One of the "few" mock drafts before the NFL Draft begins

Minutes before the draft and here's how I think it goes down if there isn't any trade.

Round 1:

The Usual

1. Indianapolis Colts: QB Andrew Luck from Stanford

2. Washingon Redskins: QB Robert Griffin III from Baylor

3.Minnesota Vikings: OT Matt Kalil from Southern California

4.Cleveland Browns: WR Michael Floyd from Notre Dame

He's everything you would want in a wide receiver; he's psychical, has enough weight to take hits and get back up, shows good route running and strong hands making him better than the consensus #1 WR, Justin Blackmon. Runningbacks have one of the shortest lives and by the time the Browns are ready to compete he would probably be in a few years past his prime.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Morris Claiborne from LSU

6. Saint Louis Rams DT/DE Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State

Justin Blackmon doesn't stick out enough for the Rams as a Calvin Johnson or Larry type player and could try and snag a more physical WR later in the draft. As of now, they want a starting DT and that's the type of player Cox could immediately become.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State

Simply BPA, hopefully Blackmon finds himself a wife soon.

8. Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M

9. Carolina Panthers DT Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State

10. Buffalo Bills OT Johnathan Martin

Buddy Nix doesn't seem to reach for average talent to fit a certain need lucky Martin isn't average talent and was a key part in the success of Andrew Luck's impressive career.

11. Kansas City Chiefs OG David DeCastro from Stanford

12. Seattle Seahawks LB Luke Kuechly from Boston College

13. Arizona Cardinals OG/OT Cordy Glenn from University of Georgia

14. Dallas Cowboys DT/DE Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State

15. Philedphia Eagles DT Michael Brockers from LSU

16. New York Jets OLB Melvin Ingram from South Carolina

17. Cincinnati Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick from LSU

18. San Diego Chargers SS Mark Barron from University of Alabama

19. Chicago Bears DE Quinton Coples from North Carolina

He dropped further than the average mock draft but I think realistically his work ethnic brings his draft stock down just like or more than numerous fights on the field.

20. Tennessee Titans CB Stephen Gilmore from South Carolina

21. Cincinnati Bengals WR Kendall Wright from Baylor

22. Cleveland Browns CB Janoris Jenkins from University of Florida

23. Detroit Lions C/G Peter Konz from Wisconsin

24. Pittsburgh Steelers LB Dont'a Hightower

Whether fans think he is not the best player isn't up to him as the Steelers have shown interest.

25. Denver Broncos DT Jerel Worthy from Michigan State

As a Colts fan, I can guarantee as long as Manning is healthy and still playing at the same level than drafting a WR could be addressed later possibly round 3-4 and still have 2 guys 700+ receiving yards. Right now, it's all about improving a defense and Worthy is a solid and safe pick.

26. Houston Texans DT Dontari Poe from Memphis

There's a choice between a guy across from Andre Johnson or to NT that if pans out will definitely make a huge impact on the already impresive Texan's defense

27. New England Patriots DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw from University of Alabama


28. Green Bay Packers OLB Nick Perry from USC


29. Baltimore Ravens OG Kevin Zeitler from University of Wisconsin

While this may be a reach, Ben Grubbs is a guy who needs to be replaced and the Lions took Konz leaving Zeitler as the best available choice besides from someone like Shea.

30. San Francisco 49ers WR Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech

He's raw but with the new additions doesn't need to start immediately for the team but it is time to make Smith more of a franchise QB than a game manager with a potential game changing WR.

31. New England Patriots LB Shea McClellin from Boise State

Pass rush?

32. New York Giants DE Chandler Jones from Syracuse

The Giants need a TE but they don't normally, or so have seen, draft for need. The depature of Tollefson and what appears to be signs of Umenyiora not getting an extension for 2013 it's a great value selection.

There's no way I was going to finish but here's an extended mock draft of what I felt would/may happen.

Round 2:

33. Saint Louis Rams TE Coby Fleener from Stanford

He would join last years 2nd round drafted TE, Lance Kendricks and Michael "Why didn't I copy and paste his last name" Hoomanawanui as a youth movement at the TE spot. The Rams should decide to get a impact #1 TE and grab a WR prospect 6 picks later if possible.

34. Indianapolis Colts WR Rueben Randle from Louisiana State

Not a big fan but he's the best rated WR left on my board.

35. Minnesota Vikings WR Alshon Jeffery from South Carolina

36. Tampa Bay Bucaneers OLB Lavonte David from Nebraska

The Bucaneers don't need to draft another RB so early when they have problems stopping the run. David has been compared to Derrick Brocks, the last great TB linebacker while his size,shorter arms, and shorter length is his biggest weakness he is going to be a playmaker.

37. Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State

Ugh 28 years old QB being drafted near the top 2nd is always terrible except when it's your division rival, Cleveland Browns, making that mistake.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars DE Whitney Mercilus from Illnois

Talent always fall in the draft for upside lucky for the Jaguars they get a guy with a first round talent and a kick a** name. Mincey, their leading sacker, is coming and Kampman may be finally healthy but don't count on it and he's 30+ so going with youth is the best choice. The video I've seen of him shows great hustle.

39. Saint Louis Rams WR Mohamed Sanu

Sorry Bradford it took so long.

40. Carolina Panthers OG Amini Silatolu from Midwestern State

41.Buffalo Bills LB Bruce Irvin from University of West Virginia

Without any decent WRs left they need to go defense.

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