Fantasy Football Rookie Bracket Match Up: Trent Richardson Vs T.Y. Hilton

We here at Mocking the Draft put together a bracket to match up the top 32 rookie quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends drafted in April. Put simply, it's a NCAA tournament style bracket to help us decide which rookie will score the most fantasy points this coming season. You're welcome to go back and see the original post here. Today's match up, Trent Richardson vs T.Y. Hilton.

The Cleveland Browns selected running back Trent Richardson with the third overall pick, after trading up from the fourth spot to secure his services. The Colts grabbed T.Y. Hilton at the end of the third round to add to the first overall pick Andrew Luck and tight ends Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen.

Why vote for Richardson?

Richardson could arguably have been the number one seed had we ranked this differently. He looks every part of the classic franchise back. Drawing comparisons to Adrian Peterson, Richardson should see a high number of touches in his rookie campaign. If he comes anywhere close to Peterson's rookie numbers (1341 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns) he'll be a great fantasy pick up. The Browns are likely to start rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden under center, which as I've stated in the last two match ups, means there's a fairly good chance of a run-heavy attack.

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Why vote against Richardson?

Well, it's the Cleveland Browns... Do I need to say anything else? (Sorry Dan, that's a cheap shot. I have no leg to stand on being a Redskins fan) But in all seriousness, there's not much else going against Richardson. He had minor knee injury surgery back in February, which caused him to miss on field drills at the combine and at the Alabama pro day. He held his own pro day 20 days later, so all appears to be fine on that front. But knee injuries are always a worry in the NFL, especially with running backs. The Browns were ranked 28th in rushing yards per game average, but its difficult to determine if that was an offensive line problem, a running back problem, or a combination of the two.

Why vote for T.Y. Hilton?

Hilton is an explosive play-maker, something which the Colts perhaps lack at receiver. He should see decent time on the field, with the Colts seeing big roster turn over after shifting from the Peyton Manning era, to the Andrew Luck era. He has very good quickness, which allows him to dodge tacklers and turn small receptions into big gains. That quickness gives him versatility, he offers value in the return game and could potentially pick up some rushing yards on reverse/end around plays.

Why vote against Hilton?

His size will undoubtedly hurt him. His 5'10", 183lbs frame is small for a number one or two receiver. Which means, he'll likely see most of his playing time in the slot on three or four receiver sets. Jim Irsay has already implied this is the case. Ultimately, his receptions will be numbered as the Colts look to take advantage of their two tight ends Fleener and Allen. Luck loved his two tight end sets at Stanford, and I'd expect to see more of the same in Indianapolis. Hilton could still be a wildcard with his return ability.

Have at it, tell us who you voted for and why in the comments below. Tomorrows match up: Justin Blackmon vs Nick Foles.

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