My All-time Mock Draft Team.

Hey everyone. In case you didn't already know, we've been doing an all-time mock draft on here for a few weeks. It went for 25 rounds in a serpentine draft and a lot of great players were taken. There will be a fan post later where you can vote for which team you think is the best after looking at all of them. Each team will put their team with a brief description of each pick in separate fan posts, as you may have noticed already. Anyways, the philosophy I had when drafting was to draft a very balanced team. I was picking 9th out of 10 teams, which allowed me to basically have two picks in a row (If SteveUK didn't steal one of my guys, which happened often. :)). For most of the draft I tried alternating offense and defense, picking the best player available sometimes and other times going for a position of need. I decided to run a 4-3 defense and have an offense with 3 wideouts, 1 tight end and 1 running back. It is important to note that we drafted based on the players in their prime with no character or injury concerns taken into account. Without further ado, here is my team. Put what you think in the comments and don't forget to vote on which team you think is the best!


QB: Peyton Manning, Colts

One of the most talented and smartest quarterbacks of all time. He makes everyone on the team better, which was made very clear by the Colts last season. If the team around him would have been more complete, I'm sure he would have more championships. Regardless, he's still one of the best quarterbacks and leaders in NFL history.

RB: Eric Dickerson, Rams

Big smooth runner who was compared a lot to a deer running down the field. A lot faster than people gave him credit for because of his longer strides.

WR: Terrell Owens, 49ers/Cowboys

On talent alone, he’s simply one of the best ever. He is second in receiving touchdowns and yards behind only Jerry Rice.

WR: Isaac Bruce, Rams

Part of one of the best offenses ever, he quietly played his way into the top ten in receiving yards and touchdowns for his career.

WR: Torry Holt, Rams

Getting Holt completes one of the best WR tandems of all time. He was an amazing route runner and had excellent hands.

TE: Mike Ditka, Bears

Simply one of the toughest players ever, especially on offense. Ditka was an excellent and willing blocker while also being in the top 10 receivers in the league for four straight years.

LT: Orlando Pace, Rams

This is the man who introduced the “pancake block”. Enough said.

LG: Alan Faneca, Steelers

Solid guard throughout his career. Future HOF player in my opinion.

C: Kevin Mawae, Jets/Titans

One of the best centers of all time. Consistently dominant and his many pro bowls show that.

RG: Steve Wisniewski, Raiders

This pick adds some real grit to my offense. He was once called one of the dirtiest players in the NFL and he enjoyed it.

RT: Forrest Gregg, Packers

Lombardi called him the best player he’d ever coached. I don't think this pick needs any more explanation.


DE: Jack Youngblood, Rams

DT: Merlin Olsen, Rams

DT: Dan Hampton, Bears

DE: Richard Dent, Bears

I’m going to give the explanation for my defensive line as a whole. Half fearsome foursome, half ’85 Bears. I don’t think it can get much better than that.

LOLB: Dave Wilcox, 49ers

It was once said that Wilcox played outside linebacker like Dick Butkus played middle linebacker. Speaking of……..

MLB: Dick Butkus, Bears

I’m just gonna say it. This guy was THE best defender that has ever played the game.

ROLB: Lance Briggs, Bears

Briggs gets overlooked a lot as one of the best outside linebackers in the game right now. He’s perfect for the 4-3 defense and is one of the best at getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage. In my mind, he’ll make the HOF.

CB: Dick Lane, Cardinals/Rams

He introduced the necktie tackle, and he was also one of the first ball hawks ever, racking up 68 interceptions which is good for fourth all time.

FS: Jack Tatum, Raiders

He was one of the most feared tacklers of all time. He didn’t get a lot of pro bowls, but he is well-known as one of the best safeties ever.

SS: Troy Polamalu, Steelers

This guy plays every game like it’s his last. He is a shark in the defensive backfield as well as one of the best at his position at stopping the run.

CB: Darrelle Revis, Jets

The best shutdown corner in the game today. He doesn’t get many interceptions, but that’s mostly because nobody throws his way anymore.

Special Teams:

K: Gary Anderson, Steelers/Vikings

Second-highest scorer for kickers behind only Morten Anderson. Gary was consistently accurate with an 80% kick accuracy for his career.

P: Brad Maynard, Bears

One of the best directional punters in recent history.

Head Coach:

G. Halas, Bears

I simply couldn’t pass up on Papa Bear to lead my team. He’s tied with Curly Lambeau for the second-most championships by a head coach with 6, behind Paul Brown

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