My All-Time NFL Draft Team

As you probably noticed if you're a regular, we've been doing an all-time NFL mock draft over the past couple weeks. Luckily enough for me, I was able to secure a drafting spot right in the middle of the serpentine style drafting process. As with real life, my goal was to establish domination in the trenches, as well as draft shallow positions first so that I would find great value later on that would a complete roster, top to bottom.

QB Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys

As I was saying, I drafted so that I could grab great value in the later rounds. We had 25 rounds, and I was able to draft Staubach in the 25th round. I had plenty of other choices, most notably Bart Starr and Brett Favre, but with Parcells as my head coach and the team that I established, I thought Staubach was the perfect fit for the type of offense I wanted to run. Staubach didn't have that long of a career, but when he did play, he was just about as good as it gets.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers/New York Jets

Surprisingly, most people were patient with their running backs. I mean, the Browns and Paytons went plenty early like they should, but running back was arguably the deepest position in this draft. I ended up drafting Tomlinson earlier than I would've liked, but he was a great value at the time, especially considering the team I established already.

RB Larry Csonka, Miami Dolphins

I ended up picking Tomlinson and Csonka back-to-back in the 9th and 10th rounds. It was completely against my drafting style and strategy to do that, but it was too good to pass up. Csonka's a bruising Hall of Fame running back that can easily double as my fullback and wouldn't skip a beat.

WR Art Monk, Wahington Redskins

A member of the 1980's All-Decade team, Monk gets overlooked like any other wide receiver in the 80s and 90s simply because of some guy named Jerry Rice. Monk established many records in his time, becoming the first receiver to hit certain marks that are standards for greatness today.

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

I was able to grab both of my receivers pretty late in the draft, and went with a pair of uber reliable hands to match up with Monk. Fitzgerald has been a force to deal with since entering the league, but hasn't quie put up the numbers expected mostly due to poor quarterback play. On this team, however, that wouldn't be an issue.

TE Dave Casper, Oakland Raiders

The Ghost to the post, indeed. Another set of reliable hands to help out the passing game, as well as a tight end that wasn't afraid to go after the biggest and baddest defender on the other team and knock them on their keesters.

LT Anthony Munoz, Cincinnati Bengals

When people talk about the greatest offensive linemen of all-time, Munoz is often at the very top of the list. Perfect blend of size and skill, the man did everything you wanted your offensive tackle to do.

LG- John Hannah, New England Patriots

John Madden always said that if he were to start up a team, John Hannah would be the first player on his team and that he would build around him from there. Compared to today's linemen he was pretty small at just under 270 pounds. Even if you don't consider him the best guard of all-time, although most do, he's arguably the best pulling guard that the league as ever witnessed.

C Bruce Matthews, Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans

If you don't believe Hannah to be the best guard ever, it's usually because of this guy. A man who dominated at every position he played at, Matthews is the golden standard when it comes to interior linemen.

RG Will Shields, Kansas City Chiefs

As a Nebraska and Kansas City fan, Will Shields holds a pretty special place in my heart. Not only was he always the most reliable player on the field, Shields took the mantle of best guard from Matthews and ran with it in the late 90s and early 00s.

RT Art Shell, Oakland Raiders

Seeing a pattern here? If not Hannah, then Matthews. If not Matthews, then Shields. If not Munoz, then Shell. With my offensive lineman and running backs, we're aiming for 300 rushing yards every game. And if we decide to pass, well, these guys aren't too shabby at protecting the quarterback, either.

DE Haloti Ngata, Baltimore Ravens

In my eyes, the best defensive tackles/3-4 defensive ends in the game. He moves all along the Baltimore defensive line like it's nothing, even dropping into coverage at 330 pounds. The strength to hold up several offensive lineman in the run game, and the quickness to be a force in the pass rush. A man I simply HAD to have for my defense.

NT Ted Washington, Buffalo Bills/Chicago Bears/New England Patriots

The man of his skill set rarely plays for as many teams that Washington did, but he did help build defenses everywhere he went. The prototype of the modern 3-4 nose tackle, big Teddy was able to hold off a lineman with one arm and still make the tackle with the other on a consistent basis. Another monster to clog up the line for my linebackers to make more plays.

DE Richard Seymour, New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders

There was simply no better 3-4 defensive end in the aughts than Seymour. He established himself in the league pretty quickly and never looked back. He was arguably the best player on the Pats defense that encouraged more and more teams to switch to the 3-4 themselves.

OLB Derrick Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs

Another player from my favorite team, but can you really blame me for taking the two players that I did? I still remember the nights of watching Derrick Thomas getting six or seven sacks in a single game and seeing the terrorized look on the quarterback's face when they had to come to the line for another play. One could only imagine the sack numbers that he could've reached had his career not been cut short because of his tragic death.

ILB Harry Carson, New York Giants

When you play on the same squad as Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells says that you're the best linebacker he's ever coached, you're pretty damn good.

ILB Ray Nitschke, Green Bay Packers

Your defense needs a little bit of crazy. Ray Nitschke is my little bit of crazy.

OLB Demarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys

In case you haven't noticed, I'm coming after your quarterback. With my defensive line and these two guys coming off the edge, there is nowhere for you backfield to hide.

CB Lem Barney, Detroit Lions

A member of the 60s All-Decade team and Hall of Fame, Barney played along with Dick Lane and Dick Lebeau and still managed to stand his ground as one of the best defensive backs to ever play the game.

CB Ty Law, New England Patriots

Suffice to say, when the league changes either rules or how they enforce the rules because of how you play, you are quite literally a game changer. Ty Law did that.

FS Steve Atwater, Denver Broncos

As the man who pretty much ended Christian Okoye's reign of terror on the league, this was both the hardest and easiest pick for me to make as a Chiefs fan. I hate him because of what he did to one of my favorite running backs, but I love and respect him BECAUSE he was able to do to one of my favorite running backs.

SS LeRoy Butler, Green Bay Packers

And to top off my secondary and my defense is one of the better all-around strong safeties. Butler was a mainstay on the magnificent Packers defense of the 1990s, with only Reggie White being a more important player.

K Jan Stenerud, Kansas City Chiefs

P Jerrel Wilson, Kansas City Chiefs

Somehow the Chiefs managed to have two of the all-time great special teamers on their squad at the same time, much like the modern day pairing of Janikowski and Lechler. Stenerud is the only pure kicker in the Hall of Fame, while Wilson was named to the AFL All-Time squad.

Head Coach Bill Parcells, New York Giants, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys

The perfect man for my squad. An attacking defense from the 3-4, and a run first offense with a smart and mobile QB at the helm.

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