Baltimore, MD, USA; Texas Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton (32) is congratulated by third base coach Dave Anderson (16) after hitting a two-run home run in the first inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE

Josh Hamilton Slugs 4 Home Runs In Baltimore

Tuesday night in Camden Yards, the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles, and oh also Josh Hamilton went 5-for-5 with four homers and 18 total bases.

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How Not To Cover Josh Hamilton's 4-Homer Game

Tuesday night in Baltimore, superstar outfielder Josh Hamilton slugged four home runs. In one game! And he hit a double too! That sure seems like something we should be talking about.


A (Half-Hearted) (Kinda Sorta) Defense Of The Josh Hamilton Trade

Reds fans are wondering if the Josh Hamilton trade will overtake the Frank Robinson trade as the worst in franchise history. It might yet. But that doesn't mean it was an awful idea at the time.


How Josh Hamilton Narrowly Missed 5 Home Runs

Tuesday night, Josh Hamilton hit four home runs in one baseball game. Lots of guys have hit four home runs in one baseball game before. I mean, not that many guys, because it's kind of an exclusive group, but if that many people were in your living room, you'd be like, "there are lots of people in the living room." It would be crowded if all of those guys were in one place.

Nobody has ever hit five home runs in one baseball game before. Not in the major leagues, which is the only baseball we care about. Josh Hamilton didn't hit five home runs, either, but he did hit four home runs and a double, and it wasn't a ground-ball double down the line. It was a ... it was a very long fly-ball double. This is about where it landed:


That close. That was in the fifth inning, and it would've gone for Hamilton's third homer. Now, had that gone for Hamilton's third homer, there's no telling whether he would've gone on to hit another two homers, but it's fun to pretend, so, sure, Josh Hamilton came just several feet away from a five-homer game.

When Mike Cameron had his four-homer game, in his final at-bat he lifted a fly to the warning track. Someday, somebody's going to hit five. We've had our threats.

Incidentally, in his final at-bat Tuesday night, Adam Dunn struck out looking to extend his strikeout streak to 35 consecutive games. Dunn's streak is unprecedented for a position player. Hamilton's achievement is not unprecedented. Both are amazing. Good night for baseball history, Tuesday.


VIDEO: Josh Hamilton Mashes 4 Home Runs

Tuesday night in Baltimore, Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton batted five times and came away with four homers and a double. That's one of them productive games, and for your convenience we have video of his feat. Or video of his four feats. (Nobody cares about the double.) (Stupid worthless double.)

In the first inning, Hamilton blasted a first-pitch outside curveball to center field.

In the third inning, Hamilton blasted a 2-and-0 outside fastball to left field.

In the seventh inning, Hamilton blasted an 0-and-1 outside slider to center field.

In the eighth inning, Hamilton blasted an 0-and-2 outside sinker to center field.

Hamilton did a pretty good job of covering the outer half of the plate Tuesday night, I would say. Hamilton attempted nine swings in all in the game. He turned those nine swings into 18 total bases, or two total bases per swing. With the effort, Hamilton raised his season slugging percentage from .703 to .840. Matt Kemp's season slugging percentage is sitting at .832. Did Josh Hamilton just serve Matt Kemp? Is that how this works?

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