All-Time NFL Draft Rounds 15 through 18

Round 19 link right here: Rounds 19 Through 22

Just getting this up for when Round 15 is ready to go. Gonna still post the potential offensive and defensive setups just so everyone can keep track and not take more than three WRs, two RBs, two TEs, two DTs or two MLBs. And of course; the tracker:

Draft Tracker

Potential Setup #1: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT
Potential Setup #2: QB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT
Potential Setup #3: QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT

Potential Setup #1 (4-3): DE, DT, DT, DE, LOLB, MLB, ROLB, CB, CB, FS, SS
Potential Setup #2 (3-4): DE, NT, DE, LOLB, LILB, RILB, ROLB, CB, CB, FS, SS

Also included:
Kicker, Punter, Head Coach

Round 15:
141) Wiedmann: Lou Groza, OT,PK, Cleveland Browns
142) jte7: Jack Christainsen, S, Detroit Lions
143) Jonathan Hake: Jim Langer, Center, Miami Dolphins
144) memphisbiller: Simeon Rice DE, Arizona Cardinals/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
145) nolestitans3456: Marcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles Raiders/Kansas City Chiefs
146) RediculousAM: Haloti Ngata, DE/DT, Baltimore Ravens
147) MadDraculianStork5883: Tim Brown, WR, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders
148 footballisgod: Terrell Davis, RB, Denver Broncos
149) boydvv54: Eric Dickerson, RB, Los Angeles Rams/Indianapolis Colts
150) SteveUK: Randy Gradishar, MLB, Denver Broncos

Round 16:
151) SteveUK: John Elway, QB, Denver Broncos
152) boydvv54: Kevin Mawae, Center, Seattle Seahawks/New York Jets/Tennessee Titans
153) footballisgod: Lance Alworth, WR, San Diego Chargers
154) MadDraculianStork5883: Tony Dorsett, RB, Dallas Cowboys
155) RediculousAM: Lem Barney, CB, Detroit Lions
156) nolestitans3456: Darren Sharper, SS, Minnesota Vikings/Green Bay Packers/New Orleans Saints
157) memphisbiller: Rickey Jackson, OLB, New Orleans Saints
158) Jonathan Hake: Stan Jones, OG, Chicago Bears
159) jte7: Roger Wehril, CB, Chicago Cardinals
160) Wiedmann: Sam Huff, MLB, New York Giants/Washington Redskins

Round 17:
161) Wiedmann: Dick LeBeau, CB, Detroit Lions
162) jte7: Billy Shaw, OG, Buffalo Bills
163) Jonathan Hake: Andre Reed, WR, Buffalo Bills
164) memphisbiller: Pat Swilling, OLB, New Orleans Saints
165) nolestitans3456: Warren Moon, QB, Houston Oilers/Minnesota Vikings/Seattle Seahawks
166) RediculousAM: Dave Casper, TE, Los Angeles Raiders
167) MadDraculianStork5883: Jackie Smith, TE, St. Louis Cardinals
168) footballisgod: Leo Nomellini, DT, San Francisco 49ers
169) boydvv54: Isaac Bruce, WR, LA/St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers
170) SteveUK: Bronko Nagurski, RB, Chicago Bears

Round 18:
171) SteveUK: Willie Davis, DE, Green Bay Packers
172) boydvv54: Dan Hampton, DT, Chicago Bears
173) footballisgod: Wilber Marshall, OLB, Chicago Bears/Washington Redskins
174) MadDraculianStork5883: Jim Ringo, Center, Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles
175) RediculousAM: Richard Seymour, DE, New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders
176) nolestitans3456: Jason Witten, TE, Dallas Cowboys
177) memphisbiller: Nate Newton, OG, Dallas Cowboys
178) Jonathan Hake: Rodney Harrison, SS, New England Patriots
179) jte7: Maxie Baughan, OLB, Philadelphia Eagles/Los Angeles Rams
180) Wiedmann: Willie Wood, S, Green Bay Packers

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