Landry Jones 2013 NFL Draft scouting notes

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Landry Jones | Quarterback | Oklahoma, senior | 6-4, 229 pounds

2011 Stats: 4,463 yards, 63.2 completion percentage, 29 touchdowns, 15 interceptions

Games Watched: Missouri (2010 and 2011), Texas, Florida State, Oklahoma State, UConn

First Word: Landry Jones has as much pressure on him as any quarterback in the 2013 class. He decided to return for his senior season, despite saying that he was given a first round grade by evaluators. Jones is going to have to fight his way into the first round after another inconsistent season. He will be without his security blanket, Ryan Broyles, and a handful of other suspended wideouts, leaving his arsenal very inexperienced. Jones has quite a bit to prove, both mentally and physically this season. Can he rise to the occasion?


  • Landry Jones has ideal size for the quarterback position.
  • Jones has an adequate arm for the NFL. He can make a lot of throws but won't turn heads with his arm strength. That being said, he has a smooth, high release.
  • Jones put excellent touch on the football. He throws the fade route beautifully.


  • Jones is very inconsistent. His accuracy might be his most inconsistent trait. Often throws a very uncatchable ball when under pressure.
  • Jones struggles with pocket presence. His combination of bad footwork, stemming from his lack of play under center, and happy feet make for poor decisions and off balance throws. He doesn't have composure in the pocket on a consistent enough basis.
  • Jones does not read the field well at all. Oklahoma's offense is designed to allow him to checkdown, and Jones takes advantage of that often. He is timid to unleash passes down the field, instead opting to checkdown constantly. No killer instinct.
  • Decision making has been a big hangup for Jones in his career. He often makes questionable throws into double-coverage, stares down receivers or forces the ball to a certain player.
  • I have never been impressed with Jones' ability to rise to the occasion. It's a mentality thing with him. He doesn't like to attack down the field, he always checks down and he gets rattled under pressure in the pocket. I want to see if he has what it takes to develop this side of his game during his senior season.
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