Get Revved Up for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line


Photo Credit: Eutechnyx and Activision

After a false start on its first NASCAR title, British racing game developer Eutechnyx puts the pedal to the metal to create the most realistic NASCAR experience with the release of the upcoming NASCAR game, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line.

While their first release (NASCAR The Game 2011) did not exceed expectations, the folks at Eutechnyx have worked long and hard to make NASCAR The Game: Inside Line more realistic and bug-free.

"The team has been working hard using their vast experience of racing game development and our close relationship with NASCAR to make certain the 2012 launch is the best and most realistic NASCAR experience it can be outside of the track. Having such a close relationship with NASCAR has given the team a direct link with the teams and drivers which has again provided us with critical intelligence and feedback on the game mechanics and handling." said Dave Thompson, Executive Producer at Eutechnyx.

One aspect of the development that has been vital and important to the game's development has been the feedback given by fans of the sport. Thompson says that fan feedback has been "essential" to the game's development.

"We are lucky to have such a strong and passionate community and this is providing us with essential information on where we can improve on the previous experience."

With fan feedback in mind, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line looks to captivate fans with its presentation, its new features, and of course, its realism.

In an effort to make the game "the most realistic NASCAR experience ever created", Eutechnyx received accurate track data from all of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tracks on the current schedule. They then built more accurate versions of the real-life race tracks. The team has also improved the game's damage model to better replicate what damage looks like in real-life.

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line will feature a more polished and improved Career Mode that will put the player into a unsponsored car. That player will have to race and earn sponsors and CR (credits). With credits that the player earns, they can purchase upgrades to make their car improve performance-wise, and from there they can make a run towards the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship.

The AI System in NASCAR The Game: Inside Line has drastically been upgraded in order to make the racing more realistic. When racing against drivers like Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson, they will race you like their real-life counterpart.

In addition to the upgraded AI and career mode, the game will also feature "Challenge Events". Eutechnyx took telemetry data used by NASCAR and its race teams to recreate events from recent Sprint Cup Series history. They have already revealed one event already that will be playable when the game is released. You play as Mark Martin and you try to hold off Joey Logano and win at Pocono (from June of this year).

One aspect of the game that fans have been requesting profusely is an improved online experience. The online experience from NASCAR The Game 2011 failed to excite fans. While the experience was rough, Eutechnyx has worked extensively on multiplayer in order to make it a better experience for the gamer.

Overall, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line takes a step up from its predecessor, NASCAR The Game 2011. With new features like improved career mode and online multiplayer, Thompson says that NASCAR The Game: Inside Line "will allow fans will be able to immerse themselves in their racing goals like never before".

The game will be released on November 6th on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

You will be able to see a full review of the game RIGHT HERE on NASCAR Ranting and Raving coming right after the game is released.

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