The NFL Draft Grades

Here's my grades.

Arizona Cardinals (Grade: B+)

- The Cardinals had no second round pick, but came up golden. Michael Floyd will give them another receiver who will give Larry some space to work with, and should help Doucet ease into a number three role he was born to play. The Cards also gave John Skelton, the guy who SHOULD be the starting QB, some help in the frontline. Bobbie Massie has starter potential, and Senio Kelemete should serve in a reserve role if he makes the team. Not alot of defense in this draft, other then Fleming and Bethel (worst pick because better safety prospects were on the board), both who seem more like depth. Lindley will have time to grow, and is in the best place to solve his accuracy issues.

Atlanta Falcons (Grade: C)

-The Falcons gave up their first round pick this year for Julio Jones, and that might have been the smart move. For the most part, the Falcons boosted the frontline with Konz, who I felt was a first rounder, and Holmes, who was more of a 6th round guy taken in the third. I think the Falcons are hoping to catch lighting in a bottle with Konz, Holmes, and Massaquoi (who I think will get some time this season as a pass rusher) and pray they find someone as a undrafted free agent.

Baltimore Ravens (Grade: B)

- The Ravens moved back and out of round one, and still got two great players. Upshaw should be a solid pass rusher opposite of Terrell Suggs, and Kelechi Osemele could play guard or right tackle. I wasn't a fan of the Bernard Pierce pick because of the other backs on the board, but he could be a nice complement to Ray Rice. I'm high on Tommy Streeter as a potential monster downfield, but other then that? I'm very iffy on the other picks by the Ravens. Good draft overall.

Buffalo Bills (Grade: A-)

The Bills did very well. Stephon Gilmore was the fast riser on draft day, and that kinda scares me, but he seems like a solid defensive back. Good, not great. If Gilmore provides 7-10 seasons of solid play, it's a good pick. Cordy Glenn seems like a classic good player who can play inside or at right tackle. T.J. Graham might be a great pick, I wasn't a fan of it because there were better (Sanu, T.Y., Givens, Marvin Jones) players at that position on the board. Guys like Ron Brooks and Zebrie Sanders could make this A class a A+ class if both pan out.

Carolina Panthers (Grade: C)

The Panthers made some interesting picks, but I was disappointed with the non-selection of a defensive tackle. I feel the Panthers should have taken Fletcher Cox, but maybe Keuchly was the pick because of the move to the 3-4? Who knows. I don't like the addition of Keuchly if he's a outside linebacker, like many have projected. Other then that, the Panthers took Silatolu to provide another young offensive linemen, and I like the Frank Alexander pick, because they can use a DE opposite Charlie Johnson. Joe Adams wasn't a bad pick, but that stroke thing scares me a bit.

Chicago Bears (Grade: C+)

The Bears had a bunch of alright picks. McClellin could be an above average player, or he can be an average OLB who lack the speed to make a whole bunch of plays. Alshon Jeffrey could be a nice complement for Brandon Marshall, or he could be a overweight receiver. Brandon Hardin while there were plenty of better prospects on the board was interesting. Overall, the Bears didn't have a lot of picks, and it doesn't seem like they jumped on any falling prospects.

Cincinnati Bengals (Grade A)

  • Best Pick: Devon Still
  • Worst Pick: None
  • Sleeper: Marvin Jones

The Bengals do what they usually well in the draft. I liked both first round picks in Kirkpatrick and Zietler, and Devon Still was the steal of the draft in my opinion at 53. The Bengals stayed acing with Mohammed Sanu and Brandon Thompson in round 3. Guys like Shaun Prater and Marvin Jones (my sleeper, love his game) will at least give the Bengals some depth at some spots, and if they pan out like I think, the Bengals might be looking at this draft as one of the franchise's best in a while.

Cleveland Browns (Grade: B-)

I think the Browns had a C- level first half of the draft, and a A+ level second half. Trent Richardson is elite. I can't hate that pick, but the Weeden pick is terrible for so many reasons. The first? They took him in round one. The second? They took him because there original guy, Kendall Wright, went a couple picks earlier. Third? They felt he wasn't going to be there in round two...then no QB went until pick number 57. To me, it was a reach. Schwartz was actually good because they needed a RT. Hughes and Benjamin? Bleh. I LOVE Ryan Miller, Emmanuel Acho, and Billy Wynn in round 6. I liked Brad Smelly and Trevin Wade in round 7.

