Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Josh Johnson (55) at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Josh Johnson Might, Might Not Get Traded

The Miami Marlins are asking a high price for starting pitcher Josh Johnson, but Johnson is a pitcher who's worth a high price.

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Josh Johnson Not Getting Traded?

From just a few days ago:

All right, terrific. From Jayson Stark on Monday:

After all that Josh Johnson talk, the Marlins were telling teams Monday they're just going to keep their ace unless something unforeseen happens.

"no doubt that they intend to trade Josh Johnson"

"they're just going to keep their ace"

This is just the worst time of year. The absolute worst. With scouts watching, Johnson turned in a mediocre performance on Sunday against the Padres, but nobody out there doubts Josh Johnson's talent. Nothing about Sunday changed the evaluation. Johnson is a very skilled pitcher with health concerns. Here's what I would assume has been the case all along: the Marlins have been open to the idea of trading Josh Johnson, given a big return. No big return has been offered, so the Marlins don't see the sense in trading Johnson for less than they'd like. They were probably never "intending" to trade Johnson, and they're probably not now committed to "keeping" Johnson. They're just open to ideas, with expectations. If those expectations aren't met, then Johnson won't be moved, because, obviously.

People like to say that, no matter what's going on at present, a lot can change between now and the deadline. Exactly. You know what matters? Trades. You know what pretty much doesn't matter at all? Trade rumors.


Texas Rangers In On Josh Johnson

Here are two things for you to try to reconcile:

Alllllll right. The Marlins are reportedly asking way too much for Josh Johnson, but the Marlins are reportedly determined to trade Josh Johnson, with the Rangers in the mix. The Rangers, who are smart enough not to pay out the ass for Josh Johnson. It's almost like trades and prices are negotiable!

It's not a surprise to see the Rangers involved, since the Rangers have reportedly had their sights set on a top-of-the-line starter in the Johnson or Zack Greinke mold. It's a bit of a surprise to read that the Marlins are "leaving no doubt" that they intend to trade Johnson, but that's just one report and Johnson hasn't gone anywhere yet. As he's under contract through next season, and as he's a terrific pitcher, he would fetch a considerable haul.

The Rangers, naturally, aren't the only team talking to the Marlins about Johnson at the moment. The 28-year-old righty owns a career 134 ERA+, and has bounced back nicely from a shoulder problem in 2011.

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