Upon Further Review: The Lakers Are Still Broken, The Heat Are Not

A look at this week's best SB Nation longreads, from a plan to fix the Lakers to simplicity in sports and the genius of the Spurs.

Another fun week of sports is in the books -- with plenty more to come on this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend -- and it's time for a look back. Here's some of the best longreads from around SB Nation.

The Starting Five

The Lakers are broken, as evidenced by yet another early exit from the playoffs. Andrew Sharp, Mike Prada, Tom Ziller and Andy Hutchins are here to help, though. Here's how they'd fix the Lakers.

In sports, simplicity kills. Spencer Hall explains why simple is so rare in sports, but how it works every single time.

The Indiana Pacers may have put a scare into the Miami Heat, but don't be fooled. Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and the Heat aren't going anywhere anytime soon, writes Andrew Sharp.

An outstanding three-part series from Bloody Elbow on the different styles of kickboxing, Asian striking styles and near-MMA competitions. It's incredibly thorough, but easily digestible. Part 1: Kickboxing. Part 2: Traditional Striking Arts. Part 3: Other forms of Mixed Martial Arts and striking.

The genius of the Spurs? Their clinical efficiency, among many other things. Dan Grunfeld took a look at what makes the Spurs so great, and deadly.

The Sixth Man

The story of Oscar Pistorius: The fastest man with no legs. An outstanding, detailed look at a man who's become a controversial figure in sports.


Ray Allen has been reduced to a decoy, and his descent has been sad to watch.

Kobe is not as good as Michael Jordan and never will be, but that's okay.

A look back at Los Angeles' Sportsageddon from a writer who took it all in.

The LeBron James Conundrum: How clutch arguments and criticism are overshadowing his greatness.


RGIII, David Wilson, Trent Richardson and others took the mic and became SB Nation correspondents last weekend.

How will Kellen Winslow fit into the Seahawks offense?

How to breed a Houston Texans fan: A strategy that applies to all fanbases.

Roger Goodell's heavy-handed leadership will end badly for everyone involved with the NFL.

The Cowboys window is closing and the ownership owes its veterans a better team.


A look at the curious tenure of Ryan Miller.

The consequences of the impending Kari Lehtonen contract.

The Edmonton Oil Kings are quickly becoming a powerhouse farm team.


What is the most dangerous division in sports?

A profile of Masutatsu Oyama, a full-contact karate legend.

Ariel Helwani tracked down Dana White for an excellent interview (video).

Dan Hardy knows he's facing the end, but is savoring the moment.

College Football

How much is your favorite college football team worth in the game that is realignment?

The SEC-Big 12 should go beyond a bowl game and become a rivalry series.

Shutdown Fullback has gone full hipster.


How close have hitters come to hitting the Marlins homerun sculpture? (Hours after this was written, Giancarlo Stanton drilled it)

Naked man on the field!

The worst field-stormer in the history of field-stormers.

Time for a reminder about early-season stats.

What if April didn't exist?


Was the criticism of Chelsea's Champions League Final strategy fair?

After a Champions League win, Didier Drogba's work is done.

A look at how soccer performs on TV in America.


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