Dallas Cowboys (Grade: B-)

Dallas moved up and got the best defensive back in the draft. Claiborne will service as a starter opposite Brandon Carr. In moving up, the Cowboys gave up their second rounder, and I think it messed up their draft board a bit. In round 3 or 4, I felt Dallas should have grabbed a nose tackle or another offensive lineman, and they went with two OLB's in Crawford and Wilber. Not bad, but a little disappointing. Danny Coale and James Hanna will eventually be nice players for the Cowboys, and this would probably be a C if they didn't move up for Claiborne. Good, but a small question mark in the middle.

Denver Broncos (Grade: C)

I wasn't a fan of the Wolfe pick. I felt there were a bunch of better DT prospects on the board. It fit a need, so I can't hate it too much, but I like Brandon Thompson or a Jerel Worthy better. Ronnie Hillman in round 3 was odd to me as well, with Lamar Miller or even the undrafted Chris Polk on the board. I did like the Osweiler pick because the Broncos need to groom someone, and I think he can be one of the best QB's in this draft with time. Omar Bolden should be a factor as well as a second or third CB in 2013 or 2014.

Detroit Lions (Grade: B+)

The Lions got Riley Rieff. Incredible. I thought he'd go top 10, but falling to 22 for the Lions was great, and should help the offensive line. After that? Alot of strong defensive picks. Dwight Bentley will be a starter by the end of this season, Ronnell Lewis is a steal in round 4, and Tahir Whitehead is interesting as a LOLB. The Broyles pick didn't effect the grade much, but I thought Randle would have been the better pick.

Green Bay Packers (Grade: A-)

I'm a Packer fan first and foremost. No bias. We did a great job in the draft. The Packers were embarrassed vs the Giants, and went and improved each level of their defense. Perry as the first rounder I wasn't a fan of, but if he can get to the QB, it's all good. As a fan, I loved the Jerel Worthy pick. I wouldn't be shocked if he started day one. Hayward could also start, but it depends on Woodson, and if he can go to safety. B.J. Coleman in round 7 was nice. If he develops into something solid, Green Bay can flip him. As a fan, I was happy with our picks, and the value Ted Thompson got.

Houston Texans (Grade: B-)

Houston tricked all of their fans they were going with a weapon on offense in round one, only to improve the defense. Mercilus is going to be a monster in that defense, and with Barwin and Brooks Reed, he doesn't have to start right away. The Posey pick was very bad. I had him in round 5 of my draft, but round 2? Yeesh. Brandon Brooks and Ben Jones back to back picks? I liked, gives the Texans some protection for the returning Schaub. Keshawn Martin might be the better WR prospect for the Texans this season. Either way, the Texans continue to draft very solidly.

Indianapolis Colts (Grade B)

The Colts added a QB!!!!! Andrew Luck will start right away, and should be properly build around. Cody Fleener in round two, Dwayne Allen in round three, and T.Y Hilton in round three should all help that out. I also loved the pick of Josh Chapman in round five because now, you have that nose tackle you need to run the 3-4 defense. I didn't like the lack of 3-4 prospects, and that effected the grade for me (That's why I didn't like the Allen pick).

Jacksonville Jaguars ( Grade: C-)

If we were going off the first two picks, the Jaguars get a solid grade. Blackmon not only gives Gabbert a shiny new weapon, but with Evans, Thomas, and Laurent Robinson, he completes a nice little conglomerate of receivers in Jacksonville. Andre Branch? The Jags needed a defensive end, and he fits that to a T. Bryan Anger is a punter....who went in the third round. That dropped the Jags a letter grade. Mike Harris gives them some intrigue as a sleeper, but the Jags came into this draft with some needs, filled a couple, and left us confused with a punter in round three.

Kansas City Chiefs ( Grade: B-)

The Chiefs had some nice picks. Poe is a NT in a 3-4, and should help that defensive line get better. I can also see them run some 4-3 plays as well. Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson will provide some OL help for this middle-aged line. I LOVE the De'quan Menzie pick, and quietly wanted him for my Packers. I think overall, the Chiefs made some good moves, didn't reach for anyone really, and had one of the above-average classes this year.

