LaMichael James 2012 NFL Draft scouting report

GLENDALE AZ - JANUARY 10: LaMichael James #21 of the Oregon Ducks runs against the Auburn Tigers during the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10 2011 in Glendale Arizona. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

LaMichael James
5'9, 185 pounds | Running back | Oregon

Acceleration/burst: James has very good foot quickness and agility which allows him to accelerate quickly to top speed. He is a natural instinctive runner with vision to find the hole quickly and burst thru very fast. He uses his quick feet to change directions very fast and it helps him to make sharp cuts quickly to get thru the hole. He is very dangerous in the open field and on the perimeter because of his superb burst and great acceleration.

Elusiveness: He has wiggle in his hips, agility, balance, and foot quicks to elude defenders at the line of scrimmage and also out in space. He follows his blockers well then cuts off of their blocks to get thru the hole fast. His smallish size is a plus when running behind his big offensive lineman because he is hard to locate. He can consistently make the first defender miss the tackle because of his good balance, agility, and foot quickness.

Pass blocking/catching: James lacks the size and strength to consistently block his man and keep him from pressuring the QB. He gives a good effort, but needs better technique work at the next level. He could be outstanding as a receiver coming out of the backfield because he has good hands and the elusiveness to make big plays.

Power: He lacks the size and playing strength to be a power back and want get you the extra yardage consistently after the initial contact. He is a tough kid, but does not have the strong leg drive to convert consistently inside in short yardage situations. He is better at attacking the perimeter and using his speed and agility in the open field.

Speed: He has very good speed and uses it well once he gets outside and turns the corner. He can outrun angle defenders and take the ball to the endzone. He was probably the most dangerous open field runner in college football the last couple of years. If used properly or is in the right scheme in the NFL he will help a team immediately with his speed and ability to make plays in the open field.

Vision: James has good vision and sees the hole quickly then gets thru fast. He can start and stop quickly on change of direction plays allows his blockers to set up their blocks then finds the hole and gets thru quickly. He sees the blitzing defender when in pass protection and gives good effort to block and keep defender from pressuring the QB.

Final word: James has good athleticism and competes on every snap. He was perhaps the most dangerous open field running back in college football at attacking the perimeter while at Oregon. James was very consistent with his production, in three years he totaled 4,923 yards rushing and scored 52 rushing touchdowns. He is aggressive when attacking the outside and cutback lanes. Overall, I feel in time James will have an impact on a NFL team such as ex-Eagles running back Brian Westbrook with their comparable styles.

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