MLB Trade Deadline: Don't Forget About Diamondbacks

Stephen Drew of the Arizona Diamondbacks attempts to turn a double play as Andres Torres of the New York Mets slides into second base at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Everyone's talking about the Dodgers and the Giants, regarding both the trade deadline and the National League West. But the Diamondbacks might make some big news in both places.

All the talk lately has been about the Giants and the Dodgers, and for good reasons: they're longtime rivals, and they're currently in a virtual tie for first place in the National League West.

But do you know who's only 3½ games back in the West? Do you know who's got the best run differential in the West? Do you know who finished in first place last season, with 94 wins?

That's right: the Arizona Diamondbacks. And while nobody's been talking about them since the Justin Upton rumors died down, they're apparently thinking about making a move before the deadline, and maybe a big one.

Here's Nick Piecoro (via ):

"I think the roster, as it is, is OK," Towers said, declining to go into specifics. "But if we feel we can improve it in other ways, we're certainly going to look at it. If that means moving one of our position players for pitching, we'll look at it."

With Drew, Johnson, Willie Bloomquist, Ryan Wheeler and John McDonald seemingly vying for playing time at third base and shortstop, Gibson acknowledged that his job has been made more difficult.

"Too many guys," Gibson said. "I don't really have it figured out. I know guys want to play every day. ... We'll utilize them all. I'll try to juggle them the best I can. There does come a point where too much time off becomes counterproductive. It's a fine balance."

With five players for two spots, the Diamondbacks obviously have infielders to deal, and there are a few teams that could really use a pretty good starting shortstop like Stephen Drew (who, by the way, is eligible for free agency after this season).

Today there have been Justin Upton-for-Matt Garza rumors, which were summarily shot down via official channels. Still, where there's smoke there's often fire. And it'll be a mild surprise if the Diamondbacks don't do something before the deadline.

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