KISSIMMEE FL - (FILE PHOTO) Roger Clemens at Houston Astros Spring Training at Osceola County Stadium (Photo by Scott A. Miller/Getty Images)

Roger Clemens Unlikely To Join Astros In 2012

The rumors about Roger Clemens returning to the Houston Astros are on life support. For this season.

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Astros GM Confirms No Clemens In 2012

Roger Clemens had already announced that he was not planning to pitch after his final start with the Sugar Land Skeeters last week. But sources with familiarity with Clemens's career and personal history suggested that Clemens wasn't to be trusted with anything he said. Those sources are you and me, but they're legit.

Now, though, we have the official word from the Houston Astros, which is the only team linked to Clemens's potential comeback efforts.

And it looks like the strange story of Clemens is over.

For this year, at least.

But true to form, Clemens, who has already come out of retirement three times to pitch in the majors, left open the possibility of a future comeback.

''I would have to get ready,'' Clemens said. ''It would be fun. There's no reason why I couldn't do it next year.''

You were warned.


Roger Clemens: No MLB Return In 2012

The Roger Clemens saga takes a twist and turn every few days. Since we’re now past a holiday weekend, Tuesday seemed to be the appropriate day for a twist:

And a turn:

Clemens is scheduled to pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League Saturday; there was much speculation that could lead to a signing by the Houston Astros for a start (or more) for them this month, possibly as early as September 12 against the Cubs. ESPN’s Jayson Stark wrote last week:

Astros players have told their buddies on other teams they think it’s already a “done deal” that Clemens will pitch in Houston once or twice this September. And an old friend of The Rocket told Rumblings that he is convinced Clemens is pointing toward the big leagues and “trying to find out what he’s got left.”

This story changes from day to day, so it would still be no surprise to see Clemens in a Houston uniform before the end of the year. Stay tuned.


Might Roger Clemens Return To Majors Sept. 12?

Former major league pitcher Roger Clemens had one outing for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League August 25. The Skeeters announced Thursday that he’ll pitch for them again September 7, and that could lead to another start — for the Houston Astros, writes CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler:

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow told’s Jon Heyman that he plans to have a scout watch Clemens pitch for the independent Sugar Land Skeeters on Sept. 7.

The strong speculation in baseball has been that if all goes reasonably well that night, Clemens will then pitch for the Astros five days later, on Sept. 12 against the Cubs.

It’s further been speculated that Clemens’ possible return to the big leagues would be for the specific reason of delaying by five years his eligibility for the Hall of Fame.

There’s one more thing at stake for Clemens. He left the majors with 354 wins; that trails Greg Maddux by one. If Clemens returns and wins two games, he’d move ahead of Maddux into eighth place on the all-time list.


Roger Clemens Reportedly Will Pitch Again

Roger Clemens still hasn't admitted that he's angling for a major-league comeback, but he's planning to make another appearance with the minor-league Sugar Land Skeeters.


Roger Clemens: No Further Pitching Plans

Former major-league pitcher Roger Clemens, now 50 years old, pitched 3⅓ innings for the independent Sugar Land Skeeters Saturday night, striking out two hitters and allowing no runs.

There’s been all kinds of speculation that Clemens might be bidding for a return to the major leagues, possibly with one of his former teams, the Astros, but the righthander says there aren’t even any plans for more games for the Skeeters:

Roger Clemens isn’t sure what the next step in baseball will be for him, but he says he has no further game appearances lineup up at the moment.

“Not at this point,” Clemens told the Houston Chronicle. “That could change in a couple days, but right now we haven’t talked to any of the guys or anything like that.”

Of course, any of that could change in a day or two. Clemens threw as fast as 87-88 MPH, which isn’t bad for a 50-year-old man who hasn’t pitched competitively in five years. A lot of teams could use a guy like that.

As always, we await developments.


Roger Clemens Open To Another Start With Sugar Land Skeeters

Roger Clemens struck out two batters in his return to the mound Saturday, starting for the Sugar Land Skeeters in his first professional game since 2007. He threw 37 pitches while holding the Bridgeport Bluefish scoreless over 3 ⅓ innings, admitting afterward that he exceeded his own expectations.

"I probably overextended myself a little bit," Clemens told reporters. "I wanted to see where I was at. Anytime you do these, they're fun but you don't want to go out and embarrass yourself or embarrass the club."

The Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros sent scouts to watch Clemens pitch, and Royals scout Ron Toenjes came away impressed.

"The thing that I was impressed with is you have a 50-year-old man out there throwing 87-88 [mph] most of the night, and he's got a real good splitter," he told the Associated Press. "His command wasn't as good as it could have been, but that it was a good, hard splitter, which is what you wanted to see."

Joey Gathright, who spent parts of seven seasons in the majors, was able to see Clemens' stuff up close, striking out in the first inning. He doesn't think the 50-year-old right-hander has lost anything.

