This Week In GIFs Results: Joachim Low Is A Jerk, Wins Convincingly

Happy Monday, friends. As promised, I'm back to announce the results of Week 6 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs. And I must admit: I am surprised. More surprised than I've ever been over GIF voting.

It's a massive upset, as far as I'm concerned. The winner of THIS WEEK IN GIFs is ...


JOACHIM LOW IS A JERK. (Click image to view.)

You can view the full results, and the rest of the GIFs, here.

This video comes courtesy of @bubbaprog; actually, I believe it's the first GIF of his to win. Congratulations for winning an Internet contest ... for ... which there is no real prize to speak of!

Anyway, I do like this GIF. It's a good GIF. It's funny. And it gave me the opportunity to make an entry-level The O.C. joke. I still can't believe it won, though. I can't believe THIS GIF finished in third place.


This, friends, isn't a good GIF. It's a GREAT GIF. It offers sorrow, silliness and enough sophistication to leave you staring at it for 30 seconds straight. It isn't quite YANKEE ENTHUSIASTS, but it's a member of the same family. I expected this fellow to win in a landslide, and the fact that it finished in distant third leaves me somewhat concerned over y'alls' GIF-judging ability.

Do not misunderstand, I am not better at appreciating GIFs than you are. It's just -- wait, back up, there's no way around this. I am better at appreciating GIFs. You are worse. That is the only explanation for this massive oversight in the polling. Unforgivable.

You don't really deserve GIFs after what you've done here, but if you insist, further adventures in This Week In GIFs can be found here.

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