GIF Tournament II: 'Wonder Dan Majerle' Vs. 'Joe Saunders'


GIF Tournament II is underway. Vote, and help us decide the summer's greatest sports GIF.


(1) WONDER DAN vs.

(1) Hello. I am the tournament's top overall seed, WONDER DAN.


Automatic bid. Won Week 2 with 562 total votes.

It's hard to know how much of this was Dan Majerle putting on a show, and how much was genuine bewilderment. That, coupled with the picture freeze and the "DAN MAJERLE" graphic, gives this the feel of the opening credits from some 1980s sitcom.

Also, the baggy polo shirt. That's the most "fortysomething who doesn't really give a damn" thing.

(16) Hi there. I am JOE SAUNDERS.


Special nomination. Finished fourth place in Week 2 with 92 votes.

Know this: you are in for plenty of baseballing ineptitude in this tournament, but this one presents an extra element for good measure. See how the ball rolls right into the glove? It might be the only time in MLB history that a glove caught the ball without anyone wearing it. I feel like this play should have been scored to reflect this. 1-1-3, safe at first.

Saunders' defeated, steamrolled posture shouldn't be slept on, either. I absolutely love how long it takes athletes to get up. It's one of my favorite things about sports. If the play's over, dude will spend 20 seconds on the ground, as though it's perfectly normal to just lie down in front of 30,000 people.


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