This Week In GIFs: Athletes Embarrassing Themselves And Others


Sometimes, sports are thrilling. Sometimes, they are humiliating. In Week 11 of This Week In GIFs, we examine instances of the latter. Vote, and help us determine the greatest animated GIF of the week.

Welcome, everyone, to Week 11 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs. I've rounded up some of the best animated sports GIFs of the past seven days, and now it's time to vote on our favorites and engage in thoroughly unimportant, yet highly satisfying, arguments in the comments below.

Before we get to the GIFs, however, I'd like to humbly ask for a couple minutes of your time. Because after Matt and Dan review their favorite GIFs, I get serious about an issue that's very near and dear to me:



(Click image to view. Via @bubbaprog)

This is perhaps the most madcap moment of the baseball season so far. I'll leave it up to you to determine its greatness as a GIF. I mean, it's funny, but does this GIF accomplish anything that an actual video wouldn't? An interesting dilemma. Anyway, yes, this is the definition of, "madcap."



From madcap to sadcap!

The thing that separates this GIF from the common "fellas clownin' around in the dugout" GIF is that the dude seems genuinely sad/annoyed. My first thought was that the guy from The Newlyweds was wearing his hat in a very knockoffable way, as though someone was playing ring toss with it, and it just landed on him. And then I realized I was victim-blaming and became ashamed of myself. Thanks, GIF.



Dang, dude. Anthony Davis is a friendly-to-a-fault teenager. You probably could have just poked him on the shoulder and told him to leave the court.

That FIBA-looking ball continues to trip me up, by the way. I don't see it as a basketball. I keep thinking there's a yo-yo string attached to it, and moments like these aren't helping to dissuade me.



(Via Bill Hanstock's "most memorable Tour crashes" feature)

Alright, bike wreck storytime: a few years ago, some friends and I are on a bike ride in downtown Louisville, near the waterfront. My brother and I decide to race down a long stretch of concrete. PROBLEM: said stretch just abruptly ends with a 20-foot drop into the river. PROBLEM: I'm too busy pedaling 25 miles per hour and trading shoves with my brother to actually look at where I'm going.

Suddenly, he slows down, and by the time I look up, I realize I'm roughly one second from flying straight into the Ohio River. So I yank my wheel sideways, jump off my bike, land on my ass, and roll to a stop. My bike barely manages to avoid flying into the river.

My leg is completely shredded up, but I'm otherwise all right. It takes me a second to get my bearings, and I realize that sitting right next to me is this guy in a UK shirt with a fishing pole and tackle box. He reacts as though absolutely nothing has happened. His first words to me, literally four seconds after I wrecked:

"Y'all know where I could get some worms?"

I was so simultaneously confused by a) why the Hell he was fishing in the river, where nobody ever fishes, b) why he would think there would be places in downtown Louisville that sold worms, and c) how he completely failed to acknowledge what had just happened, that I just gawked at him and said nothing. Then he just turned around and kept on fishin'.




(Via Brian Floyd)

This GIF should win.



(Via Brian Floyd)

This is such an anticipated entry in this week's GIF-off that I actually received GIFs of this slide from three different camera angles. Amazing. It's like if a sack of potatoes could run.



Oh God, kid. My heart breaks for you. I said everything I needed to say in the video, really.

OK, well, here's something: if nothing else, the Royals' 1980s baby blue uniforms were the best in the history of baseball. If they were designed today, the cursive "Royals" would probably be outlined in black. Not back then. Just baby blue and white, and it beat the shit out of any other baseball uniform there's ever been.


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