Big and Tall, Short and Wide, Young and Old, who in the NFL are the leaders?

Michael Jasper #69 of the Buffalo Bills is one big man, but is he the biggest man ever to play in the NFL? Find out in this article of the biggest/smallest, tallest/shortest, and oldest/youngest ever to play the game. This is an interesting fact loaded article.

I really thought it would be interesting to see where the NFL Players today, fit in with the players of the old. I wanted to see what player was the biggest ever, and who was the smallest. So I did some major research to find out some pretty amazing NFL Statistics for the readers here at Mocking the Draft. Check out these interesting facts of players of the new as well as some players of the old. How do they compare? Check it out after the jump.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the players on 2012 NFL rosters with players that have already played in the NFL, and really find out who is the biggest and who is the smallest, so why wait any longer. Here is a list, check it out pretty interesting facts below.

What player is the smallest in NFL History?

Jack "Soapy" Shapiro – Shapiro played as a Fullback for the Staten Island Stapletons, at the height of 5’ ½ feet tall. I won’t even tell you his weight, all you have to do is wait until the lightest player in NFL History at the bottom of the page to find out what his weight was.

The smallest player on NFL Rosters right now is Trindon Holliday of the Houston Texans. Holliday is 5’5 and is used mainly on Special Teams.

What player is the tallest in NFL History?

Morris Stroud – Stroud was a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and was the tallest player in NFL History who stood at 6’10. He was a very tall man.

There is a tie for the tallest in the league right now, but two guys who measure in at 6’9 are King Dunlap of the Philadelphia Eagles and Jared Gaither of the San Diego Chargers.

Who was the heaviest player in NFL History?

Aaron Gibson – Aaron Gibson once tipped the scales at 410 pounds, which is massive. Gibson played Offensive Tackle and was drafted by the Detroit Lions.

The biggest player in the NFL right now is Michael Jasper of the Buffalo Bills, who was drafted last year and tips the scales at a massive 394 pounds.

Who is the lightest player in NFL History?

Well you probably couldn’t wait long enough to figure out how much Jack "Soapy" Shapiro weighed, sinc he is not only the shortest but he lightest player as well. I figure I will tell you. He tipped the scales at a whopping 119 pounds.

The lightest current player in the NFL right now is Washington Redskins wide receiver Brandon Banks, who weighs in at 155 pounds soaking wet with rocks in his pockets.

Who is the oldest player in NFL History?

George Blanda - The oldest player in NFL History goes to one of the best players in NFL History. Blanda was 48 years old when he retired from the NFL.

The oldest current player in the NFL on a roster is John Kasey who plays for the New Orleans Saints. He is 42 years old. Both Mark Brunnell and Jason Hanson are just a year behind him at 41 who are both currently on NFL rosters.

Who was the youngest player in NFL History?

Charlie Powell – The youngest player in NFL History was Charlie Powell of the San Francisco 49ers who came in the league at 19 years old back in the 1950’s.

Eric Page of the Denver Broncos is the youngest player in the NFL right now, he is 20 years old, and was born on 9/23/1991.

Who had the longest NFL career?

George Blanda – George finished his 26th season before retiring, which is a normal retirement for the working man in the United States.

John Kasey of the New Orleans Saints currently has 22 years in the NFL, and is going into his 23 year.

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