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U.S., Puerto Rico battle to reach WBC finals

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A WBC postmortem

It was a fun ride. I think I like baseball now.


In loving memory of honkbal and the underdog

Honkbal-mania is dead. Long live honkbal-mania.


The 43,680 ideal permutations of the WBC

Once again, Team USA isn't in the World Baseball Classic's final round. Is this a problem for the WBC?


Searching for a defense of Angel Hernandez

Does anyone like Angel Hernandez's umpiring? An investigation into the obvious.


The tragedy of Cuba's loss in the WBC

The Netherlands' stunning win over Cuba is a great story, but it also robbed us of one the tournament's most fascinating players.


The players you won't be watching in the WBC

A lot of All-Stars are bowing out of the WBC before the tournament gets going in March. What gives?


Maddux, Murphy headline USA's staff for WBC

Joe Torre has put his coaching staff for the March tournament in place.


World Baseball Classic sets venues, dates

The World Baseball Classic announced the dates and venues for the 2013 tournament.


Japan Commits To 2013 World Baseball Classic

Japan, the country that won the first two World Baseball Classics in 2006 and 2009, had threatened non-participation in the 2013 version due to a dispute over sponsorship and licensing revenue.

It’s been reported by the Associated Press that this dispute has now been settled:

Following a meeting with tournament organizers in New York in August, officials from Nippon Professional Baseball said some sponsorship and licensing revenue would remain in Japan.

“I think everyone is happy that we can choose players of the highest quality,” NPB Commissioner Ryozo Kato said. “We need to put together a team that is intent on winning.”

The Asian round will be held in Tokyo in March, with Japan facing Cuba, China and the winner of November’s Asian qualifying round in Taiwan.

The last two rounds of the WBC, including the championship game, will be held at AT&T Park in San Francisco. As in 2009, some players will leave their MLB teams during spring training to participate.


Japan's Participation in World Baseball Classic 'Still Uncertain'

Last month, Japan’s baseball players’ union voted against participating in the World Baseball Classic; the issue was their desire for a bigger cut of tournament revenue.

Negotiations are continuing, but they are not going well, according to Nikkan Sports. If you click on that link, you will find it’s in Japanese. Patrick Newman sums it up succinctly:

While that sums it up, this gives me a chance to post a portion of the Google Translate version of the Japanese article:

Jim Small, vice president of MLB Asia is “going so far as to change the condition is not,” and made it clear that you do not participate in the review of conditions.

NPB side, we offer a review of conditions, such as participation, including the attribution of rights and other sponsors of the representative of the Japan players seek. Shimada representative said “does not change the fact that the severe. For detailed content can not say” and.

Well, you get the idea. There’s still quite a bit of time, but “won’t budge” doesn’t sound promising.


San Francisco Awarded Last 2 Rounds Of World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic started as a cockamamie idea in Bud Selig's noggin, but it's turned out to be quite the sucess. The last two finals were held in San Diego and Los Angeles, respectively, and in 2013, the powers that be are sticking with California, awarding the semi-finals and final games to San Francisco and AT&T Park.

The first-round games will be held in Arizona, both at Chase Field and the Diamondbacks' sparkling new spring-training facilities at Salt River.

The World Baseball Classic used to be held every three years, before the International Baseball Foundation switched the format to every four years. The 2013 games will be the first since 2009, which were won by Japan for the second consecutive tournament. The finals were held at Dodger Stadium in front of over 54,000 people -- a near sell-out.

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