LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 11: Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates crossing the finish line ahead of Ryan Bailey of the United States to win gold and set a new world record of 36.84 during the Men's 4 x 100m Relay Final on Day 15 of the London 2012 Olympic Gam

Cool Running: Usain Bolt Wins Third Gold, Jamaica Wins 4x100m

Team USA dominated in the women's 4x400m relay, while Great Britain's Mo Farah completed a rare double and Usain Bolt led Jamaica to a world record in the men's 4x100m.

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Happiness To Heartbreak: Team Canada's 4x100 Disqualification In Photos

In the final event of the track and field portion of the 2012 Olympics, Canada went from unbridled happiness to heartbreak in an instant. The Canadian men's 4x100 relay team managed to make up some serious ground on the final leg of the event, slipping into the bronze medal position behind Jamaican and the USA. It was one hell of a feat considering just how fast the race was, with really only one spot up for grabs.

Justyn Warner turned in a heck of an anchor leg, racing past France and Japan while holding off Trinidad and Tobago. It looked like the Canadian team earned a bronze; a huge accomplishment that was something to be proud of. So they celebrated and let it all hang out.



Looking back, I wish someone could've said something. In hindsight, this makes it all the more worse. The Canadian team was about to be disqualified because Jared Connaughton ran out of his lane multiple times during the third leg of the race.


And looking a little bit closer... (top of the screen, just about in the middle of the frame in white with black shorts)


In an instant, the mood went from joy to utter sadness as the ruling came down.




There are two sides of this story, though. As the Canadian team's emotions swung from happy to sad, the Trinidad and Tobago runners experienced the opposite wave of emotion. They thought they'd just missed out on the medal stand, only to find out they did, in fact, earn the bronze medal. It came as a result of a disqualification, but it was almost as if they were relieved and subdued when they learned of the news.



Moments like this are why the Olympics are so interesting. The stakes, the swings in emotion and the stories of triumph and tragedy. In the final race at the track on Saturday, we saw it all wrapped into one neat package.


Usain Bolt Says Goodbye To London Olympics, In GIFs

This may be Usain Bolt's last Olympics. Or it may not -- you never know with him. But either way, it's been a blast watching Bolt go to work and seeing him put on one final show on the track. In the men's 4x100m relay, Bolt blew away the field with a blazing anchor leg, capping a terrific Olympics with a third gold medal.

Video: Watch Usain Bolt and the Jamaican relay team set a WR in the 4x100 relay

Bolt was basically even with Ryan Bailey when they both received the baton. Yeah ... that didn't last long. And this time around, there was no showboating from Bolt. He ran hard through the finish and even gave it a lean. Bailey didn't stand a chance.


And like he did in the 100 and 200, Bolt put on a show along the way. As he crossed the finish line, Bolt paid tribute to Mo Farah -- winner of the men's 10,000 and 5,000 -- by borrowing a page from the British distance runner's playbook. Bolt did the Mo-Bot, and it was fantastic.


And after he did the Mo-Bot, Bolt had a little fun with a nearby official. Because he's Usain Bolt and he likes to fool around on the track.


Farewell, Usain Bolt. Thanks for all the memories this past week.


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Team USA's Brigetta Barrett Leaps To High Jump Silver

Brigetta Barrett jumped a personal best to earn a surprise medal for the United States in the high jump, leaping 2.03 meters.

Barrett's previous personal best was 2.01 meters, but on the world's biggest stage, the University of Arizona athlete recorded her highest jump ever of 2.03 meters, or 6 feet, 7.92 inches. Russia's Anna Chicherova, who had won bronze in Beijing and gold at the 2011 World Championships, notched a jump of 2.05, which Barrett could not match on three tries, ending the competition.

Barrett's 2.03 tied her with Svetlana Shkolina of Russia, who also set a personal best, but Shkolina needed three tries to clear the height, where Barrett only needed one, earning her the silver.

Here's how the medal podium looked:

Gold: Anna Chicherova, Russia

Silver: Brigetta Barrett, United States

Bronze: Svetlana Shkolina, Russia

For more on the Olympics, check out SB Nation's London 2012 Olympics Hub. For more on Olympic athletics, follow the 2012 Olympic athletics section.


VIDEO: Usain Bolt Leads Jamaica To 4x100m Relay World Record

The tussle on the track lived up to its hype as Jamaica edged Team USA for the gold medal in the men's 4x100m relay final, setting a new world record in the process.


Team USA Smokes Competition For Gold In 4x400m Relay

The United States won gold in the women's 4x400m relay race Saturday night at the Summer Olympics, and to say they won in dominating fashion would be an understatement to domination.

Team USA won by nearly a full four seconds, finishing in 3:16.87. By the second lap, there was little doubt which foursome would win gold, and by the beginning of the third lap, that doubt had been removed and the other seven countries were racing for second.

Russia won the silver (3:20.23) and Jamaica finished third to take home the bronze. It's the third consecutive Olympics that the U.S., Russia and Jamaica have gone 1-2-3 in the event. And for Team USA, it's their fifth-straight gold medal.

The win gave Allyson Felix, who ran a blistering 48.85, her third gold medal of the Summer Games (she also won the 200m and added gold in the 4x100m). And for Sanya Richards-Ross, the anchor leg, it's her second gold medal in London (400m).

For more on the Olympics, check out SB Nation's London 2012 Olympics Hub.


Mo Farah Wins Gold In 5000m, Completes Rare Olympic Double

Mo Farah doubles up! The British runner won the men's 5000m Saturday night, becoming just the seventh runner ever to accomplish the Olympic 5000m-10,000m double.


London 2012 Streaming: How To Watch Usain Bolt In Men's 4x100m Online

The men's 4x100 meters relay on Saturday at the 2012 Olympics may be the last chance fans have to see Usain Bolt run in an Olympic event. They won't be able to see it live on television, of course, but NBC does have a live online stream for the event.

The event is available live through NBC Live Extra, and is the last track final of six on the day. Here's the listing of those.

  • Women's High Jump: 2:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Men's Javelin Throw: 2:20 p.m. Eastern
  • Men's 5000m: 2:30 p.m. Eastern
  • Women's 800m: 3:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Women's 4x400m Relay: 3:25 p.m. Eastern
  • Men's 4x100m Relay: 4:00 p.m. Eastern

The U.S. will go head to head with Jamaica's fleet, er, fleet in the 4x100m relay, and Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin, and Ryan Bailey will go up against Bolt, Yohan Blake, and the Jamaicans. Full lineups for the race have been announced.

But the U.S. looks to be the favorite in the women's 4x400m relay, especially with this team taking the track:

That's the gold medalist in the 200m (Felix), the gold medalist in the 400m (Richards-Ross), the bronze medalist in the 400m (Trotter), and the seventh-place finisher in the 400m (McCrory). Good luck with that, everyone else.

For more on the Olympics, check out SB Nation's London 2012 Olympics Hub. For more on Olympic athletics, follow the 2012 Olympic athletics section.


Track & Field: TV Coverage, Event Schedule For Saturday

Track & field continues Saturday with a full schedule including the men's 4x100m relay.

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