Chavez Jr. Vs. Martinez Press Conference: Sergio Martinez Says He'll Break JCC Jr's Face 'In A Thousand Pieces'

Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will face each other on HBO pay-per-view this Saturday night in one of the biggest fights of the year. Today, both men, their promoters and several other involved parties sat down in front of the media for the fight's final press conference.

Both men had some strong words when it was there turn to talk. Transcriptions via Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook.

Sergio Martinez:

"This is a great fight, and I'm ready for this one. I've prepared myself for this one. I trained a long time dancing because I don't need much more than that to beat Chavez Jr up. This is good enough to break his face in a thousand pieces. It will not be an easy knockout. I will punish him a lot, and then after that, I will knock him out. He will suffer a lot. I hope that somebody in your corner, the doctor, your team, your management -- be sure that they stop the fight. Because I will never stop. I will continue punishing you."

"I never was a puppet of my promoter. ... I want to fight the best. Not like Junior. I want no optional defense. I want what the people want. You're not supposed to take this fight. It will be very painful for you. I will do it for the Argentinean people, all the Latino people, all the Mexican people that support me. Because you never respect the sport, it's going to be painful for you."

Chavez Jr.:

"I'm very happy that the fight is getting very close. Martinez is a liar. Barker and Macklin were not the best challengers. They were picked by his promoter."

"Honestly, everybody knows him. He's a liar. I've seen him on the tapes when he's been knocked out or knocked down, and his eyes are white. He looked pretty good. I don't know how he's going to beat me. ... He only talks bullshit and says he's the best fighter, but in the fight, he runs and runs. He doesn't fight for the people. He doesn't fight for the sport."

"On 24/7, I saw one thing. He said it was very difficult to keep Kelly Pavlik off of him. This Saturday he's going to have me in front of him and all over him."

"I'm not only going to beat you, I'm going to retire you. This Saturday, I'm going to retire you from boxing."

Bad Left Hook has many more quotes and notes from today's presser.

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