Home Run Derby 2012 FAQ

I should just leave this post completely empty because there are no frequently asked questions about the Home Run Derby. "This crayon doesn't taste like yellow" might be frequently uttered by Home Run Derby enthusiasts, but it doesn't count as a question. I already wrote the headline and these sentences though, so I'm committed to this update, so let's come up with some questions I can easily answer myself without doing any research.

Are there any Royals representing the American League?

Do Royals fans think there should be?
I understand AL team captain Robinson Cano has been catching some grief from the attended for not selecting Billy Butler instead of, I don't know, I guess Prince Fielder? You can't leave out Mark Trumbo because his home runs are gargantuan. You can't leave out Jose Bautista because he's like the greatest hitter on the planet. You can't leave out Robinson Cano because Cano won last year and the team captain can't leave himself out. So I don't know who Royals fans think Butler should've replaced but if Royals fans thought rationally they wouldn't be Royals fans.

Who do players think is going to win?


But that doesn't make sense

With the sleep deprivation and the pressure and the heat-
Ask a question

Do you think Robinson Cano is going to win again?
I haven't thought about anybody winning and have spent the majority of the day daydreaming about when I'm done writing the final post in this stream.

Does the Home Run Derby ruin your swing for the rest of the season?

Don't some players believe that it does?
Some players wear ion necklaces and believe that they work.

Don't the players' home-run totals usually decline after the Derby?
The players are selected in large part because they have hit a lot of home runs in the first half of the season. Regression is natural and expected and they would presumably regress by a similar or identical amount even without participating. Think about the years upon years of muscle memory that go into a player's regular swing. If that could all be screwed up by a couple of short sessions of batting practice then good players would become terrible all of the time. Pitchers take forever to adjust their mechanics, and they're trying to change!

Is Chris Berman?

How long will Chris Berman?
A year less from now than from a year ago.

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