Miami Dolphins (Grade: B)

The Tannehill pick will decide this draft, but it shouldn't. The Dolphins had a nice draft. I didn't understand the Egnew pick because Missouri tight ends don't prosper in the league. Tannehill will be what he is, but Jonathan Martin was good for the protection of him as well. The Miami picks, Vernon and Miller, will both provide value as backups, and B.J. Cunningham wasn't a bad pick late as a #3 receiver. In the midst of pressure, the Dolphins had a great draft.

Minnesota Vikings (Grade: A-)

The Vikings had a great draft. First, they get more picks, thanks to Cleveland being paranoid. Then, they get Kalil anyway. Kalil should protect Ponder at LT, and allow Charlie Johnson to be the LG, thus bolstering the line. Harrison Smith and Josh Robinson provide some depth to the secondary, and the Arkansas receivers, Jarius Wright and Greg Childs, will be guys Ponder can target on the outside. The Vikings got almost all of their needs done in one draft. Great job.

New England Patriots (Grade: B)

  • Best Pick: Donta Hightower
  • Worst Pick: Tavon Wilson
  • Sleeper: Alonzo Dennard

- Could be an A grade, but they took a prospect who wasn't seen as someone who was going to be drafted, so they go to a B. Chandler Jones will be a nice player, and Donta Hightower will be nice, even though I don't know where he's gonna play, and if this means the end of Brandon Spikes in New England. Jake Bequette fits NE's defense as a 3-4 olb, and 4-3 de. Dennard could have been a second rounder, but fell to round seven. I think the Pats did good, but nothing special in my mind.

New Orleans Saints (Grade: C)

- I don't dislike the Saints pick, but they have some interesting picks to say the least. Nick Toon should be a good WR who can grow in their system. Akeim Hicks, the first pick by the Saints, is a sleeper to me because he isn't ready yet. I think he could be someone we could be seeing later down the road once the Saints get everything together next season.

New York Giants (Grade: B-)

The defending champions had a very solid draft. I'm not a fan of the Wilson pick. Why take a running back in round one? Meh. Reuben Randle to me, was the best pick in the draft. I thought it was a great pick, that could be something scary for the rest of the league. Jayron Hosley will do wonders, and should replace Aaron Ross. While the Robinson pick was more of a interesting one, I think Robinson could be a really good player after going through the system and earning his playing spot.

New York Jets (Grade: B+)

The Jets went looking for a weapon for Rex Ryan's defense, and came out with Quinton Coples, who should be able to play some DE and OLB for Ryan and get to the Quarterback. Coples and 3rd round pick DeMario Davis will be looked upon for some reps and some sacks early. On offense, the Jets moved up for Stephen Hill, who has some huge upside. My sleeper, Terrance Ganaway has some Mike Tolbert to him, so he should be a factor on the goal line. Guys like Robert Griffin for the offensive line, and Antonio Allen should help the Jets in a development role.

Oakland Raiders (Grade: C+)

- I couldn't pick a worst pick, because the Raiders didn't have too many picks. For the most part, the Raiders did good not being the Raiders and taking speed. Jack Crawford was an interesting pick to me, because I think he can get to the QB, and all he needs is time to develop and grow. Tony Bergstrom will get the first chance to flourish, and I think as a guard/swing tackle, I think he will. Overall, good class, and I love the Criner pick because the Raiders were looking for a possession receiver, and he fits the bill to an extent.

Philadelphia Eagles (Grade: A+)

The Eagles grabbed the most talent in this draft, and most of it was on the defensive end. Fletcher Cox was the best defensive lineman in the draft, and has a motor to get to the pass rusher. Mychal Kendricks seems like a linebacker who while undersized, has the speed and intangibles to stick. Vinny Curry at pick 59? Wow. Steal. Even the offensive end saw some love. Nick Foles is a longterm prospect, Marvin McNutt is a possession receiver the team needed, Brandon Washington provides some upside as a guard, and Bryce Brown could be something if he gets it all together.

