This Week In GIFs: A Whole Bunch Of Dancin' Around And Carryin' On


This week's crop of animated sports GIFs is here, and they're up to no good at all. Vote, and help us decide the greatest.

Welcome, friend! It's Week 8 of This Week In GIFs, an exercise in which we round up the greatest animated sports GIFs of the last seven days and vote on our favorites.

Before we get to it, here's Matt Ufford, Dan Rubenstein, and myself discussing our favorites from this week's field:

Voting will remain open until Sunday at 11 p.m. ET. The winner will probably advance to enter some sort of "Tournament of Champions" thingy, or some such, at some point, probably. To the GIFs!



(Via @bubbaprog)

I bet Joachim Low has no use for paper towels in public restrooms. He just does that, and after three seconds, his hands are dry as the desert. If he does, though, I'm certainly evening the scales with my weird insistence on taking more paper sanitary products than I need. What if I have to blow my nose, you know? The other day I was throwing my clothes in the laundry and found napkins from three different coffee establishments. I live as a wasteful bag of crap without penalty! Thanks, Joachim Low!



(Via Grant Brisbee)

I don't think this was avoidable. I mean, who should have hit the red button here and said, "whoops, this is gonna make Spidey fly out of CC Sabathia's assbutt?" The ad people? The broadcast producer? The graphics guy? The inadvertent superhero butthole preventions officer? The camera operator? The ... waaaait, back to that fourth one. You're fired, Officer Jimmy. Just leave your cape on your desk and go ... no, Jimmy, we issued you that cape and you know it. Don't bullshit me.



(Via Brian Floyd)

This is seriously the first I've ever heard of this trick, which is regrettable. I guess it's a college baseball/College World Series thing? I haven't really spent any time in Omaha, save for the year or so I lived there when I was three. I only have a couple memories of that town, one of which involves me spilling a jar of spaghetti sauce at the Food 4 Less, and another of which involves me standing in the bathroom, trying in vain to figure out how to take off my overalls, then just saying "the Hell with it" and pissing myself. Weird place. Sports.



(Via Brian Floyd)

Here's Michael Phelps' performance in the 50-foot waterswim (or whatever the swimming thing is called, fill in the blank) impressing the Hell out of Some Guy.

That's a frown, by the way. I feel like we as a species have reclaimed the frown. Nobody ever actually frowns when they're sad. When we do, we're either a) expressing that we're moderately impressed, or b) responding to the barista at the coffee shop who just asked you if you want your receipt.



(Via Baseball Nation)

Man, that's sick. I think Clayton Kershaw struck out both Greg and Blanco on this one. Ha! Haha!



(Via Baseball Nation)

The majority of notable athletes are basically Mark Teixeira -- notable because he's good, but I couldn't tell you a single thing about him. Others, though, have been the subject of an almost impossible number of notable stories for one lifetime. Maybe they're legends, like Michael Jordan, or maybe they're not, like Lonnie Smith.

Either way, Aroldis Chapman is one of those guys, I think. You need at least three stories, I reckon, and he has those stories:

  • He tries, and fails, to defect from Cuban in 2008. He meets personally with Raúl Castro, who tells him, "all right, you're suspended from the national team for a while, but I'll let you play next year." The next year, the Cuban national team is playing in the Netherlands. At the hotel, Chapman tells a teammate he's going out for a smoke break, then gets to the lobby and bails. He surfaces days later in France, a free man.
  • He has thrown the fastest recorded pitch in the history of Major League Baseball.
  • He can do a somersault!

That last moment is the least notable, but most GIF-able.



(Via Baseball Nation)

Not sure which Red it is who hugs Corey Hart here. I'm gonna guess Tim Layana. The frustrating thing about this is that so many of my favorite Obscure Baseball Players actually ended up finding jobs in Major League dugouts, so it probably actually is Tim Layana, and I come off the sort of loser who would actually know who the Hell the Reds' bench coach is.



(Via Baseball Nation)

For the most part, I'd prefer to let this one speak for itself, but I would like to note that he seems to wait for his teammate's yawn as a cue to get down. Fantastic.


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