A Mind-Blowing Year In Dodger Spending

The Los Angeles Dodgers spent an awful lot of money in acquiring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett from the Boston Red Sox.* Never mind the prospects, who are interesting but not mind-blowing. The money in the deal is the real story. Yes, Boston is paying the remainder of this year's collective wages, but that leaves $262 million suddenly dropped onto the Dodgers' books.

*I'm deliberately leaving Nick Punto out on account of him being the sort of guy you only acquire by accident. I bet Ned Coletti just sneezed while on the phone with Ben Cherington and then both parties were too lazy to delete him from the paperwork. Nick Punto!

As many have pointed out, this is nothing new for the Dodgers, who also managed to spend $37 million in acquiring shortstop Hanley Ramirez from the Miami Marlins a month before the Gonzalez trade. The trades were preceded by big-money contracts extensions for star outfielders Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

But does anyone know just how much they've spent since last November? $400 million? $500 million? Going through Cot's Baseball Contracts (and prorating the 2012 salaries for mid-season acquisitions) gives us the following:

Player Acquired Total cost
Juan Rivera Free Agent $5,000,000
Mark Ellis Free Agent $9,000,000
Matt Treanor Free Agent $1,000,000
Matt Kemp Extension $160,000,000
Adam Kennedy Free Agent $800,000
Jamey Wright Free Agent $900,000
Chris Capuano Free Agent $10,000,000
Jerry Hairston Jr. Free Agent $6,000,000
Aaron Harang Free Agent $12,000,000
James Loney Trade $5,000,000
Todd Coffey Free Agent $1,000,000
Clayton Kershaw Re-sign $19,000,000
Andre Ethier Extension $84,000,000
Yasiel Puig Free Agent $42,000,000
Hanley Ramirez Trade $37,000,000
Randy Choate Trade $600,000
Shane Victorino Trade $3,000,000
Brandon League Trade $2,000,000
Joe Blanton Trade $3,000,000
Adrian Gonzalez Trade $132,000,000
Carl Crawford Trade $107,000,000
Josh Beckett Trade $35,000,000
Nick Punto Trade $2,000,000
Total $675,000,000

Six hundred and seventy-five million dollars. Or, if you want a more down-to-earth comparison, that's enough to feed one Ramen-eating college student for longer than the human race has existed. By a lot.

The cash that was sent over as part of the most recent deal ($12 million) barely makes a dent in that pile. The craziest part of the Dodgers' incredible spending spree is that acquiring three major contracts -- contracts that the Boston Red Sox could no longer afford -- in one fell swoop didn't account for even half of their spending since the start of last winter.

The mind really does boggle.

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