Upon Further Review: Poker And Hiring A Head Coach Take Luck

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 18: Commissioner of the Epic Poker League, Annie Duke (C) presents the remaining five players (L-R) Joe Tehan, Scott Clements, Andrew Lichtenberger, Chris Klodnicki and Michael Mizrachi at the third Main Event on the final day of the Epic Poker League Inaugural Season at the Palms Casino Resort on December 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images for Epic Poker)

A look back at the week that was through the prism of longreads, from bad poker beats to professional athletes getting DUIs and more.

Back for another whirl around SB Nation and beyond. Since it's the weekend, have a seat and check out some of the best longreads around.

The Starting Five

Never, ever play poker. Why? Jon Bois explains with some helpful visual aids.

In light of Justin Blackmon's incident, Jon Bois also examined whether professional athletes were more apt to be hit with DUI charges.

Jeff Gluck sat down with Matt Kenseth for a wide-ranging interview. From Twitter to where NASCAR stands and beyond, the two discussed a variety of topics.

When hiring a college football head coach, it's better to be lucky than good. Let Spencer Hall be your guide as he explains why.

For the first time, Wade Davis sat down and discussed, publicly, what it was like being gay in the NFL with OutSports. Be sure to also watch the accompanying video interview with Amy K. Nelson.

The Sixth Man

Stepping outside the SB Nation realm for a moment, this story from the Chronicle of Higher Education is must read material. In a lengthy feature, Brad Wolverton tells the story of Dasmine Cathey, a Memphis football player who came to college unable to read, and the academic support services that pushed him along the way.


Gaslamp Ball's continuing saga of the traveling jersey, this time with a full report from London, England.

The 2012 Cubs "Dick & Jane" Reading Primer

Remembering Mike Piazza's home run from Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS which tied the game, once 5-0 Braves, at seven runs apiece.


Yes, there is a Golden Age of Basketball in Canada and it could be now.

There's a notable lack of nuance in the criticisms of Erik Spoelstra...at least according to our Heat writers.

An emotional and analytical preview of the Thunder's NBA Finals run.

Kevin Durant and the Thunder have arrived.

Those LeBron clutch narratives were fun, weren't they?


NFL replacement refs sound like the worst idea in the world.

The Seahawks keys to their offense as 1994 movie quotes.

Can an NFL team be fixed in one season?

Let's get to know the West Coast Offense playbook.

Breaking down the Titans' vertical concepts.


How much of an ice hog was Alex Radulov in his time as a Nashville Predator?

Broad Street Hockey pioneers some statistics in hockey with this look at zone entries.

The 2003 NHL Draft is known as one of the deepest in the history of the game. If we could go back and do it over again, what would change?

Combat Sports

Bad Left Hook's Scott Christ looks back at the remarkable career of Shane Mosley

Clay Guida made his MMA debut at a bike rally, and he discussed it at length with Ben Fowlkes.

NCAA Football

Are you a conference looking to poach schools without getting sued? Read this!

Our long national nightmare isn't over: Craig James will never leave us.


LAG Confidential waxes philosophical on the difficulties of rebranding a TV network.

The definitive Euro 2012 gamblers' guide.

And a Rootability Index for Euro 2012. Learn how to pick a team!


The Tour de Suisse starts this weekend and the route sucks!

Or, from the same site, why the Tour de Suisse route is actually awesome!


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