Kurt Busch's situation has gotten sad

Kurt Busch has been suspended until June 13th for violating his probation with verbal abuse to Bob Pockcrass.

David Reuitmann will be in the 51 in his place.

Busch who is 26th in points with out a doubt having the worst season of his career and will only drop more positions.

Such a fall for a driver who just last year was winning races and contending for the championship. Busch has the second longest winning streak in Cup only second to Tony Stewart. He has 24 career wins, the 2004 championships, and etc.

Yet his attitude is ruining his career. He is only 33 and is should be in a top ride fulling using his talents. Instead he is at Finch which could change (though Finch called the suspension petty). J.D Gibbs said on Sirius radio that the elder Busch isn't even on their radar.

2012 was supposed to be a rebuilding year for Busch. Instead it has been a disaster. He had a meltdown at Las Vegas that no one saw fortunately for him. He then went through Ryan Newman's pit stall almost hitting one of the pit crew members and was placed on probation and received a $50,000 fine. And now the suspension piles on top of that.

One has to ask themselves "why is he is doing this?" It's rage. And rage is like alcoholism. Something you have to fight.

Busch has clearly fought it alot the past few years And has been losing miserably. One day he is going to look himself in the mirror and say to himself "man this is really messing me up."

Tony Stewart on wind tunnel said that he thinks that Busch's recent blow ups are due to something outside the race track. Busch did get a divorce last year.

Busch is a great driver, and NASCAR needs drivers like him that have some personality. Outside the car and away from competition he is as nice as anyone and someone you would want to hang out with. But he needs to learn how to control himself.

Otherwise he will be the tragic story of that driver who had talent but wasted it.

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