My Final Mock Draft

This is my final mock draft. Please enjoy, I tried not to follow the same old same old as everyone else.

1. Colts

Andrew Luck

QB from Stanford

Andrew Luck is going to be the pick and it is the right pick. With a 70.3 completion percentage over the last 2 seasons, he is as close as you are gonna get to a sure thing.
2. Redskins

Robert Griffin III

QB from Baylor

The Redskins have paid a heavy price to draft RG3, and in my opinion, it will be worth it. We all know about his athletic ability, but he has the most beautiful deep ball I have seen in a long time. He is the real deal. And I think he will have a better rookie season than Luck. This is a great situation for RG3 and The Redskins. PERFECT MATCH.
3. Vikings

Matt Kalil

OT from USC

There is some talk about The Vikings wanting to move back, but I feel unless someone has fallen head over heels for Richardson or Blackmon, that it would be a hard sell. If The Vikings do make this pick, it will be Kalil or Claiborne. And considering that Minnesota runs a Cover 2 scheme, this is way to high of a pick for a CB in that system. So Kalil will be the pick here, and a cornerstone LT is always worth it and welcome to a young QB and an All-Pro HB.
4. Browns

Trent Richardson

HB from Alabama

Some people think this is between Blackmon and Richardson and I tend to agree. But the way I see it, Trent Richardson is the best HB prospect since Adrian Peterson. Blackmon is the best WR prospect since Julio Jones...... So If I am the Browns, I am going with Richardson. With another pick in the 1st round, they can take a dip into a deep WR pool and still get a MAJOR upgrade and not have to reach one bit!
5. Buccaneers

Morris Claiborne

CB from LSU

Claiborne is not only the top player available, he also fills a major need for the Bucs. With an aging CB in Barber and Talib having legal issues, this is something they need to get in front of. It will also give them the ability to move Barber to safety where they have a hole to fill and where at this point in his career Barber is better suited.
6. Rams

Justin Blackmon

WR from Oklahoma State

As long as things fall where they should and no one moves up to snag Blackmon, this could not have been a better situation for the Rams. They traded back and picked up an insane amount of picks and STILL managed to get their guy. There is some talk about a DT going here but one of the top rated DT is bound to fall to them in the 2nd round, weather it be Worthy, Still or Reyes they will still get a day one starter.
7. Jaguars

Stephon Gilmore

CB from S Carolina

This seems to be the definition of a draft crush. Everything seems to point to the fact that the Jags have fallen in love with one Stephon Gilmore. And why not? He has great size, speed and has played at a high level in a very tough SEC. If I was the Jaguars, I would be focused on someone to either provide some pass rush or an offensive playmaker like Floyd. But the Jags seem to march to a different drum. Which is fine.
8. Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill

QB from Texas A&M

Tannehill lovers can make me eat 2 plates of crow if I am wrong but this guy is a 2nd round prospect at best. If they draft him and start him year one with NO WR, NO TE, and holes every where else he will crash and burn quicker than Ryan Leaf. But it seems this pick is set. NEED IS A TERRIBLE TALENT EVALUATOR!
9. Panthers

Michael Floyd

WR from Notre Dame

I am going out on a limb with this pick. It is a fairly thick limb but a limb none the less. I feel this pick is down to Floyd or Cox. Carolina spent 2 early draft picks on DT's last year and I feel they are going to give them a little more time. And I know if I was a GM I would give Newton anything I could to help him along. Floyd could learn a lot about how to be a pro from Smitty. And it would make this offense very VERY scary!
10. Bills

Riley Reiff

OT from Iowa

There are a lot of different options here. I have heard O-Line, DE, WR, LB, CB and on top of all of that, apparently The Bills are smitten with the Alabama stand out Mark Barron. So I am gonna go with my first instinct and put Reiff here considering the value that is put on potential starting LT's in this league.
11. Chiefs

Fletcher Cox

DT from Mississippi State

Cox should be the top or one of the top players on The Chief's board. He can provide some pass rush from the inside and is stout against the run and will be an upgrade on that defensive line.
12. Seahawks

Luke Kuechly

LB from Boston College

After losing David Hawthorne in free agency it left a big hole in the middle of that defense. And this is in my opinion the best MLB prospect since Patrick Willis. He is a top 10 talent, so at 12 it is good value. And in a division with run first teams like San Francisco and St. Louis he will makes them better day one.
13. Cardinals

David DeCastro

OG from Stanford

When Floyd gets taken off the board before the 13th pick only one man in the Cardinal's war room will be smiling. That man is Russ Grimm. Decastro is not the greatest athlete in this draft but don't let that fool you. He is a technician, who has great footwork and toughness and a mean streak to boot.
14. Cowboys

Mark Barron

SS from Alabama

There is a good possibility that someone trades up for Barron or is off the board at 10 to Buffalo. But this is the furthest he will fall. He is the best player on the board and is a major need for Rob Ryan's defense.
15. Eagles

Dontari Poe

DT from Memphis

Adding Ryans will greatly improve their run D if he can stay healthy but there is still a need for a big man inside to hold the point while Babin and Cole tuck their ears back and go after opposing QB's. Reid is not afraid to take a chance on the huge upside of Poe. I still feel this is a little high considering Poe didn't have top 15 production but I think his upside like is downside is to big to ignore any longer.
16. Jets

