This Week In GIFs Results: 'Dancin' Omar Vizquel' Takes The Week 8 Title

Week 8 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs is now in the books. From the early going, it was clear that this was a two-GIF race. CC SABATHIA / SPIDER-MAN put up a strong effort, but the winner, with 362 total votes, is ...



You know, I'm usually not much for GIFs of people dancing. A lot of other people seem to enjoy them, and that's cool, but often someone will tell me, "I can't believe you snubbed this GIF," and I open it and it's just some kid doing the Macarena or something. Like, what? Am I just tone-deaf to this GIF melody? Is it weird to want things that are funny for identifiable reasons beyond just "person is dancing around"?

Whew. Anyway. This dancing GIF stands apart because:

  • It's Omar Vizquel, who is 45 years old.
  • The absolute indifference of everyone around him.
  • His teammate yawning on the bench. Vizquel actually looks as though he used his buddy's yawn as a cue to start jammin'.

Personally, my vote went to the GIF of Spider-Man flying out of CC Sabathia's butt, but I can't be unhappy with this result. Anyway, let's review some of the important things we learned over the weekend:

my friends and I call the middle seat in the back of a sedan the "assbutt" seat, so if you’re being an assbutt, you have to sit there.

- Internet subscriber xmrblondex

The bald spot makes him look like your inebriated dad dancing alone in the corner at your wedding.

- Internet subscriber BleauxJays

Is that it’s an M. Night Shyamalan movie all in a GIF. When it starts, you know something crazy’s gonna happen. It won’t just be CC preppin’ for a pitch, because why’s that gonna be a GIF? So you watch for someone falling down, or getting hit in the peapods, or whatever. Suddenly, something appears out of the back of his pants. Has something that was tucked in fallen out? wait, it’s flying! Was CC hiding birds? Ooohhhhh, it’s an ad. There’s a whole narrative in the GIF.

- Internet user JustWriteDK

Indeed! And that will do it, friends. As always, thanks so much for your votes and your comments. We'll keep on rolling with Week 9 this coming Friday. Between now and then, if you see a GIF you'd like to nominate for inclusion, please tweet me at @jon_bois.

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