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With the 2012 college football season here, we are highlighting the last of our prospect videos from the 2011 season. These may be the last of our 2011 videos, but we will be diving right into the 2012 games as soon as we can. For now, we have 78 games from the past two seasons on our YouTube account, but now we are going to take a look at Tennessee vs Florida, Cal vs Washington, Boston College vs UCF, and Florida State vs Clemson. To the SEC first with the Volunteers and the Gators:

This was a bad game for Vols fans for several reasons, biggest of which was the loss of Justin Hunter on the first pass attempt of the game. Hunter and his recovery will be a story to watch this season because his tape when healthy is impressive. I'm not big on prospect to NFL vet comparisons but frankly, there is one guy who keeps creeping in my head when I watch QB Tyler Bray: Brett Fa--, can't do it. However, "gunslinger" is a good description for Bray's style of play. Not afraid to throw into triple coverage or improvise. Bray has some refining to do and weight to gain, but I don't think he will ever change his gambling ways and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Florida is looking pretty loaded on defense again, but replacing both Rainey/Demps on offense and picking a new full time QB means they will have to lean on that defense as well.

Prospects to Watch:

Tennessee: WR #11 Justin Hunter, QB #8 Tyler Bray, OL #71 Dallas Thomas, DB #23 Prentiss Waggner, WR #21 Da'Rick Rodgers (Now at Tennessee Tech)

2012 Draftees: DE #97 Malik Jackson (137th overall, Broncos)

Florida: TE/WR/RB/H-Back #8 Trey Burton, TE/H-Back #11 Jordan Reed, OL #73 Xavier Nixon, OL #72 Jonotthan Harrison, LB #3 Jelani Jenkins, LB #52 Jon Bostic, DL #73 Sharrif Floyd, DL #2 Dominique Easley, S #22 Matt Elam

2012 Draftees: DT #6 Jaye Howard (114th overall, Seahawks), RB #1 Chris Rainey (159th overall, Steelers), RB #28 Jeff Demps (UDFA, Patriots)

A back and forth game in the newly dubbed PAC-12 North between two programs that are building a bit of a rivalry from off field transactions. Neither team played much defense, including a 90 yard Keenan Allen TD, til the Huskies held the Golden Bears on four plays from inside their 2 with :40 left. One day, if they aren't already, people and programs are going to be kicking themselves for thinking Austin Seferian-Jenkins should have played offensive line. The 6'6'' 270 tight end also splits off the line at every wide receiver position. He's only a true sophomore and like most of the Huskies prospects, is a year or two away from being draft eligible. Cal has turned its roster over to the NFL the past couple of years, but they still have plenty of talent. The best of that talent is WR Keenan Allen. Even in a conference loaded with WR talent, Allen stands out and could be one of the first receivers taken (if he declares) in 2013.

Prospects to Watch:

Washington: QB #17 Keith Price, DB #6 Desmond Trufant, TE #88 Austin Seferian-Jenkins, OLB/DE #22 Josh Shirley, DB #1 Sean Parker

2012 Draftees: DT #74 Alameda Ta'amu (109th overall, Steelers), OT #56 Senio Kelemete (151st overall, Cardinals)

California: WR #21 Keenan Allen, RB #20 Isi Sofele, OL #75 Matt Summers-Gavin, DL #50 Aaron Tripoti, DB #2 Marc Anthony

2012 Draftees: OL #72 Mitchell Schwartz (37th overall, Browns), LB #30 Mychal Kendricks (46th overall, Eagles), P #19 Bryan Anger (70th overall, Jaguars), WR #1 Marvin Jones (166th overall, Bengals), DB #7 DJ Campbell (216th overall, Panthers), DL #92 Trevor Guyton (219th overall, Vikings)

To be honest, the reason for this video was because I wanted to take a look at Josh Robinson against BCS level competition and this game against BC was the only one I could find. As I'm sure it surprised the Eagles, UCF had a ton of athletes on offense and defense. One of the more impressive ones (outside of Robinson, who played well) was QB Jeff Godfrey. While his passing numbers were efficient, what was really impressive about him was his lateral speed and "make you miss" ability. BC is a proud program, but I bet they expected better than a 27 point defeat. I'm not a proponent of drafting linebackers who don't rush the QB early, but Kuechly is a gifted athlete who will play well for Carolina.

Prospects to Watch:

Boston College: TE #81 Chris Pantale, DL #96 Kaleb Ramsey, LB #24 Kevin Pierre-Louis

2012 Draftees: LB #40 Luke Kuechly (9th overall, Panthers)

UCF: QB/WR #2 Jeff Godfrey, RB #28 Latavius Murray

2012 Draftees: DB #20 Josh Robinson (66th overall, Vikings)

What happens when the defense full of NFL prospects meets an offense filled with guys who will be NFL prospects? The offense wins out this time, but not without a little help from the other side of the ball. Florida State is hoping for a lot to come together this year. They have young talent on offense ready to break out with established NFL caliber talent on defense. The biggest x-factor will be QB EJ Manuel and how much he has improved as a passer and in health. Manuel hasn't finished every game healthy and missed precious playing time. He misses valuable time to injury in this game and Florida State struggles to recover from losing him. With top talent across the secondary, the Noles couldn't slow down Tigers WR Sammy Watkins (7 catches, 141 yards, 2 TDs) allowing Clemson to build a insurmountable lead. At least Clemson's future foes can breathe easy now that Watkins has grad-what's that you say? He was a freshman last year? So, He's just going to get bigger/stronger/faster? Good luck ACC corners.

Prospects to Watch:

Florida State: QB #3 E.J. Manuel, DE #49 Brandon Jenkins, DE #95 Bjoern Werner, CB #27 Xavier Rhodes, DB #20 Lamarcus Joyner, WR #84 Rodney Smith

2012 Draftees: LB #13 Nigel Bradham (105th overall, Bills), OT #77 Zebrie Sanders (144th overall, Bills), CB #1 Mike Harris (176 overall, Jaguars), OT #67 Andrew Datko (241st overall, Packers)

Clemson: QB #10 Tajh Boyd, RB #23 Andre Ellington, WR #6 DeAndre Hopkins, DE #97 Mallicaiah Goodman

2012 Draftees: DL #40 Andre Branch (38th overall, Jaguars), TE #83 Dwayne Allen (64th overall, Colts), DT #98 Brandon Thompson (93th overall, Bengals), DB #15 Coty Sensabaugh (115th overall, Titans)

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