"He didn't lose any command. Everything was pretty good for somebody that age," Gathright said.

Clemens hasn't yet committed to making another start for the Skeeters, but he did leave the door open, saying he'd discuss the possibility with manager Gary Gaetti.

"We'll visit and if we can do something special down the road, we'll do it again for some of the people that couldn't get here," Clemens said. "I'm definitely open to it if they want to do it. It was a great deal of fun for me now that it's over and I stayed healthy."

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Roger Clemens Strikes Out 2 In Return

Roger Clemens threw 3 ⅓ scoreless frames against the Bridgeport Bluefish on Saturday night in his first baseball game since 2007. The 50-year-old Hall-of-Fame hopeful pitched well for the Sugar Land Skeeters, allowing just one hit and striking out two.

Clemens departed with a 1-0 lead, and did not walk any hitters in his debut. His highest-clocked pitch of his 37 total reached 88 miles-per-hour, and after leaving the mound, Clemens was seen in active conversation with Skeeters teammate Scott Kazmir, former major-league pitcher for the Rays and Angels.

After Clemens left the game, Skeeters manager Gary Gaetti, the former major-league third baseman, said he hopes to have the right-hander pitch again, depending on how Clemens feels, and that he would have left Clemens in if the Dayton native had insisted on continuing his start.

Clemens made his major league debut 28 years ago, and notched 4,672 strikeouts in 23 years. He retired from major league baseball with a 354-184 record and 3.12 ERA.

For more on Roger Clemens and everything baseball, stay tuned to Baseball Nation


Roger Clemens Declares Himself 'Nowhere Near Major League Ready' Before First Start

Roger Clemens, returning to the mound Saturday in a start for the Sugar Land Skeeters, told the Associated Press that he's not close to regaining his big-league form.

"I don't know how much clearer I can say it," Clemens said. "I'm nowhere near major league ready, nor have I been training or pitching in that type of mode."

In fact, Clemens sounded unsure how long he'll last against minor-league hitters. "Get here early," he said, "'cause it might go by pretty quick. I hope it's more than one or two innings, but it might not be. I don't know what to expect. I'm going to get out here, kick my leg up and try to get behind some baseballs, and turn `em loose."

Skeeters manager Gary Gaetti doesn't know how many games Clemens will end up pitching for his team.

"I'm anticipating one start, right here. One start," Gaetti said. "Depending on how things go, and what he decides he wants to do -- if he feels like he can help us win some ballgames, and he feels good about what he's doing, then why not (more starts)?

"A lot of it is going to be determined on how he feels," Gaetti said. "I'm certain that he can help us win ballgames. If that's what he wants to do, then he's more than welcome to do that. If he has other plans, then that's his deal."

The 50-year-old pitcher has not declared an official comeback, but the Houston Astros are sending a scout to the game anyways on Saturday. Astros owner Jim Crane told KRIV-TV that he'd be willing to sign the star if it'd lead to positive implications for the "good of baseball."

"The only thing we don't want to do is make it a publicity stunt," Crane said. "If we did it, I want to try and take it and turn it into a positive, which would be Roger's doing it for the good of baseball. The extra proceeds on the game might go to the (Astros') community charity deal to build (baseball) fields, do something positive out of it."

The Rocket's comeback start for the Independent League team will be televised on ESPN Classic with planned coverage including an interview with Clemens and Gaetti.

For more on Roger Clemens and everything baseball, head over to Baseball Nation.


Roger Clemens Returns: TV Schedule, Live Stream And More

ESPN Classic will broadcast Roger Clemens comeback game with the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday night.


Clemens Comeback Would Be Nothing New

If Roger Clemens winds up joining the Houston Astros, he'll join the likes of Satchel Paige in a long lineage of geriatric hurlers signed for more than their pitching abilities.


Astros Open To Roger Clemens Return

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane has not shut the door on any potential Major League comeback for Roger Clemens. Although Crane has admitted that there hasn't been any contact between the 50-year-old and the organization, he confirmed that the Astros would be open to Clemens returning to the fold if his stint with the Sugar Land Skeeters goes well. But it wouldn't be a publicity stunt.

If it goes alright and he comes to us, we'll talk to baseball about it at length.

The only thing we don't want to do is make it a publicity stunt. If we did it, I want to try and take it and turn it into a positive, which would be Roger's doing it for the good of baseball. The extra proceeds on the game might go to the (Astros') community charity deal to build (baseball) fields, do something positive out of it.

Clemens last pitched in the majors in 2007 at age 44, going 6-6 with the Yankees with a 4.18 ERA. He holds an overall record of 354-184 for his 24-year Major League career, of which three seasons were spent in Houston. And now, five years after his final pitch, the Astros are thinking of bringing him back. This is a strange and hitherto unexplored definition of not-a-publicity-stunt.

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