Melvin Ingram

OLB/DE from South Carolina

Sexy Rexy will be a jolly old man when Ingram falls to him at 16, due to short arms and a skill set that is so unique that some teams have backed off of the most talented pass rusher in this draft. This is just what the doctor ordered for a defense who has taken a step back, due to a lack of pressure.
17. Bengals

Chandler Jones

DE from Syracuse

Yes a CB makes sense here, but I feel with the signing of Newman DE has become a bigger need. Jones is a top 10 talent in my opinion. So at 17 he is a HUGE value pick.
18. Chargers

Courtney Upshaw

OLB from Alabama

With a lack of a pass rush last year the Chargers defense took a huge step back. Upshaw is a huge upgrade over Laboy and company last year. He will have an instant impact for them.
19. Bears

Quinton Coples

DE from North Carolina

The Bears have a need in the offensive line, but the smart choice is to upgrade their pass rush in a division with the Lions and the Packers. Having the ability to learn from another former UNC standout in Peppers will give Coples someone he respects and will follow. Or he will be a bust! Which is what lean towards.
20. Titans

Dre Kirkpatrick

CB from Alabama

Tennessee lost Finnegan in free agency, And they are able to fill that hole with the 3rd best CB in the draft. He plays very physical and covers well, only real knock is WR can get behind him and if they do he is in trouble with out an elite top gear.
21. Bengals

Cordy Glenn

OG from Georgia

In a division with the Ravens and Steelers you need to be able to get those tough yards when you need them. And getting a more physical presence on the interior offensive line will definitely do that. Glenn has fallen in some boards and is loved by other teams, so there is really no telling where in the second half of the draft he will fall. But this is a need for the Bengals.
22. Browns

Kendall Wright

WR from Baylor

In the Browns offense and with Colt McCoy at QB Wright is a perfect fit. He is special after the catch and can turn a 6 yard toss into 6 points. The Browns run a lot of short routes and Colt does not have the strongest arm so Wright almost makes more sense than Blackmon, considering all of that.
23. Lions

Jonathan Martin

OT from Stanford

To far to reach for a CB unless you want bad boy Jenkins who kinda fits the attitude of the team right now. No 4-3 OLB rated this high. DE is a possibility. But I think they will go with the best player available in Martin. It will bolster an offensive line that needs to protect the Stafford and maybe help them establish a running game, which they lacked last year.
24. Steelers

Don'ta Hightower

LB from Alabama

Steelers seem to always get a highly rated player late in the draft. This is no different, Hightower is no doubt a top 15 player in this draft. And it happens to be a need for Pittsburgh.
25. Broncos

Michael Brockers

DT from LSU

Now if Manning was to have his way it would be Hill, Randle or Fleener. But he has said he has nothing to do with the draft so, the Broncos need to help them selves here and get the interior of their defensive line taken care of. He is the number 2 DT on my board.
26. Texans

Rueben Randle

WR from LSU

The Texans need someone next to Andre Johnson. Randle fits what they like in a WR. Big Tall and decent speed. Hill is a possibility here, but I feel Randle is a better fit.
27. Patriots

Whitney Mercilus

DE from Illinois

Yeah im sure when it is all said and done on Thursday the Patriots wont be picking at either 27 or 31. But for the sake of this mock we are gonna leave them there. They have major needs on the defensive line and Mercilus has a lot of upside and will help them out getting some pressure on the QB.
28. Packers

Shea McClellin

OLB/DE from Boise State

I think this is a perfect fit for McClellin and the Packers. He is the best player available by far in my opinion and it is a HUGE need for Green Bay. Someone needs to help Mathews out. His sacked dropped tremendously due to being the only real threat on the outside. And as a team who can score 40 points on a bad night, pass rush is even more important!
29. Ravens

Peter Konz

C from Wisconsin

The Ravens don't really ever trade, they don't reach for players, they are smooth and precise. So I would imagine a tough minded physical player like Konz is very high on their board and he will be the card they turn in.
30. 49ers

Kevin Zeitler

OG from Wisconsin

The 49ers have a lot of options here. They don't have any glaring needs besides LG. They could go Hill or Fleener. I have even seen some mocks give them Doug Martin. And all are good players and would most likely work out fine in San Fran. But Zeitler will give them a 10 year starter at LG and the best Guard tandem in the NFL. This team wants to hit you in the mouth from whistle to whistle, and that is something a player like Zeitler embodies!
31. Patriots

Harrison Smith

FS from Notre Dame

Bill could go DT here but there is a much bigger gap between the safeties in this class than the DT's. After Smith there is not a day one starter left in my mind at safety. But with Worthy, Still and Reyes still out there one is bound to fall to the Patriots or they can move up if need be.
32. Giants

Coby Fleener

TE from Stanford

The Giants tend to stick to their board so it is hard to gauge where they will go with this pick. Doug Martin is a strong possibility, but I feel Fleener's ability to play TE and is also able to move into the slot as well gives them a lot more versatility.
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