Fantasy Football Rookie Bracket Match Up: Justin Blackmon Vs Nick Foles

May 6, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon (14) works out during rookie mini camp at Florida Blue Health & Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

We here at Mocking the Draft put together a bracket to match up the top 32 rookie quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends drafted in April. Put simply, it's a NCAA tournament style bracket to help us decide which rookie will score the most fantasy points this coming season. You're welcome to go back and see the original post here. Today's match up, Justin Blackmon vs Nick Foles.

We've had a couple of pretty easy match ups so far, but this could be the easiest of the lot. The Jacksonville Jaguars traded up from seven to five to take wide receiver Justin Blackmon, while the Philadelphia Eagles selected quarterback Nick Foles in the third round to develop behind established starter Michael Vick.

Why vote for Blackmon?

Blackmon is an astute route runner at this stage of his career. He should be able to create separation from defenders relatively early this season because of that. If the Jaguars offensive line can keep quarterback Blaine Gabbert on his feet and not panicking, then Blackmon should see plenty of balls thrown his way.

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Why vote against Blackmon?

The Jaguars are Maurice Jones-Drew's team. They are going to run the ball with him as much as possible before they put the ball in the air. This could limit the number of targets for Blackmon. On top of that, Blaine Gabbert is the quarterback. He had a horrible rookie year where he struggled to cope with NFL level pass-rushing, even if he imagined it at times. Gabbert was a 50.8% passer last year, although perhaps Blackmon can help to improve that.

Why vote for Foles?

I haven't been high on Foles at all. His footwork can be all over the place at times, among other problems. But in Philadelphia, he's at the perfect spot. Andy Reid and his coaching staff there know how to get the best out of a quarterback. The turned Vick from a scrambler, into a guy who can make multiple reads and throw from the pocket. They also managed to sell the Cardinals into believe Kevin Kolb was worth that ridiculous trade. Vick is always susceptible to injury because of his ability and willingness to scramble when the need arises. Foles could only be a couple plays from seeing the field.

Why vote against Foles?

The highest he'll get on the Eagles depth chart this season is back up, and even that would be him doing very well. He'll probably be the third string quarterback, so he wont see the field unless an injury crisis occurs. In any such situation, the Eagles would probably look to run the ball a lot more and not give Foles too many opportunities to throw the ball anyway.

Is anyone really going to vote for Foles here? Tomorrows match up could be more interesting: Ryan Tannehill vs Bernard Pierce

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