4 Notes On The Lightning That Almost Destroyed Rangers Ballpark

rangers pics

Rangers Ballpark was almost destroyed by angry gods on Sunday. Let's see if we can learn anything from this.

Rangers Ballpark at Arlington was almost destroyed by angry, vengeful gods on Sunday night. There's a pretty good chance that you've seen the video, but in case you haven't, here you go:

There are a few different permutations of this GIF going around, and it's a good one:

If you aren't sure why we use GIFs so much here at Baseball Nation, here's one of the reasons. The built-in loop of a GIF allows you to study different actors on the same stage. I like staring at the people in the stands, myself. But there's also something elegant about Ryan Doumit breaking in the wrong direction at first, just so long as he gets the hell out of there.

Other things that lightning and thunder taught us on Sunday:

Josh Willingham went to grammar school in 1954, and he was looking for a wooden desk to crawl under

Willingham is the runner on first, and he's the only one on the field who just dropped. Not that you can blame him. It might make him the smartest person on the field.

Ian Kinsler has hearing problems
Look at his reaction in that GIF up there. That is, his lack of reaction. The ballpark sounded like a V-2 hit the Enola Gay crashing into an oil refinery, yet Kinsler didn't even flinch. There's apparently a percentage of people who just don't react to things like this. Take one of the fans behind home, for instance. Here's the before:

Here's the after:

The poor kid next to him probably threw up right after the cameras cut away. But Baron von Shades? Not a care in the world.Just some baseball, some popcorn, a celestial explosion that threatens the space-time continuum, a beer or two … hey, let's get this game on the road, fellas.

The still screen capture is about as good as you'd expect

It's nowhere as good as this one, but then nothing is.

The Rangers have a buncha physical comedians out there
Here they try to emulate what Roy Oswalt looked like:

It's an endearing GIF, more so because you now know that Ian Kinsler can make fun of whomever he wants.

Every decade or two, you get a lighting bolt that almost blows up a major-league stadium. Don't take it for granted. We can learn from them. For science.


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