demaryus Thomas(from the same system) Hill hasn't proved he can really play outside of an option offense but his upside is amazing and he can help Arian Foster with his run-blocking.

#27: WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina to the Browns.

If you were the Browns how pissed would you be? You nearly had the QB you thought about taking in the top-5 but decided not to reach for. You nearly had him drop right into your lap in the late-1st. Then you got smacked by your biggest rival. They trade back and add another weapon to the offense along with the Pats' late-3rd rounder.

#28: DE/OLB Nick Perry, USC, to the Packers.

He fits a big need of their's, adding a play-maker to work off the opposite edge of Clay Matthews. One can chase the QB into the other edge-rusher. It's either Perry, Reyes, or a CB, and the Packers can probably snag a DT/DE or CB in the 2nd round. If Perry talks about prefering the 43 again, Matthews needs only to suggest that they talk by a woodshed. They were hoping for Devon Still but since he's gone they ge the DE/OLB who doesn't have a history of concussions.

#29: C/G Peter Konz, Wisconsin, to the Ravens.

Birk's future heir, and Grubb's immediate heir.

#30: WR/KR Kendall Wright, Baylor, to the 49ers.

Because when you have Randy Moss you should always have a Plan B. It's also insurance for Williams with his now infamous concussion history.

#31: CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama, to the Vikings.

The Vikings really want him bad. He's a play-maker, a good fit, and he somehow has fallen. He won't last past the Giants, Rams, and Colts who all could use a 1st-round DB. They surrender their 2013 1st rounder, 2012 3rd rounder, and 2012 5th rounder to the Pats.

#32: DE Andre Branch, Clemson, to the Giants.

Finally I can have Janoris Jenkins drop out of the 2nd without getting flack for it. Tuck has been getting injured a lot as he gets older, Osi is still Osi, and Tollefson is gone.

#33: LB Zach Brown, North Carolina, to the Rams.

Jeff Fisher will want to improve his Defense. Brown provides an instant upgrae.

#34: TE Coby Fleener, Stanford, to the Colts.

Andrew Luck needs someone to throw to besides for Reggie Wayne, who's in his mid-30's. Why not give him a familar target?

#35: Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers, to the Vikings.

Kalil, Kirkpatrick, and now Sanu to give Ponder a very reliable possession receiver..

#36: LB Lavonte David, Nebraska, to the Bucs.

Their line-backing was atrocious. They won't be as bad in 2012.

#37: OG Kevin Zeilter, Wisconsin, to the Browns

The future after Peyton Hillis? Found. A legit Wide-Receiver for McCoy to throw to? Got it. Some line help? Mission accomplished. The Browns majorly-upgrade their Offense.

#38: DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan, to the Jaguars.

They passed on Quinton Coples and now they make up for it by getting the defensive-tackle that Mayock still has rated as #2.

#39: T Mike Adams, OSU, to the Rams.

They gave their QB a weapon and the middle of their D some felp. Now they give Bradford better protection.

#40: CB Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama, to the Panthers.

How do they go from having Dennard to Jenkins here? Because one guy has kept falling, and another punched a cop in the face.

#41: WR Reuban Randle, LSU, to the Bills.

They could use another WR. It's not like they need a DE.

#42: OG/OT Kelechi Osmele, Iowa, to the Bengals.

The Bengals won't be done benefiting from that trade with the Dolphins as Day 2 only just began.(in this mock)

#43: LB Bobby Wagner, Utah State, to the Seahawks.

More help on D? Why not.

#44: CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech, to the Chiefs.

They lost Brandon Carr. Also, Peyton Manning is now in their division. 3rd CBs will be just as important as 2nd CBs

#45: DE/OLB Shea McClellin, Boise, to the Cowboys.

People talk about McClellin like he is Mike Vrabel's younger clone. You know who knew Vrabel well? Rob Ryan.

#46: S Harrison Smith, Notre Dame, to the Patriots.

When you saw a safety getting selected in the 2nd, I know who you thought was making the pick. Belichick decides not to chance it. The Jets need a Safety and since they got a pass-rusher in the 1st they won't be tempted by either McClellin or Curry in the 2nd. The Pats jump ahead 2 spots, surrending to their favorite trading partner a conditional mid/late-rounder next year.

#47. T Bobbie Massie, Mississippi, to the Jets.

The Jets got their pass-rush and now make a necessary move given that Harrison Smith is gone.

#48: QB Brandon Weedan, Oklahoma, to the Eagles.

WHAT?! The Eagles get younger than Vick and more-talented than Young at the QB spot.

#49: DE/OLB Vinny Curry, Marshall, to the Chargers.

Their O-line got some help in the 1st and now their front-7 gets a vastly underated player.

#50: FS Markelle Martin, Oklahoma, to the Bears.

Brandon Merriweather is a problem, not a solution. As a Pats fan, trust me. Martin played routinely against high-powered offenses.

#51: CB Josh Robinson, Central Florida, to the Eagles.

Nnamdi needs help, they look ready to part ways with Asanta Samuel. As a Pats fan I am not surprised. With help on all three levels, the Eagles D is ready t ball.

#52: DT/DE Kendall Reyes, UConn, to the Titans.

They got the pass-rush they wanted and now a formidible DLineman at a good value.

#53: RB Doug Martin, Boise, to Bengals.

A CB, an OG, and now a RB. Not bad. And the Bengals still aren't done with day 2 of the draft as they got some 3rd rounders..

#54: CB/S Trumaine Johnson, Montana, to the Lions.

A versatile pass-defender to take advantage of the pass-rush pickup in the 1st round.

#55: OG Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State, to the Falcons.

Their 1 pick is worth it.

#56: DT/NT Mike Martin to the Steelers.

Another piece to the inevitable new-D makeover.

#57 RB Lamar Miller, Miami, to the Broncos.

Willis McGahee needs help given his age.

#58. ILB Mychal Kendricks, California, to the Texans.

More D for Wade Phillips? Of course.

#59: DT/DE Jared Crick, Nebraska, to the Packers.

Green Bay is lucky. They grabbed an edge-rusher in the 1st round figuring interior-DLine will remain plentiful in the 2nd round. Crick's stock fell due to an injury last year, but has a high-ceiling for a late-2nd rounder and culd fill the hole Cullen Jenkins left.

#60: OLB Ronnel Lewis, Oklahoma, to the Ravens.

They gave Flacco another weapon in the 1st round and now look to cover the loss of Jarrett Johnson.

#61: FS George Iloka, Boise, to the 49ers.

One skill-player to the offense, and now one skill player to the defense.

#62: The Pats trade with YOU

Given who's available and New England's tendancy to trade-back/down, who would you like your team try to get via trade with the Pats? Let me know in the comment section.Approximate value NE would be looking for: 2013 2nd rounder, 2012 late3rd/early4th rounder.

#63: TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson, to the Giants.

Eli can have a matchup nightmare? Sure.

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