Round-Up: Initial Reaction To The Browns Selecting Josh Gordon.

If you haven't already heard, the Cleveland Browns selected wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of the supplemental draft today. The general consensus is that this was a round or two too high for Gordon and I think that can again be summed up by Dan's tweet right after the news broke:

Sorry Dan, but that is still by far my favorite tweet of the day. After the jump, more tweets reacting to the news.

Tony Grassi of the ESPNCleveland was obviously higher on Gordon than others, tweeting:

Not sure if I quite agree with those statements. At this stage its hard to say what round Gordon would be slotted for in next year's draft, considering he hasn't played a down since 2010. But I seriously doubt anyone believed he would be a top 10 pick; and I certainly wouldn't class him anywhere near Green or Jones.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report made a solid point:

Which ESPN's John Clayton then built upon.

This much is true; there is plenty of talent among that group of guys. But I think it's slightly risky for the Browns, and particularly Mike Holmgren to put his offensive production this year on the shoulders of these guys, which very little experience between them. While they have the chance to grow together, Holmgren might not be around by the time they're all ready. But that's the risk he has to take after missing out on Robert Griffin III.

Staying with Clayton, and he warns not to expect too much from Gordon in year one.

I tend to agree with that. He's already pretty raw as it is, but pile on top of that the fact that he hasn't played a down since 2010, and you have a guy that will take a while before he's ready to play at the NFL level.

Adam Schefter points out that the Browns have done their homework on Gordon, but may have been the only team to bid a second round pick for him.

And one final point that I thought was interesting came from Shawn Zobel of

I'll leave you to ponder over these thoughts for now. Be sure to check back later to see Dan's thoughts (as a Browns fan) on the pick.

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