Why Robert Griffin III will be more successful than Andrew Luck in their rookie year

I believe that Robert Griffin III will be a better quarterback in his first year than Andrew Luck. Find out why I feel this way, read the article, and find out why I believe that RG3 went to a much better and established team than the first overall pick Andrew Luck.

Since the draft, I have been saying that I believe that Andrew Luck is over-rated. I understand that he is a good quarterback, but he was in a system that fit him perfectly. When Luck was drafted first overall by the Indianapolis Colts, and the Colts released Peyton Manning everybody began to realize that the Colts were in a rebuilding stage. Most rebuilding stages take at least a few years to come to fruition. Luck is a very talented quarterback, but do I think he is better than Cam Newton who was drafted with the first pick the year before? NO, I do not, because they are two different players. Luck is going to have to play darn near perfect in his first year to be successful; because he has less of a team around him then Robert Griffin III does in Washington. I figured I would break down the team comparisons here and let you decide who you think will have a better first year in the NFL.

We all know that the NFL is a team game, there is not a player in the game that is good enough to win every game by himself. So for that quote we will now break down the entire team’s depth chart.

We will start with the Running back situation, where in Indianapolis they have a few young players who have all really been pretty decent. The colts have Donald Brown, who was a pretty reliable back for the Colts over the past few seasons. They have last year rookie Delone Carter from Syracuse, who will probably be a good back this year, and they have newly acquired Deji Karim who was just picked up from the Jacksonville Jaguars. When you look at the Redskins roster, they really have two solid running backs, one in draft pick Roy Helu who showed flashes last season, and veteran running back Tim Hightower. Redskins have FAU running back Alfred Morris as well, who is a big back with tons of power.

Advantage: Redskins, they have two solid running backs, who have both proven they can do it in and out of the regular season.

When it comes to Wide receivers you have to look at the veteran leadership since both the quarterbacks are new, and really new to the system. When you glance at the Indy’s roster they have Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie who are veteran players. When Collie is healthy he is a very good player, but like I said when he is healthy. The other three guys are TY Hilton, Donnie Avery and Lavon Brazil. Only two players with experience, but when you look at the Skins roster you have Santana Moss, Josh Morgan, and Pierre Garcon who have all been in the league a while. You have Anthony Armstrong who came from the Arena Football League and Leonard Hankerson who when coming out of the University of Miami was a very solid Wide Out.

Advantage: Redskins, they really went out and built the team to give RG3 some weapons at the wide receiver position.

Tight Ends are a deep position on both teams, but the difference between the two teams again is experience. The Colts drafted two very talented Tight Ends who I believe studs in the next few years, with Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. The Redskins have two older veterans with Chris Cooley and Fred Davis. Both of these teams have very good tight ends, but again the problem is veteran leadership and play.

Advantage: Redskins, I tried to put it as a push, but there is no way you can write off two of the best tight ends in the league on the Skins. The rookies are unproven but I believe over time they will be a better tight end group.

Offensive Line, the Colts have Samson Satele at Center, Ben Ijalana at Guard with Joe Reitz, and at tackle they have veteran Winston Justice, and last year’s rookie Anthony Costanzo. The Redskins have Trent Williams and Jammal Brown at tackle, Chris Chester and Kory Lichtensteiger at Guard and Will Montgomery manning the pivot. When I look at these lines, there are some good players on both lines.

PUSH, neither team really has a stud offensive line, and both are good units. I think they are fairly equal.

Defensive Line is a weak position on both sides. The Redskins have Jarvis Jenkins and Stephen Bowen at DE, and veteran Barry Cofield at Nose. Since they both run the 3-4 Defense now, the Colts picked up Cory Redding at DE. He is a good veteran who will work well with Drake Nevis on the right side. At nose tackle they have Antonio Johnson.

Advantage Colts, they win the Defensive line battle with the acquisition of Cory Redding. Redding is a very good 3-4 Defensive end.

Linebacker is a very tough position since both teams have three good players. The Redskins have ran the 3-4 Defense before and understand their roles. At OLB they have Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. At the Mike spots they have London Fletcher and Perry Riley. The Colts are new to the3-4 scheme but have very solid players. The problem is how will they transition? They have Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis who have done very good at rushing the passer, but how will they do in coverage? They have the stud upcoming linebacker in Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner on the inside. It is a very close battle at linebacker.

Advantage Redskins, to me this is a slight advantage. The reason I believe the Redskins will have better success, is because they know what they are doing. Pagano will have a tough defense in a few years in Indy, but this year there are going to be bumps and bruises.

Defensive Backs are very important to both these teams, because they will be getting passed on. The Colts have Kevin Thomas and Jerraud Powers on the outside playing corner, with Antoine Bethea and Tom Zbikowski playing Safety. I love the Safety tandem, but the corners are very suspect. When you look at the Skins, they have DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson at corner with Brandon Merriweather and Tanard Jackson at safety. This is not a really hard one to pick who will be better.

Advantage Redskins, I don’t really need to say much, they have a very good corner in DeAngelo Hall and a solid corner in Josh Wilson. Their safeties are new acquired but will help them out tremendously.

Special Teams is my favorite area on the field, but this is a no-brainer. The Colts have Pat McAfee, and Adam Vinatieri at Punter and Kicker, and have Joe Lefeged as their punt returner/kick returner. The Redskins have Sav Rocca and Gano at Punter and kicker, with the itty bitty Brandon Banks as a returner. I have to go with one of the best kickers of all time.

Advantage Colts, you cannot go against one of the best kickers of all time. That would be crazy.

When you look at the depth chart of the teams, you can see that RG3 was put in a much better situation than Andrew Luck his very first year. I am not saying that Luck is going to be a bum, by any means, but I think they will struggle a lot in their first year. They will need to rely on two running backs who have not really ever carried the full load, and receivers who are newer. Luck will need to be perfect every game to get this team to the playoffs. He will also need tons of help from his defense, but I have a feeling that this process will not be as pretty as people think for the new Luck.

Who do you think will be a better player in year one? Luck or RG3? Answer the poll at the bottom of the page, and remember to follow me @drocksthaparty on Twitter

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