Pittsburgh Steelers (Grade: A+)

The Steelers get richer. First, you get the best guard prospect in the entire draft, then you get a potential left tackle, who needs to be brought into the right culture. DeCastro and Adams could be fixture into the offensive line for the next decade. Sean Spence is that linebacker the Steelers take to get to the quarterback after Harrison is gone. I'm also high on Alameda Ta'amu and Chris Rainey, two guys who can provide some depth in there respective positions for this season, and could be the X-Factors in the team's success in the next couple of seasons.

San Diego Chargers (Grade: B)

Another team without a terrible/bad pick. Getting Ingram at 18 improves your pass rush, and Kendall Reyes gives you another big body for that defensive line. The pick that I liked was the Ladarius Green pick. With Antonio Gates looking to be on his last knees, I think Green can soak up Gates' teaching and turn that into a decent career. Other picks I liked, but not as much, David Molk, because he can play guard and center, and Edwin Baker, now that Tolbert is gone.

San Francisco 49ers (Grade: C)

Odd. The 49ers just reached all over the place to me. A.J. Jenkins was a good value at end of round two, but round one? I'm a little shocked. LaMichael James was a good pick, but with Jacobs, Gore, and Hunter, where are the touches out the backfield? Outside of those picks, I don't know if anyone is a starter, maybe Joe Looney can provide some help at that guard spot left vacant by Adam Synder. I like Cam Johnson as a pass rusher, but this class remains to be seen.

Seattle Seahawks (Grade: C-)

Lmao, what are you doing Seattle? The Seahawks decided that value isn't important. Bruce Irvin was more a mid second round pick, but at 15? Wow. Bobby Wagner and Jaye Howard are two defensive prospects I like that could improve that defense, while Robert Turbin and Russell Wilson will give the practices some more importance. Wilson will be pushing Flynn, and Turbin will push, and eventually help Lynch as a backup. The Irvin pick was seemed about 20-25 picks too high, but it's not like he can pan out.

St. Louis Rams (Grade: A)

I love what the Rams did, moving down, grabbing a guy like Brockers, who could be really good moving forward. Picks like Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, and Trumaine Johnson will bolster the defense, but it's the offensive picks that give me pause. Brian Quick has the size at 6 foot 3, and 4.5 speed, but I don't know if he was the best WR on the board. I liked Stephen Hill more. Isaiah Pead has speed, but man I just don't like that pick. I felt running back was falling, and the Rams could have waited a bit. A part of me feels like Givens will be a better player then Quick, but either way, I loved the way STL just targeted defense, and gave Bradford some decent weapons who he can groom with.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Grade: A)

I LOVE the Barron pick. The Bucs added Eric Wright to go with Talib and Barber. No need for Claiborne right now. Barron upgrades what looked like the worst safety spots in the league. The Bucs did add a young prospect in Keith Tandy, who could be a decent backup as a rookie. Doug Martin will be the partner in the backfield with Blount, and Lavonte David is a steal at pick 58. People killed Tampa for not taking Claiborne, but Barron will be just as effective, only in a different way.

Tennessee Titans (Grade: C)

I hated the Kendall Wright pick. I saw them targeting a WR, but I look at that defensive end. Wright will run and spread the field, but I didn't feel WR was the 1st need. On the other hand, Wright, Britt, Washington, Williams? Wow. Jake Locker smiles on. After that, the Titans add Zach Brown and Mike Martin, two defensive players who can play. I think both will be in the starting lineups by midseason. Martin for sure, his position was needed for TEN. Taylor Thompson will be one of these interesting prospects. A former DE became a TE. Scary. Markelle Martin fell, and could be a starter someday.

Washington Redskins (Grade: B-)

RG3, but Kirk Cousins doesn't make a lot of sense unless you plan to play him a ton of preseason and hope someone goes Kolb-crazy for him. Other then that, the Redskins made a lot of offseason moves for the addition of Griffin, and didn't go crazy in this draft. A reach for Josh LeRibeus was alright because they needed the position. Getting Keenan Robinson in round 4 and Adam Gettis in round 5 was good, both could be prospects for this season and see more time down the road. Alfred Morris as Shanny's late round back, and a couple of DB's end this draft for Washington.
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