Fantasy Football Rookie Bracket Match Up: Michael Floyd Vs David Wilson

TEMPE, AZ - MAY 11: Wide receiver Michael Floyd #15 of the Arizona Cardinals practices in the minicamp at the team's training center facility on May 11, 2012 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

We here at Mocking the Draft put together a bracket to match up the top 32 rookie quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends drafted in April. Put simply, it's a NCAA tournament style bracket to help us decide which rookie will score the most fantasy points this coming season. If you want to see the updated bracket with the results of the first round, click here. Today's match up: Michael Floyd vs David Wilson.

It's the last match up of the second round. Both had fairly close results in the first round, but who will prevail in this match up?

Why vote for Floyd?

Floyd is the better receiver of these two, so logic suggests he should score more fantasy points. But we all know it's not that straight forward. Floyd will benefit from lining up with Larry Fitzgerald every play. As one of the best receivers in the game, Fitzgerald will demand a lot of attention in the form of double coverage. Floyd has the chance to slip under the radar and quietly pick up reception after reception.

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Why vote against Floyd?

The quarterback situation in Arizona is far from settled. Last year they traded for Kevin Kolb, who lost the starting job with injury troubles to John Skelton. Skelton kept the job when Kolb was back healthy, but neither put in performances that were good enough to suggest they are franchise quarterbacks. While Floyd's numbers could suffer due to poor quarterback play; I'd more worried that the quarterbacks lean a little to heavily on Fitzgerald's proven ability to go up and grab a ball away from a defender. I think that's what might hold Floyd back more.

Why vote for Wilson?

The Giants and Brandon Jacobs finally parted ways this offseason. Wilson was drafted to split time with Ahmad Bradshaw as Jacob's replacement. For Wilson, that should mean he will make an impact in his rookie year. Bradshaw (171) and Jacobs (152) were fairly even in terms of carries last year, and even if Bradshaw takes an extra 30 carries this year, Wilson will still have over 100 carries. Bradshaw held the highest yards per carry average for the Giants last year at 3.9. In his last season at college, Wilson managed an impressive 5.9 yards per attempt. Now we all expect that to drop as he transitions to the NFL, but if he can keep it above four then he'll manage a solid return on his rookie year.

Why vote against Wilson?

He is a rookie, which means he'll come in behind at least Bradshaw on the depth chart. While I expect him to win the number two job in camp, I expect Bradshaw to take a higher workload during the season. Add in the fact that the Giants have become such a dangerous threat with Eli Manning's arm and that strong group of receivers (made even stronger by rookie Rueben Randle) and Wilson's carries will be limited. Wilson comes out of an effective zone-blocking scheme from Virginia Tech, in which runners stats can be slightly exaggerated. The Giants ranked dead last in the league in rushing yards per game average last year. Wilson will have to work a damn sight harder for yards with the Giants. (Just to note, I'm actually high on Wilson, even though this may have come across as a Redskins bias against the Giants.)

Let us know who you voted for and why in the comments below. Next time we'll have an update to the bracket with the results of round two.

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