Upon Further Review: The Freeh Report Ruled The News Cycle

STATE COLLEGE, PA - JANUARY 22: A rosary necklace hangs from the name on the wall at the statue of Joe Paterno, the former Penn State football coach, outside of Beaver Stadium on January 22, 2012 in State College, Pennsylvania. Paterno, who was 85 years old, died due to complications from lung cancer. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

A little bit of Penn State mixed with a whole lot of sports analysis. There's something for everyone this week.

It was a week of slow news and ... well, news most of us wish would go away. The slowest week in sports -- the week of the MLB All Star Game -- was dominated by Penn State and the Freeh Report, a damning investigation into the university's handling of Jerry Sandusky's crimes.

This week's longreads won't be dominated by the Freeh Report necessarily, though. There's a little bit of analysis and a whole lot of other things. So gather 'round and get caught up.

The Starting Five

The NFL fan experience is broken. We're here to help, though. Our SB Nation NFL bloggers throw their ideas into the ring in an effort to fix the stadium experience.

What did we learn from the Freeh Report? Joe Paterno should've gone to jail, and quite a few other things.

Penn State is going to get sued. It's going to be a confusing time, but we're here to help. Legal expert Bobby Bigwheel has analysis and some thoughts on what to expect next.

Loyalty in sports? If you only knew. Dan Grunfeld takes you on a journey to explain what loyalty really is.

It's time to meet the new guys. You know, the new guys in the SEC. Not those ones -- the coaches. Spencer Hall handles the introductions.

The Sixth Man

It's never too early to start thinking about college basketball. Even if it is July. So here's 99 thoughts on the upcoming season to get you ready.


The Dallas Mavericks didn't have the offseason they were hoping for. Here's how their fans are feeling right about now.

The Rockets, never a team to do nothing, have had quite the interesting start to their summer. They hope it's not over.

Here's one solution for Dwight Howard to repair his damaged reputation.

Darko Milecic is gone because heaven needs its manna back.


The Home Run Derby may be in the books, but do take a look back at Jeff Sullivan's self-loathing.

Baseball's five most disappointing things

Five AL predictions for the second half. And the same for the NL.


Lighthouse Hockey has discovered why Alex Semin has yet to sign a contract. His backstage rider demands are just absolutely out of control.

No, but seriously: there are a lot of stupid reasons people have justifying why Semin's yet to sign. Pension Plan Puppets refutes them.

Everybody blames Scott Howson for the Rick Nash trade saga. But isn't Nash himself at fault here?


Bloody Elbow's John Nash looks way way back at the July 4, 1910 "Fight of the Century" between Jack Johnson and John Jeffries aka "the Great White Hope."

This week's MMA Hour.


The Daily Wiz takes a deep dive into MLS shot totals and finds that they aren't quite as indicative of success as you might think: Part 1. Part 2

Circling back: Goal line technology is a scam


A superb interview with Robert Griffin III by our Redskins blog, Hogs Haven.

One thought for each team -- 32 in all -- heading into the NFL season.

A look at the Panthers personnel groupings, and a shift in philosophy.

Lessons learned from Steelers/Ravens gameday.

Texans kicking and punting and coaching (oh my!).

Time for a defensive film session with our Titans blog.

College Football

The worst NCAA 13 simulated season ever.

Redo: Re-ranking all 124 NCAA '13 teams.


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