Best Of The SB Nation Network: September 12, 2012

We have 322 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!


-- The Eagles struggled last week but got the win, how will they stack up against the Ravens? Bleeding Green Nation previews.

-- Things look good in Washington after week one, Hogs Haven tries to find out if it's to be believed.

-- Windy City Gridiron asks, "Are the Bears getting too cocky already?"


-- AZ Desert Swarm thinks Rich Rodriguez's pro set talk is more than empty rhetoric.

-- One Foot Down breaks down Notre Dame's home run move to the ACC.

-- EDSBS can't get a press credential to a football game and that's silly.

-- Blogger So Dear has some ACC pro tips for fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

-- Barking Carnival says The Longhorn Network's coverage of the Ole Miss game is a big moment in sports media.


-- Twinkie Town sets about to identify the most overrated hitter in Minnesota Twins history.

-- Viva El Birdos tries to remain hopeful as the Cardinals lurch along in September zombie mode.

-- Over The Monster reports that the Red Sox will give Daisuke Matsuzaka one more start.

-- DRaysBay laments the peaks and valleys of the Rays' season as they head into their last twenty games.


-- Chris Wondolowski is in a bit of a scoring slump, but Quake, Rattle and Goal still thinks he cane make a run at Roy Lassiter's single-season goal-scoring record.

-- In a year full of growing pains for first-year Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja, Burgundy Wave think he showed some positive signs in the most recent win.

Combat Sports

-- Josh Hall at Bloody Elbow has a great fan post explaining the tangled web of MMA promotion contracts


-- For Rivalry Day on SB Nation, here's a Rivalry love triangle...The Grizzlies have a rivalry crush on the Thunder...

-- But the Thunder only have rivalry eyes for the Mavericks...

-- While the Mavericks rivalry juices flow for the Spurs...

Aw, the tragedy of unrequited rival love.

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