The most accurate 2 round mock in the world

So I tried my hand at a two round mock, can it be considered a mock when it's this accurate?, draft as I build my way up to delivering a 4 round mock draft. I included 1st round trades but wanted to get some input before I extend that to the 2nd round. Anyway enjoy...or don't, but please leave constructive criticism so I can continue to improve my understanding of your teams drafting habits.

1. Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck: Standard

2. Washington Redskins- QB Robert Griffin: Standard

3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil: Standard

4. Cleveland Browns- RB Trent Richardson: The idea here is that Richardson is much greater then Martin and Wilson, while Blackmon is the top WR in a strong WR class. Since they can grab a strong WR at pick 22, you have to go with the elite prospect at RB.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Morris Clairborne: Regardless of his Wonderlic score, the man can play CB. He understands football, he's the consensus top CB in this year's draft, and he fills a need.

6. St. Louis- WR Justin Blackmon: Fisher is a defensive coach so he might give some strong looks at other positions, but when it comes down to it practicality has to win out. Your QB needs somebody to throw too and Blackmon is widely regarded as the top receiver in this class.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Whitney Mercilus: Mercilus has been gaining traction as of late and seems to fit Jacksonville's style of defensive end. Coples motivational issue's, are a headache Jacksonville would rather not deal with but adding a compliment opposite Mincey is a priority.

8. Miami Dolphins- WR Michael Floyd: Tannehill is the popular pick here but adding him solves nothing with no one to throw too. Moore performed well enough last year and Garrard is a former starter himself. Grabbing Floyd gives them the possibility to perhaps give their QB a chance at success and start to build up their offense.

9. Carolina Panthers- traded to Chicago Bears- G David DeCastro: The Bears are a team that made a multitude of moves this offseason to put their selves in a position to be a serious contender this year (seriously pay Forte guys). However their offensive line is still an Achilles heel and until that gets fixed, they are just not there. Adding the top G prospect in years will improve their chances to keep Cutler clean and their running game dangerous. ( costs 1st-19, 2nd-50, 4th-111)

10. Buffalo Bills- ILB Luke Kuechly: Up to this point, tackle has been seen as a need for Buffalo but I am beginning to think not. The loss of Bell last year didn't keep them from being the least sacked team in the NFL so the loss of him this year shouldn't either. Buffalo has a problem with their run defense because they have injury prone LB's who are inconsistent. Grabbing the top ILB prospect should fix those woes and allow them to have great depth at the LB position.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- DE Quinton Coples: Not seeing a decent addition for their offensive line or a NT prospect worthy of this high of a pick, KC attempts to trade down but finds no partners. They then take another look and find that their DE's, Jackson and Dorsey, have been thus far disappointments. Coples should be a good fit in the 3-4 at the end position and may even get some pressure on the opposing QB.

12. Seattle Seahawks- DE/OLB Melvin Ingram: Ingram will be a good fit for their Elephant position as he has the ability to be a capable 4-3 DE and the athleticism to be a 3-4 OLB.

13. Arizona Cardinals- T Riley Reiff: They made an 8 million dollar investment in Kolb this offseason so it is imperative to protect him. Drafting Reiff allows them the opportunity to slide Levi Brown into G or over to RT where he is a better fit and gives them stability at the LT position for the next 10 years.

14. Dallas Cowboys- DE Fletcher Cox: Too soon for the next G prospect, Dallas takes the opportunity to build their defense up even more. Cox gives them a player who can generate pressure on the QB and keep tackles off Ware and Spencer as they pass rush.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- traded to Miami Dolphins- QB Ryan Tannehill: Andy calls Ireland and offers up a sweet deal to allow Ireland to get his franchises QB of the future. Ireland knows his fan base is unhappy with their lack of impact players and knows pairing a rookie receiver and a rookie QB is the type of move to gain support from the masses. (cost is 2nd- 42, 4th- 105, 2013 1st rd. Miami also receives Philadelphia's 6th- 197)

16. New York Jets- OLB Courtney Upshaw: The Jets vaunted defense took a hit last year. They weren't very stout against the run and they failed to drop the QB enough. Upshaw can solve both of those problems, so they jump on him.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Dre Kirkpatrick: The Bengals are no strangers to athletes with off the field issues, but it hasn't made them shy away yet. Kirkpatrick is a great talent and fills one of the Bengals few weak spots.

