1st Mock of the year

I haven't done a mock in a long time and finally I feel comfortable enough to make a prediction of mine own. This is what I think the teams will do, not what fans want the team to do.

There is going to be some controversial picks that go away from mainstream thought.

I'm also not doing trades

1st Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB Stanford

This has been penciled in as the pick since the middle of the season.

2nd Washington Redskins: Robert Griffen III QB Baylor

I actually liked the trade for them. Shanahan knows that the biggest need they have is at QB, and no matter how good the rest of the team becomes, without that QB, they will be continually be hoping for that miracle scenario like the 2000 Ravens: Amazing defense and extremely soft schedule.

3rd Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil OT USC

They have a QB in place. Now to give him some help. As much as they need WRs and Defense, they won't go far with the QB lying on the ground. As they advance towards the playoffs being able to neutralize guys like Peppers, Ware, Osi, JPP, Suggs and Harrison will go a long way.

4th Cleveland Browns: Justin Blackmon WR OSU:

Holmgren gives Colt one more year to prove himself. Adding Blackmon gives Colt a WR that can actually catch.

5th Tampa Buccaneers Morris Claiborne CB LSU

The Bucs secondary is in need of some help and talent. Between Barber being old beyond all reason and Talib being in line for a major suspension at least, the Bucs are left with some homegrown talent that's unproven and Eric Wright. The same Eric Wright that got kick out of Cleveland.

6th St Louis Rams Michael Floyd WR ND

The Rams need a O-line. The Rams need a WR. Aside from QB and RB the Rams need an entire offense. As well as a O-coordinator that will stick around more than 1 season. Looking at who is available along the O-line, I don't like who is left. Martin, not strong enough, Adams a lot of potential but not enough consistency and not enough help to risk it. Reiff? Arms are too short. Maybe Glenn if Fisher thinks he could be a good LT.

7th Jacksonville Jaguars Quinton Coples DE UNC

The Jags need a Bon a fide pass rusher not some retread like Kampman. AS much as they need a WR is Jeffery worth the pick? I don't think so

8th Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB TA&M.

Miami is still trying to replace Marino, only this time they try a QB in the 1st instead of one in the later rounds. With Moore already there, Miami need not rush to play him immediately, instead give him time to grasp some of his potential before the Ross and Ireland give in to the fans and start him midseason.

9th Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly MLB BC: Am now having second thoughts about this pick. Is a LB at # 9 really a good value? I'm sticking with it for now giving the Panthers potentially 2 great LBs again.

10th Buffalo Bills Trent Richardson RB Alabama

To be honest I really struggled with this pick. Do they go CB with Kirkpatrick or Gilmore? OT/OG with either Decastro or Glenn? In the end I decide that Richardson stops falling here. BPA and with Jackson coming off ACL plus being 30 and Spiller hasn't shown that much. Until Jackson gets back healthy You have a running attack by committee since both Spiller and Richardson were part of one in college.

11th Kansas City Chiefs Brock Osweiler QB ASU

No I am not pulling your legs Chief fans nor am I trying to ruin your team. No matter who else you get no matter who you pick, you are still a QB away. Cassel isn't good enough to get you there and I believe Pioli decides to pull the plug and draft a replacement. While I know if Osweiler is a 1st round QB, I think the NFL thinks he has the potential to be one seeing as he has been supposedly invited to the draft.

12th Seattle Seahawks Fletcher Cox DT MSU

I really can't see him falling much more. Even though the Seahawks have 2 young DTs having a rotation isn't a bad thing. Aside from him I don't know who else they would take.

13th Arizona Cardinals Mike Adams OT THE OSU

You know who Adams reminds me of? Max Starks. A above average LT who can one game be absolute dominate and the next really struggle. Except Adams played that way in the college. He has all you want in a LT except the consistency. Sometime with Russ Grimm should really help.

14th Dallas Cowboys David Decastro OG Stanford

The Cowboys have their bookend tackles now to add a guard to the mix

15th Philadelphia Eagles Michael Brocker DT LSU

With Cox off the board, Brockers becomes the best DT available and BPA

16th NJ Jets Melvin Ingram OLB USC

Jet fan can boo with joy this year giving Ryan a real puss rusher for once.

17th Cincinnati Bengals Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

Once Hall went down the Bengals secondary was riddled it looked like swiss cheese. Adding a another CB while Hall recovers will go a long way.

18th San Diego Chargers Jon Martin OT Stanford

With McNeil being cut Rivers needs someone to protect his blind side.

19th Chicago Bears Andre Branch DE Clemson

With nobody behind Peppers who is starting to get up there in age, the Bears look to add another threat to help take down Rodgers and Stafford.

20th Tennessee Titans CB Janoris Jenkins CB NA via Alabama

Though a little on the small side that didn't stop Jenkins from shutting down AJ Green and Julio Jones

21st Cincinnati Bengals Cordy Glenn OT/OG Georgia

I kinda don't want this to happen but I don't see anyone else they would take.

22nd Cleveland Browns Riley Rieff RT Iowa Having just missed out on Glenn the Browns take the next best thing adding Rieff and anchoring both sides

23th Detroit Lions Mark Barron SS Alabama

With Rieff going off the board right in front of him the Lions are forced to delay adding O-line instead turning to the secondary

24th Pittsburgh Steelers select Dontari Poe NT Memphis

Potential is the key word here. Raw he is but with a lot of room to grow.

25th Denver Broncos Stephon Gilmore CB USC

With Bailey and Goodman both old adding a future to this team is important.

26th Houston Texans Stephen Hill WR GT

The Texans add their new toy for Schaub. As to when the Texans will realize that WR are paid to catch the ball who knows

27th NE Patriots select Nick Perry OLB/DE USC

In need of both a 3-4 DE/4-3 DT, as well as 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB, and seeing that the next 3 picks need a OLB but only 1 needs DE, Darth Hoodie takes the guy that is better suited to play both 3-4 OLB and 4-3 DE

28th Green Bay Packers Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama

The Pack gives Matthews a pass rushing mate on the other side

29th Balitmore Ravens Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

Ravens just sit back and continue to get steals, drafting Rays future.

30th San Francisco 49ers Alshon Jeffery WR USC

This pick is more Colin Kapernick than Alex Smith. Moss is old and cantankerous, Crabtree has never fulfilled on his potential and Davis could use some help.

31st NE Patriots Devon Still DE/DT

I reality I expect someone to trade for this pick but since I'm not doing trades I see Darth Hoodie sitting tight and waiting to see who falls to him again

32nd NJ Giants Doug Martin

G-men like their RB committees.

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