Undrafted Players over the past 5 years who should have been drafted

Running back Mike Tolbert #35 of the San Diego Chargers leaps over he top to complete a two point conversion against the Houston Texans. He is one of the many players who went Undrafted that should have been drafted. What other players are on this list? Are one of your teams players on the list, and of the players on the list which have had the biggest impact?

There have been tons of Undrafted rookie free agents that have made an impact over the past 5 years. Some of these players on this list you probably didn't even know where undrafted. You have pro-bowlers on this list and guys who have played a very crucial role for their teams success. There are tons of players on this list, but write in the comments section which one you believe has been the biggest impact player for his team.

Kyle Arrington – CB – New England Patriots – Went undrafted and signed with the Patriots from Hofstra University. He has been used in tons of packages on defense and is a very good player.

Davone Bess – WR – Miami Dolphins – Miami killed the 2008 undrafted free agents, with two of their star players coming in as undrafted free agents. Bess was a very good receiver in Hawaii and has been a pretty good slot as well so far.

Dan Carpenter – K – Miami Dolphins – Carpenter has a pro bowl leg, with a Hall of Fame heart. This kid is a gamer and plays the game with tons of intensity. It is rare to see that from the kicker.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis –RB – Cincinnati Bengals - The Law firm was a very good and productive player for the Patriots. He came in as a undrafted free agent and both him and Danny Woodhead carried the load for the Patriots when they had injuries over the past few years.

Mike Tolbert – RB – Carolina Panthers – Tolbert was undrafted out of Coastal Carolina, and is able to return back to the Carolina’s this year. He was signed by the San Diego Chargers as a UDFA, and was a stud for the Chargers over the past few years.

Danny Woodhead – RB – New England Patriots – Woodhead was first signed to the Jets team, but was later released. The Patriots jumped on the young player from Chadron State and gained an instant scat back for their team. Woodhead has been on the team since, and was a very good rotational back with Green – Ellis.

Arian Foster – RB – Houston Texans – To start off the 2008 NFL Draft, we cannot go no further than this one. The Texans found a true diamond in the rough with Foster. This kid has been an amazing back, and does it so effortlessly. He has been a very special player for the Texans.

Isaac Redman – RB – Pittsburgh Steelers – The MEAC stand out has been a very good back for the Steelers, as a rotational back. As you have noticed running backs have made quite the impact as UDFA’s.

LeGarrette Blount – RB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This was a huge steal, for the Tennessee Titans, so everyone thought. Blount threw a punch that would cost him a draft pick, but he didn’t quit. He was picked up by the Titans, but it wasn’t long and he was released. He was later signed by the Tampa Bay Bucs, and needless to say, he took Earnest Graham’s job and is here to stay.

Victor Cruz – WR – New York Giants – He became one of Eli’s favorite target’s last season and is one of the biggest reasons that the G-Men are champions. This was a huge pick up for the New York Giants.

Chris Ivory – RB – New Orleans Saints – As you can see another small school running back made the list. Ivory was a very good pick-up for the Saints and like Redman he has a nose for the end zone.

David Nelson – WR – Buffalo Bills – Buffalo went on a hunt for Wide outs and quite frankly might have found one of the most unique players. They found 6’5 slot receiver, who has become a big target in the red zone for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Donald Jones – WR – Buffalo Bills – Another undrafted free agent who was a starter last season for Buffalo. Jones came in and took over for Lee Evans. Jones had a few good games as a Bill, but has injury concerns.

Sam Shields – CB – Green Bay Packers – I know teams are beating their heads against the wall for this pick. Shields, has proven game in and game out that he can cover. He was a very good player for the "U", and has shown great athleticism as an NFL player.

Jake Ballard – TE – New York Giants – Ballard was a huge part of the Giant’s offense last year, and just like Cruz, became a big target for Eli Manning. Ballard looked like a starter last season and will be fine if healthy.

Doug Baldwin – WR – Seattle Seahawks – From the 2011 NFL Draft, I can only put one in since it is early, but this is the first undrafted rookie to lead his team in receptions and yards receiving since the AFL-NFL merger. Need I say anything else?

Of these players that are still in the league, which one has been the biggest impact player for their respected teams? Make sure you comment at the bottom of the page, and let us know which player you believe has had the biggest impact.

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