TORONTO, CANADA: Kyle Drabek #4 of the Toronto Blue Jays talks with Manager John Farrell #52 during a break in fifth inning interleague MLB game action against the Washington Nationals. Drabek left the game with an apparent injury at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

Kyle Drabek Undergoing Tommy John Surgery

For the second time in his young career, Blue Jays starter Kyle Drabek needs ligament-replacement surgery on his elbow.

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Kyle Drabek Having Tommy John Surgery

Kyle Drabek was removed from a start with an injury, which wasn't good. Drabek later said he felt a popping sensation in his elbow, which wasn't good. Drabek also said he didn't feel any pain and that he'd passed his strength tests, which was good. He was placed on the disabled list with a UCL sprain anyway, which wasn't good.

Kyle Drabek needs Tommy John surgery. That isn't good.

When Drabek was diagnosed with a UCL sprain, surgery looked like a possibility, because a UCL sprain is a UCL tear. But what's interesting here is that Drabek has had Tommy John surgery before, as a minor leaguer in 2007. He knows what it feels like to have a busted ligament, and evidently he didn't feel that way this time around. That's why Drabek said he was pretty unconcerned after he was taken out of the game. But science machines don't often lie, and here we are now, with Drabek looking at another 10-12 difficult months of post-op rehabilitation.

To be frank, this probably isn't real bad news for the 2012 Blue Jays, as Drabek hasn't had a lot of success this season. But this is a blow to Drabek's development, which is a blow to the Blue Jays' future. If all goes well, Drabek could be back on a major-league mound next June or July, but that's a ways off.


Kyle Drabek On DL With Elbow Injury

The other day, Blue Jays starter Kyle Drabek was removed from a game after feeling a popping sensation in his elbow. Drabek said later that he wasn't in any pain and that he'd passed all his early strength tests, so he wasn't too worried about things. But it turns out when you feel a popping sensation in your elbow, something in your elbow is probably not quite right anymore. Drabek's elbow isn't quite right, and he's going to the disabled list.

Taking Drabek's place on the roster is Brett Cecil, which comes as a very minor surprise. Between double-A and triple-A, Cecil has generated three strikeouts for every walk and posted a 3.47 ERA. In his major-league experience, Cecil has been worse than that.

For Drabek, a UCL sprain means UCL tearing. The UCL is the ligament that gets replaced in Tommy John surgery. At this point it would appear the tearing isn't so severe that surgery is required, but if Drabek does avoid the knife, he'll still probably need a somewhat lengthy rehab.


Kyle Drabek Relatively Unconcerned About Injury

Wednesday, in a start against the Nationals, Blue Jays pitcher Kyle Drabek was removed after throwing a pitch and feeling something. People weren't sure at first whether Drabek had injured his leg, or his side, or his arm, or what. People were just sure that Drabek was injured, and he was off for examination.

Now I give you a tweet that is both frightening and reassuring.

A pop. Oh man, that's never good news. Unless it isn't accompanied by pain, which apparently it isn't? Care to shed some more light on things, Kyle Drabek?

Drabek was removed from a start after feeling a pop in his elbow. He's not in any pain and the initial tests have yielded positive results. I don't understand, but we'll know more about Kyle Drabek Thursday, after he's re-examined. He might not miss any time at all. He might miss quite a bit of time. Right now it's impossible to say.

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