18. San Diego Chargers- traded to Houston Texans- WR Stephen Hill: This trade became necessitated when Michael Floyd came off the board at 8. Hill's stock has been rising and he fits the ideal WR for Houston. San Diego is happy to make this trade as there board shows nothing but reaches right now. (cost is 1st- 26, 3rd- 77, Houston also receives San Diego's 7th- 229)

19. Carolina Panthers (from Chicago Bears) - CB Stephen Gilmore: Carolina has a couple different needs, most glaringly on the defensive side of the ball. The rush defense can probably be attributed to injured LB's. None of the DT's at this position have good pass rush value and the next best DE is probably a reach too. Gilmore is a physical corner who can come in and begin the process of making Gamble expendable.

20. Tennessee Titans- DE Nick Perry: The Titans pass rush is abysmal and their number 1 priority is to add someone who can get consistent pressure on the QB. Perry is the best defensive end on the board and fills an immediate need.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- traded to Philadelphia Eagles- DT Michael Brockers: Philadelphia trades back into the 1st round to get the man they considered at 15. Brockers is a raw talent but with one of the best DL coaches in the industry teaching him, has all the physical tools to become a beast. (cost is 2nd- 46 and 2nd- 51, Philadelphia also receives Cincinnati's 5th- 158)

22. Cleveland Browns- WR Alshon Jeffery: If the Browns are going to roll with Colt McCoy this year, they need to get him some quality receiving weapons. Jeffery has the tools to become a top WR if he is properly motivated.

23. Detroit Lions- S Mark Barron: Detroit would like to get Jenkins here but with the recent drug busts to Leshoure and Fairley, they can't risk another questionable character on their roster. They still need safety help too and Barron's stock has been rising.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- ILB Dont'a Hightower: Pittsburgh's dream/nightmare has happened. Three targets they would equally be pleased with, still on the board. They try to maximize the value and trade down but no one is biting so they decide to play the numbers game. There are other NT prospects and other G/T prospects but none of the other ILB's available possesses the skill set that Hightower brings to the table.

25. Denver Broncos- DT Devon Still: There's not even a moment of hesitation with this pick. The Broncos were eyeing 2 key prospects here and they got one of them.

26. San Diego Chargers (from Houston Texans) - traded to Baltimore- G/T Cordy Glenn: Baltimore doesn't normally like to move up but with who was left on the board, and the very real possibility that NE is eyeing Glenn, they pull the trigger to replace Grubbs. (cost 1st- 29, 3rd- 93, Baltimore also receives San Diego's 4th- 112)

27. New England Patriots- C Peter Konz: After failing to find a suitable trade partner New England opts to go with the best C in the draft a little earlier then intended.

28. Green Bay Packers- CB Janoris Jenkins: Green Bay had a horrible pass defense last year and Woodson is starting to wear down. Grabbing Jenkins will give Green Bay the chance to groom him in the image of Woodson.

29. San Diego Chargers (from Baltimore Ravens) - S Harrison Smith: It's no secret AJ Smith has a love affair with Smith. This is as close to the 2nd round as the Chargers could get and still ensure they snag their man. Picking up the extra picks in the meantime was just icing.

30. San Francisco 49ers- TE Coby Fleener: With a built in history with the coach and the NFL's new offense gearing up towards 2 TE sets, Fleener is great value here.

31. New England Patriots- traded to Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Kendall Wright: Surprised Wright is still on the board; Jacksonville makes a move to give Gabbert a real target to throw too. (cost is 2nd- 38 and 4th- 103)

32. New York Giants- T Jonathan Martin: New York has a variety of options but realizes their O-line is getting old and an infusion of youth could set them up for the next run. Martin's stock has taken an unnecessary dive and New York grabs him with a smile.

2nd round

33. St. Louis Rams- traded to Kansas City Chiefs- NT Dontari Poe: A serious consideration from Kansas City at the 11 spot, they can't watch him fall any farther and not make a move. In 2 picks, KC's defensive line has become a strong point for their team. (cost is 2nd-44, 3rd-75, and 6th-184, Kansas City also receives 4th- 98 and 7th 212)

34. Indianapolis Colts- WR Mohammed Sanu: Pairing your franchise rookie QB with a franchise rookie WR is a smart move. They will grow together for 5 years and become a dangerous tandem, aimed at raising the Colts back to dominance.

35. Minnesota Vikings- CB Alfonzo Dennard: Minnesota needs help with passing on both sides of the ball. WR has some real good value later and Dennard has a good bit of size, in the mold of a Vikings type of corner.

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DE Andre Branch: The Bucs have been trying to find some sort of way to get a pass rush going. They've invested heavily in their defensive line these last few drafts, and will do so again until they find that formula that won them the Superbowl.

37. Cleveland Browns- DT Jerel Worthy: Cleveland is soft in the middle and that's why it was a runner's paradise last year. They are building a strong defense over there and Worthy can be a big piece of that puzzle.

