Baseball, Gangnam Style

If you don't know what "Gangnam Style" is yet ... well, you're a failure at memes. By which I mean "you probably have an actual life." But if you want to familiarize yourself with the exceedingly popular single by Korean pop star PSY, go ahead and click this little red link right here. I'll wait. Actually, I'll meet you on the other side of the jump. Cool? Have fun.

Okay, so now that you know all about gangnam style, you really need to be aware of this spectacular video, which comes to our attention via Kevin Kaduk at Big League Stew. This is on Vimeo, so it may or may not be an official video, but it's a JibJab-style mashup of "Gangnam Style" and the visages of some potentially playoff-bound baseball players, ostensibly to promote the MLB postseason. And it's amazingly awesome.

It's also the most fantastically GIF-able thing I've seen all day, so I just couldn't resist. It's like GIF Thanksgiving. Happy GIFsgiving, everyone!








Ahhhhh yeah, that's the stuff.

For all news and information regarding the baseball season, the postseason and hell, probably gangnam season, head on over to Baseball Nation.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube

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