Earnhardt Jr to Congressman: "Come to a NASCAR Race and See How It Operates"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks to assembled media on Friday morning prior to All-Star Race practice (Matt Weaver/NASCAR Ranting and Raving)

Over the last several days, news has spread that a new bill would prohibit the military from sponsoring sporting events. In other words, should this bill become law, Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. would lose financing on their race cars.

The amendment — led by a southern Republican — is attached to the $608 billion defense bill, which the House Appropriations Committee approved Thursday.

The amendment states: "None of the funds made available in this act may be used to sponsor professional or semi-professional motorsports, fishing, wrestling or other sports."

The Republican is Jack Kingston, a Congressman out of Georgia. The bill is currently making its way through the House and was drafted in response to estimates that predict a smaller military in the coming years and the need for less military spending.

When asked about the bill on Friday morning, Dale Earnhardt Jr. said that congressmen Kingston and his peers should do their homework before coming to a decision.

“I would encourage them to do more homework and get more facts and understand the situation a little better," Earnhardt Jr. said. "In talking to the Guard, they can’t express to me enough how much this program helps their recruiting and they are committed to the belief that it has a profound effect on their ability to recruit."

Earnhardt was then asked if he would invite Kingston to a NASCAR race to see what its like and how it operates. He gave the following response.

“Yes, because he is a republican from Georgia," Earnhardt said. "He ought to have seen a NASCAR race by now.

You can read my personal thoughts after the jump!

When I first read Dale's statements about the National Guard, I agreed with everything he said. From my standpoint, the National Guard does a lot of recruiting from NASCAR races.

I witnessed it first hand when I went to the Watkins Glen last summer. I went over to the National Guard tent and they did alot of stuff in order to recruit. While I'll admit I was there for the freebies, I did hear several people say they were going to join the National Guard.

It seems that some people within the national government doesn't realize that the National Guard recruits a lot of people through sporting sponsorships - especially within the coveted 18-30 demographic.

Long story short, I give props to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for standing up for the National Guard by offering Kingston the opportunity to visit a race. I hope he accepts. He just might learn something.

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