What do you consider a successful NFL Draft?

Both Brandon Flowers #24 and Brandon Carr #39 of the Kansas City Chiefs were drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft. My question is what do you think is a better draft? In your eyes, what is a great draft? Read how I break down three drafts, and let us know via the poll which one you think is the best draft?

I always hear people talking about successful NFL Drafts, but I personally wanted to find out what the fans think a successful draft is. We all know that not every pick can be a perfect pick and a guy that is going to come in and play from day one. There have been drafts that I believe are very productive, but I have to find out what the fans consider a great NFL Draft. I picked a couple NFL drafts for you to look at and wanted to see what you think which one is the best of the three?

The first draft that came to my mind was the 2008 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens where they drafted Joe Flacco with their first round pick and with their second pick they hit on Ray Rice. They were given two immediate starters for their team, and were given a couple of other solid players in the later rounds. The Ravens top 2 picks have really been the stars of their Offense for the past few years. This is what their draft looked like in 2008.

Baltimore Ravens 2008 NFL Draft Selections


Pick #








Joe Flacco






Ray Rice

Running Back





Tavares Gooden


Miami (FL)




Tom Zbikowski


Notre Dame




Oniel Cousins






Marcus Smith

Wide Receiver

New Mexico




David Hale

Offensive Tackle

Weber State




Haruki Nakamura






Justin Harper

Wide Receiver

Virginia Tech




Allen Patrick

Running Back


What about the Green Bay Packers draft in 2007 where they were being trade happy? They had three major trades in their draft, and when the draft took place, people actually gave it a horrible grade. They said the draft was the worst in their history, but after a few years, it was probably one of the best drafts they have had. They selected Justin Harrell with the first pick, but have had a total of 7 players in this draft contribute to their team. Even though some are on different teams now, Do you like this draft better than the Ravens draft style in 2008?

2007 Packers Draft Selections

1/16 Justin Harrell Defensive Tackle Tennessee

2/47 Traded to NY Jets along with No. 235 for Nos. 63, 89, and 191

2/63 (From NY Jets) Brandon Jackson Running Back Nebraska

3/78 James Jones Wide Receiver San Jose State

3/89 (From NY Jets) Aaron Rouse Safety Virginia Tech

4/112 Traded to Pittsburgh for Nos. 119 & 192

4/119 (From Pittsburgh) Allen Barbre Offensive lineman Missouri Southern St.

5/157 David Clowney Wide Receiver Virginia Tech

6/191 (from NY Jets) Korey Hall Inside linebacker Boise State

6/192 (From Pittsburgh) Desmond Bishop Inside linebacker Cal

6/193 Mason Crosby Kicker Colorado

7/228 DeShawn Wynn Running Back Florida

7/235 Traded to NY Jets along with No. 47 for Nos. 63, 89, and 191

7/243 (compensatory) Clark Harris Tight end Rutgers

The last draft is the 2008 NFL Draft where the Kansas City Chiefs had tons of picks and really had to try to hit on them. They were trying to turn their franchise around and actually had a terrific job. They began the draft with the 5th pick in the draft, and selected Glenn Dorsey who has been a decent player for them. They then selected Brandon Albert who has been manning their tackle position for a few years. They were also able to add several other starters in the draft, with Brandon Flowers, Jamaal Charles, Brandon Carr and Barry Richardson. Here is a look at their draft in 2008.

Kansas City Chiefs 2008 NFL Draft Selections

1/ 5 Glenn Dorsey Defensive tackle Louisiana State

1 /15 Branden Albert Guard Virginia

2/ 35 Brandon Flowers Cornerback Virginia Tech

3/ 73 Jamaal Charles Running back Texas

3 /76 Brad Cottam Tight end Tennessee

3/ 82 DaJuan Morgan Safety North Carolina State

4/ 105 Will Franklin Wide receiver Missouri

5 /140 Brandon Carr Corner back Grand Valley State

6/ 170 Barry Richardson Offensive tackle Clemson

6 /182 Kevin Robinson Wide receiver Utah State

7 /210 Brian Johnston Linebacker Gardner-Webb

7/ 239 Michael Merritt Tight end Central Florida

I was just wondering which one of the three you guys think is a better draft? If you look at the draft, some of the guys are not on the rosters of that team any more, but they still are contributing on other teams. So the question is not which is your favorite team, but what draft do you think is a better more successful draft?

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