Mohamed Sanu: Can you atleast admit he's better than you?

My Boi M0SAnu Seems to never get respect by anyone here, not even a little. some guy put nick toon b4 him in the draft. that is so disrespectful... i've even heard suggestions that ryan tannenhil would be drafted as a reciever before mohamed, not cool.

Mohamed Sanu has probably the best backstory out of any player in this draft. His character speaks for itself. his talent does aswell. maybe you guys just dont speak the same language, and that language im talking about is football.

Mohamed has a very interesting story to his life. i'll give you a little bit from this great article by the new york post on the man.

Aminata Koroma left Sierra Leone for America in 1975, when her country was being torn apart by civil war. She gave birth to a daughter, Haja Jabbie, and Sanu, leaving her heart and two older sons in Africa.
At South Brunswick (N.J.) High School in 2007, he quarterbacked his team to its first playoff appearance in 30 years.

It was the next season, however, that first revealed Sanu’s character. Born on Aug. 22, 1989, Sanu turned 19 five days after the state cutoff to be eligible for his senior season. He couldn’t play.

"I don’t know how he handled it," said his prep coach, Rick Mantz. "I don’t think I could have handled it. He said he wanted to help coach. You figure that will last a week. Not Mo. He was the first one at every practice and the last to leave."

Sanu doesn’t find his actions remarkable. This sense of giving back is in his genes.

When Rutgers was in the midst of a six-game losing streak last season, coach Greg Schiano received a text message one night.

"It was Mo," Schiano said. "He said, ‘Coach, don’t worry, we’ll get this thing turned around.’ Imagine that."

that article was written a little before his record breaking season last year. and is a recommended read. Sanu's character is remarkable, thats not the reason why he isnt getting his due respect.

first off idk how any combine drill could have sucha affect on a players stock that he could drop 32 spots (a whole round) in most mocks. not to mention he had a pretty good combine minus the 40 time.

but thats alright, because he had a stellar pro day (and by stellar, much better than the players you were/are putting ahead of him) and the only argument i was getting against him was his 40 time was slow. which he improved to 4.41, which is pretty good.i personally think 40 time is useless. it tells nothing but straight line speed. it has nothing to do with game preformance, which is what we all draft for right? (well not the raiders)

which brings me to my next point.

mohamed's game tape; now its hard to find game tape of his. i have currently only found 3 of his tapes on youtube. and none were among his best (statistical) games. Ive seen Sanu pla (every game and every home one first hand) so that makes me an expert on him id say. but how can i say he's better than other players? well i've looked at some game tape. their are 4 players in this draft that impress me, blackmon floyd jeffrey and sanu. they are the only ones with a game tape that warrants to be the top recievers in this draft. kendal wright is the fastest in-game reciever in this draft. which would put him at 5 for me).

i also dont get knocks on blackmon, who has the best game tape out of any reciever in this draft. Mohamed comes in a close 2nd with floyd then jeffrey coming in a very close 3rd and 4th. i dont remember so much talent at the recieving position. not even the 09 class had these many great recievers.

Sanu however you guys seem to think is one of the worst recievers in this draft according to your big boards. i mean common now. behind rueben randle. lets be fair, randle's game tape isnt on sanu's level (or jeffrey's for that matter).

alright, alright. i hear the knocks on sanu as he can only play well when the coverage is off him, which is sorely mistaken. Mohamed produced with half of the opposing teams secondary on him, and half their players always on his side of the field.

Another one i heard was he cant run deep. but how the hell would you know that? i've seen all of his games and their was maybe 1 game where he ran deep more than 2 times. 2 balls were overthrown, 1 was a great catch on the sideline and teh other was a TD. sure, he isnt Mike Wallace, but he deffinitley has the ability to run deep. his Quater backs however didnt have the ability to throw to him deep.

Another Knock is he cant break tackles. Is this a joke or something. the only plays where he doesnt break tackles are sidline ctaches and Endzone TDs (and he's usually battling someone for the ball). every play sanu breaks 2-3 tackles, just due to the fact that almost the entire team went to whatever side he was on every play. sanu is very agile, and can break one for a TD anywhere on the field.

one more is he cant seperate? really? its kinda hard to seperate whne your QB cant throw accuratley past 10 yards (hell they could barely throw accuratley past 5)

Lets look at his QB play the last 3 years:

2009. Savage- Freshman 2010. Savage-sophmore/Dodd-Freshman 2011.Dodd-Sophmore/Nova-Freshman

that is plain inexperience and inconsistencey. show me a WR that can preform under sut a situation and i'll give you a 5 dollhairs. (sanu can not be said WR)

Mohamed has the best route running skills in this draft. his pin point accuracy rivals the predator missles our goverment uses.

His hands are also maybe the best in this draft, his hands are 10 1/8' which is the biggest in this draft and almost 1 1/2 inches bigger than the NFL average, not to mention that they are softer than the spread whip cream i put on my bagels. he doesnt drop a pass. i remember few drops (like literrally 1) his whole career and it wasnt at a big point in the game, he made up for it the next play.

He is very agile and has above average body contol. his ups are better than the average, and he is one of the more physical recieers in the draft.

some sanu highlights just because.

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