Is the Supplemental Draft becoming relevant again?

Terrelle Pryor #6 of the Oakland Raiders was just one of the many past supplemental draft picks, but can the draft become relevant again? Will it ever be like the 1989 draft where three round picks were taken? Answer the poll.

Now that the NFL Supplemental Draft has passed, and Josh Gordon of Baylor has found a home, is the draft becoming relevant again? I feel that the Supplemental Draft in the past couple of years has proven that you can make an impact in the draft. Before the Supplemental Draft was kind of laughed at, it wasn't like the 1989 Supplemental Draft when there were three first round selections in Steve Walsh, Tim Rosenbach and Bobby Humphrey. So can the NFL Draft be more exciting in the future? Do you think players who need to make financial gain like Josh Gordon or players who are facing suspension such as Terrelle Pryor will be more willing to jump into the Supplemental Draft because they see players taken within the first 3 rounds? Answer the poll but check out these statistics.

I remember growing up and collecting football cards, and opening a pack to find guys like Steve Walsh, Brian Bosworth, Dave Brown, Bobby Humphrey with his Kid & Play haircut, but I didn't know they were Supplemental Draft picks because to be honest, it has not been relevant for a long time. To me the best Supplemental Draft pick who came in a dominated was in 1998 when the San Diego Chargers used a second round pick on the Oklahoma State defensive tackle Jamal Williams. He went on to be a Pro-Bowler and did a very good job when healthy for the team. But didn't you know the last person taken in the first round of the Supplemental Draft was Dave Brown of Duke back in 1992? That is a long time to have a good player come out of the draft, where people deem him as first round worthy. So what I am going to do is break down the Supplemental Draft in the past 20 years so we can see who was taken in what round and how many of them panned out. Then we can all talk about whether or not we believe that Josh Gordon was a reach or not.

So let's start in 1992, where Dave Brown was selected with a first overall pick and Darren Mickell was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs with a 2nd rounder, but as we know there were not any more first rounders after this pick, this is what it looked like:

1993: NONE

1994: Tito Wooten, DB was selected by the New York Giants in the 4th round from Louisiana-Monroe, and that pick was followed by the Dallas Cowboys using a 5th rounder on Emporia State's tight end, John Davis.

1995: Dallas had to come back in 1995, and take the big defensive tackle from Trinity Valley Community College, Darren Benson. They weren't playing they used a third rounder on the small school kid and made their second selection in back to back years.

1996: NONE

1997: NONE

1998: After two years of no picks both the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers were able to use second rounders on their players. Packers landed offensive tackle Mike Wahle of Navy, who entered the draft because of a suspension ro4 steroids, and the Chargers landed Jamal Williams who was declared academically ineligible for his senior year at Oklahoma State. Both turned out to be great players for their teams.

1999: J'Juan Cherry, the defensive back of Arizona State was the only selection in 1999, when the New England Patriots selected him in the 4th round of the draft.

2000: NONE

2001: NONE

2002: As you can see the trend continues, after a 2 year drought of picks, in 2002 Milford Brown the big guard from Florida State used his five years of college eligibility and had to enter the draft. Houston Texans saw Brown as a diamond in the rough and used a 6th round pick on him.

2003: Houston like Dallas back in 1994-1995 used back to back draft picks on supplemental players when they drafted Tony Hollings of Georgia Tech, giving up a 2nd round pick for him. The running back was academically ineligible for his senior season and left entering the NFL.

2004: NONE

2005: Big Manuel Wright of USC, entered the draft in 2005, because of academic eligibility as well, and was selected by the Miami Dolphins who gave up a 5th round pick for him

2006: This year Ahmad Brooks of Virginia the hard hitting linebacker came out and has probably been the best player to come out in the past 10 years. He was taken in the 3rd round of the draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.

2007: We had two picks in 2007, first was over hyped Paul Oliver, who everyone was drooling about when he had his pro day, but fell to the fourth round where the San Diego Chargers drafted him. Then in the fifth round the Baltimore Ravens selected Jared Gaither who has been a very solid offensive tackle since entering.

2008: NONE

2009: Jeremy Jarmon was selected in the third round by the Washington Redskins after he tested positive for a banned substance and was forced to enter the NFL. Jarmon was a very good defensive end from Kentucky. Then in the seventh round the Chicago Bears used a seventh round pick on the hard running Harvey Unga of BYU. His final year was denied by the school when he tried to re-admit for another season.

2010: Josh Brent was big mammoth nose tackle, and guess who needed a good back up nose tackle? The Dallas Cowboys, selected Brent in the 7th round after he was declared ineligible by the University of Illinois.

2011: Terrelle Pyror was facing a five game suspension, but wanted to come out and go pro, I thought this was a great decision for Pryor. I wasn't the only one who thought it, the Oakland Raiders thought highly of Pryor as well, and used a 3rd round selection on the former stud Ohio State product.

2012: Josh Gordon was selected this year, and while people seem to think he was over hyped, and wasn't worth a 2nd round pick, LIKE MYSELF, he still could go into Cleveland and have a very productive season. Cleveland is building around their Quarterback and running back and have a very good young core.

Before I go into bashing Cleveland for wasting using a second round pick on the former Baylor Bear, I will say this, they have a very solid core going into the season. The offensive line is already very solid and they added Mitchell Schwartz in the second round. They selected Trent Richardson who was by far the best running back in the draft, and then turned around and selected a very mature quarterback in Brandon Weeden. They drafted Jordan Cameron last season, and have Greg Little, now with Josh Gordon on the opposite side, they could be a team to watch out for in a year or two. I just think they might be too young right now. They have tons of former head coaches in Cleveland and if any team can get these youngsters going, it would be the Browns coaching staff.

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