38. New England Patriots (from Jacksonville Jaguars) - OLB Shea McCellin: They weigh their options and figure with plenty of picks to work with they can address DE a little later. Shea McCellin isn't going to drop much lower and his pass rush ability from both the 3-4 OLB spot and when they go to their 4-3 front is exactly what they are looking for.

39. St Louis Rams- T Mike Adams: Draft is working out pretty well for the Rams. They got a top WR for Bradford to target and now they have a man who can help give him the time to do so as well.

40. Carolina Panthers- DT Kendall Reyes: A great inside pass rusher is available so they jump all over him.

41. Buffalo Bills- RB Lamar Miller: Buffalo knows that they started struggling when Jackson went down, and they realize despite the low mileage his age is still a concern. Spiller's not going to be the heir apparent but pairing him with a masher like Miller will give Buffalo piece of mind at RB for the next 4 years.

42. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins) - WR Reuben Randle: Absolutely not needed this high but it's a great value. He's been selected as high as late 1st in some drafts and he would have the chance to take care of their redzone woes with his great size. Add in he has great speed too and It's the type of selection Reid would make.

43. Seattle Seahawks- Lavonte David: Seattle needs a pure OLB in this draft as well so Lavonte falling right into their laps is a no brainer of a selection.

44. St. Louis Rams- DT Brandon Thompson: They have big time run defense problems and nothing on the roster to help. He might seem like a bit of a stretch here but he absolutely fills a need.

45. Dallas Cowboys- OG Kelechi Osemele: He's a big, strong, road grader type of player and instantly improves their offensive line.

46. Cincinnati Bengals (from Philadelphia Eagles) - OG Kevin Zeitler: Fills the void left by Nate Livings with a better player.

47. New York Jets- T Bobbie Massie: None of the RB prospects the Jets are looking at seem like a good value here, so they decide to try and improve their ability to run through the offensive line.

48. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders) - DE Jared Crick: It's now later and they love the fact this kid dropped here. He was being touted as the next Suh before last year, so with some coaching up he may become that dominating end they want.

49. San Diego Chargers- OLB Bruce Irvin: They need a pass rusher and this man has all the tools needed to bump that sack total up.

50. Carolina Panthers (from Chicago Bears) - WR Juron Criner: They took care of some important needs on defense so giving their franchise QB a new toy is a good thing.

51. Cincinnati Bengals (from Philadelphia Eagles) - RB David Wilson: They signed Law Firm but could use another weapon in the backfield.

52. Tennessee Titans- CB Josh Robinson: With the departure of Finnegan, the hole at CB needs to be filled. Best CB on the board and a good pick here.

53. Cincinnati Bengals: DE Vinny Curry: The Bengals just have one of those good problems. Picks galore and ability to take BPA.

54. Detroit Lions- CB Jayron Hosley: The cornerback spot is a huge pass here sign in Detroit. They had to curtail getting one earlier but Hosley is a great pick up here in the 2nd.

55. Atlanta Falcons- T Zebrie Sanders: They allow too many sacks because Sam Baker and Tyson Clabo are disappointing. They grab a player to help strengthen that deficit.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers- NT Alameda Ta'amu: Casey Hampton is wearing down and the time is now to find his replacement. Ta'amu comes in with the ability to be a plug and play type of player.

57. Denver Broncos- RB Doug Martin: McGahee is good but his age and mileage is a concern. Knowshon is not the player they thought they were getting and they need someone to help with the load and keep defenses from keying strictly on Manning.

58. Houston Texans- OG James Brown: They are giddy as hell that a player who fits their blocking scheme falls right to them.

59. New Orleans- pick voided

60. Green Bay Packers- OLB Cam Johnson: They have to give Matthews help by offering up someone else that the offensive line needs to focus on. Johnson will alleviate that concern.

61. Baltimore Ravens- ILB Mychal Kendricks: Ray Lewis can't play forever and the days are drawing near. Getting someone who can be coached up by him and has the physical skills Kendricks has will benefit Baltimore and keep them rock steady on the defensive front for years to come.

62. San Francisco 49ers- T Brandon Mosley: Davis needs to be playing guard not RT. 49ers have a lot of good with their team but they need to keep Alex Smith upright to get themselves to that next level.

63. New England Patriots- FS George Iloka: Continuing on the defensive trend, New England addresses their much maligned secondary. Chung is alright, Dowling has potential, and McCourty can be very good but the FS spot was terrible and this pick makes it not.

64. New York Giants- TE Dwayne Allen: They don't need him but he is a great athlete and comes at a great spot.

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