2013 NFL Draft: Guard and center rankings

In each of the last two NFL Drafts, two guards have been taken in the first round. With the class of senior guards, expect that trend to continue in 2013.

Alabama's Chance Warmack is a complete guard who can maul in the run game but is quick enough to handle interior pass rushers. He may not be an elite talent like David DeCastro was this year, but he could get drafted just as highly. Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina is close to Warmack in talent level. He's not quite as much of a powerhouse, but he could be looked at late in the first round. Wisconsin junior Travis Frederick has the potential to be the best of the bunch. He can line up at guard or center, and he excels at both.

For now, we're listing Alabama's Barrett Jones as a center. He can line up anywhere on the line, but will start inside for Alabama this season. That versatility could help him or be a hindrance to his draft stock. I want to know what you think there. Find the full interior linemen rankings after the jump.



1. Chance Warmack | 6'3, 320 pounds | Guard | Alabama
2. Jonathan Cooper | 6'3, 310 pounds | Guard | North Carolina
3. Larry Warford | 6'3, 333 pounds | Guard | Kentucky
4. Travis Bond | 6'7, 330 pounds | Guard | North Carolina
5. Chris Jacobson | 6'3, 295 pounds | Guard | Pittsburgh
6. Carson York | 6'5, 293 pounds | Guard | Oregon
7. Omoregie Uzzi | 6'3, 300 pounds | Guard | Georgia Tech
8. Chris McDonald | 6'5, 298 pounds | Guard | Michigan State


1. Travis Frederick | 6'4, 338 pounds | Guard | Wisconsin *
2. Alvin Bailey | 6'5, 320 pounds | Guard | Arkansas *
3. Gabe Ikard | 6'3, 288 pounds | Guard | Oklahoma *
4. Mason Walters | 6'6, 320 pounds | Guard | Texas *
5. Gabe Jackson | 6'4, 320 pounds | Guard | Mississippi State *


1. Barrett Jones | 6'5, 302 pounds | Center | Alabama
2. Khaled Holmes | 6'4, 305 pounds | Center | Southern California
3. Graham Pocic | 6'7, 310 pounds | Center | Illinois
4. Dalton Freeman | 6'4, 285 pounds | Center | Clemson
5. Mario Benavides | 6'4, 280 pounds | Center | Louisville
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